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    The thing is, being active can be seen in many different ways:

    • Hours online (seen on character info on homepage): This would basicly mean that pple who afk all day will have a higher chance of getting in.
    • Being active in game by finishing quests/TMQ/UD: Meaning that you will need to have a minimum level to be called active.
    • Being active in community events: Meaning that you will need sign in when an event is active eg. Budokai or DB scramble.

    I really hope that with being active they don't mean hours played, because then i'll fall off the boat. I'm only online to be actually active, farming mobs or doing TMQ/UD. Afking never really encourages me to come online to be honnest.

    So far I've not been one of the lucky ones to be selected and I'll not try to be online 24/7 just to get a higher chance of getting into the development server. So good luck on trying to get a spot.

    I didnt think about that

    It's simple, you just have to write your name of the character (not of your forum account, of your character) and you will have to wait for Daneos to write the names of those who will have access and if not wrong I'm going to send you an e-mail about what you have to do to enter

    PD:I hope I've helped, and, sorry for my english, I literally have to translate everything from Spanish into English and that's why some words sound weird

    i wrote my name like a week ago thats why i'm asking this, thanks anyways

    Because i played a little bit the week before this was announced and log in a few minutes when it was announced, but since i'm losing all my stuff i am not wasting my time, i'm just waiting the reset, SO, i'm not active right now... in order to gain access to the development i have to play even tho is pointless i don't understand X/

    It will be completely wiped. No craft level, zeni, dogis, etc. Everyone will start from level 1 but if their character is level 30 or higher in OB at the moment, you’ll receive a level up 30 in your inventory.

    maybe but i want someone that has the info to tell me 100%, i'm not grinding again to max my crafting, i rather stop playing and watch minecraft tutorials lol

    Do we keep our crafting levels? is going to be a pain in the ass if we lose it, dont we just get all our characters back to level 1?

    and what about ssj and the dragon buffs?

    So i have a 144hz monitor, i want to know if there is a way to unlock the frame rate limit, because im stuck around 65fps, i tried using "nvidiaProfileInspector" but nothing changed.

    And if is not possible, i want to know why i get fps drops like every 2 minutes, i check my fps and it drops from 60-65 to 15! I know my hardware is not the problem because is pretty high end, i can play every game in ultra at 100fps or more, it is something related to windows 10 pro? i tried compatibility mode but the game wont even open if i do that

    yeah but what if i want to do UD2 or 3 with my guild and my fellow guild members cant do the dungeon without buffs? now we have to take a buffer and lost 1 place in the party? you cannot have in total: 12 different options and expect to have an equal number of the same across every single Party, if you want that, just delete 7 of the options, make 1 buffer, 1 healer, 1 AOE, 1 tank, 1 DPS, the buffer will be left anyways, because all the others only need the boost that they can gain outside the dungeon, is not our fault that the buffer is left behind, we dont want to die...

    can someone with verified information tell me how much is going to last this level cap? and if the next level cap is going to be level 60, 65 or 70?

    If you scroll up a bit,you will see that,this is exactly my point(i dont know if you was referring to me),aoe gets benefit over single target classes,which we being in a point that we dual client for farming balls now,that aint normal,it brings lag and makes the event boring.

    i was replying to the original post, and as i said, i can kill easy with my swordman too, and that one doesnt have AOE attacks, at least with my build, the thing is that i kill many mobs very fast, but if this player cant do that then i can understand how is getting hard for he to get DB's