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    Another change for the CRANE:

    seriously this does not work xD, Buff,(Agile Armor), It must be changed by, Example:

    -lvl 1, INCREASE DEFENSES By 10%

    -lvl 2, INCREASE DEFENSES By 20%


    Well, something else, These 2: Spirit wave and Energy heal wave: -

    -All enemies within 15 M Of target on 8 targets <Change it For:

    -All enemies within 20 M of Target On 32 Targets


    I think the best change for this passive is of 24 dex to 48 dex,this helps in pvp, to have more resistance to stuns.


    Disagree with the change of the turtle book.

    you're going to spoil the whole game, in disagreement with everything you say, you just want to give benefits to the cashers.

    More items of cash nice...