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    i can do in the 4 hours 14 or more dragon balls with my turtle or swordman, the only problem that you may have is that you kill to slow or too little, i kill like 50 mobs and then they respawn with 5 or 6 dragon ball icons, and maybe i have to kill 100 to get 1 DB or maybe i have to kill 200, but the thing is for me at least, thats not a problem, i can just kill everything with the kame, maybe for you is more hard in that aspect

    i accept any changes aslong as they get harder

    wut? so you want a hardcore version of the game where for each level you have to kill 10 times the amount of mobs and everyone makes less damage?
    if the point is to make the game harder, make dragon balls hunt just 1 hour each month, increase the damage of the mobs, make the level system suck and remove the crafting system, im sure everyone is going to love the game, thats not going to kill it...

    You forgot adding golden stone, which instantly makes a desired item to +15, regardless of level, type. Only 20 CP each.

    Oh and make it obtainable through level 1 mobs, because the game is too hard if you have to kill level 6 mobs.

    who is asking for stuff like that? so far i never seen anyone asking for even the U70 white stones in the token, i think this is just use as an straw man for attacking people without using arguments, anyone that dares to disagree with some as*hole is a noob that wants 100 U70 purple for free...

    i have seen some the posts of this guy, he wants to make people upset under pretexts, he probably would say, "raise the crafting costs" or something like that just to piss off people, he tries to appear to be full of wisdom and knowledge about the old game, i played TW too and the complains that i have are the level cap and some balancing issues, and maybe some minor stuff, but for sure this guy wants to make the game more hard for everyone, HE KNOWS he is not going to make Daneos make a change, but he loves to complain about stuff that will make people upset and after that he is going to call out the ones that complain about his stupid post insinuating that they want everything for free and blah blah blah, i have seen already too much of that, if you dont believe me, check 2 or 3 posts of this guy, he wants attentions because he is miserable, thats all.

    And if it wasn't obvious enough, this guy makes a post or reply like 50 times every day, sure he has better stuff to do with his life besides being in the forum, i dont get how he has time for play DBO if he spend so much time in the forum (he probably would say that he is lvl max with all the money and more excuses)

    make the cap only 1 month... is so cancer to listen the excuse that level 70 will kill the game, just open the turtle island and you alleviate some of the problem with the ammount of people playing in papaya

    i know, still is bullsh*t, if they change to i dont know, 3 hours instead of 2 hours, you will have 3 hours of sick people camping the mobs instead of 2, not fixing the problem, this new system is awesome for these people, but screws every one else, the crafting makes sense but that wont prevent people to sell already existing crafted gear lvl 70

    Exacly, drop dragon ball, cant be so easy like that, need to be hard drop dragon ball, if everyone drops dragon ball like u do, the game stop making sense, everyone had SSJ, super buffs, no. Need to be patiente and work for drop dragon ball. DOnt think just in you, but in the all community. :)

    your post makes no sense, just because i was good at hunting dbs you are making it seems like everyone could do it, most players got with luck 2 dbs, but it was my hard work that beat their numbers, if you want to put that stupid logic of yours, SSJ is so special that db hunt should be 1 hour every month, LeTs mAkE iT SpEciAl!!!!
    thats just stupid

    you mean you get in the last 3 weeks = 6 hunts (6*7=42 dbs or 6*14= 84) and you cry that you not get the same at the last 2 tries this saturday poor boy i get 14 in this 8 tries, and other only 7 in 8 tries

    the point is that now you have to be a sick f*ck that stays in the same place all day or steal dragon balls from other players, if you couldnt get dragon balls in the old system is your problem, and i got like 48 dragon balls u are right, but i played like it was meant to be, i didnt stay all day in the same spot camping mobs or stealing from other players, or your point is that because i was so good getting dragon balls is justified to screw me now? that just makes u a bad loser

    before this stupid update i could get 7-14 db in 2 hours, now im screw because every single spot possible is being camped by a group of people, instead of making the hunt longer or making drop rates higher, the genius of Daneos makes impossible to get dragon balls if you dont have a spot 100% yours

    you could just disconnect players that stay AFK for 60 minutes or more for **** sake, anyways players can use macros or some software to move their characters around the map and that counts as playing, is a stupid decision the way this was approached

    why the hell i cant use my pet when im using SSJ? i cannot assing a new pet, i cannot use their skills, and like the subjet says, i cant use new recipes with SSJ put on, there are probably other instances where i cant do something because i have SSJ ON, shouldnt this be fix as fast as possible?