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    Remove stones from token shop is also a bad idea to do as the "bind stones". Talking as f2p, this is another good way to get some zenis for people who can't and won't spend money here. My idea is to make this game less p2w possible. I mean, for get all those stuff +15 ,you should grind like a crazy one for it ,if you won't spend money(Like i did). Do you wanna get that items faster? Spend real money on it. Also there are a lot of people with some good ideas about the upgrade system. I know that the upgrade system is alright for the moment, but if the people's ideas are also so good.. why not !

    Bind stones? Are you serious guys?! What the hell. So who play this game without spend real money, how can should make some zenis? Idk what is wrong with you all. The upgrade system is okay right now. Maybe should be a little more easiest like 4%/5% successful added in every upgrade