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    you mean skyrim lmao

    welp if they had planned out cell saga then maybe they wouldve planned some transformations as well

    well god ki is different from ssj 2 and 3 it's like experiencing the power of god that's it. Heck even humans can utilise god ki if they train take for example jiren, toppo, dyspo they are no saiyans but they trained enough to utilise god ki. So maybe other races in dbo can utilise god ki as well.

    Although it is rather stupid to use god ki on squirrels and animals. But maybe if Daenos feels generous enough and is willing to work his arse off , maybe he could introduce new mobs? (thats a big maybe im not saying he should go through this much trouble since he didnt even make this game and it's taking a hell lotta resources just to keep this server up and running.)

    huh, how about this make humans saiyans then lol! this game already screwed so why not why screw it with crazy good ideas. It's nothing but a fan game now.

    And i was also wondering what programming skills do i need for game developing. Im 16 and am interested in programming , though i only know a little java and javascript that's all lol. Wanna do something for dbo when i get legit good at programming .

    New transformations would be cool but let them give us a new client without freezes/lags and balanced game first, then we can talk about adding new stuff.

    Well im not saying that they should work on new content right now but when they are finished with bugs and client. It is rather foolish to add content to a game which isnt even complete yet.

    How about Potential Unleashed? It is a transformation which is accessible to all the classes isn't it? Tired of super saiyans really.

    I was also wondering if we could use kaioken with our transformations , though i know by lore that it's almost impossible to that but with perfect ki control it is possible.