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    So like... Is it just me or is there no sound at all in the game? Or is that planned to be implemented at a later date?

    Press O, go to the audio part and change all of the things in there and apply excluding Background music if you don't want that lol.

    Alright guys don't give Daenos a hard time, it is his time he wasted to bring us the current version just to clear our taste buds of waiting for years to play again. Try to help out and point out issues, bugs, and anything else you can find or think of during your time playing so we can get on a stable finished version to play.

    Can't you just party together and complete the quests?

    because people are jelly. and staff members shouldn't give free stuff to the players away just because they asked for it.

    Well everyone already knows the characters are going to get wiped so doesn't really matter tbh.

    Awesome hope he gets things going, and wonder why he is removing the dogis that saito gave?

    not necessarily Back on taiwan Shenron didnt cause crashes, so we shouldnt worry about it so much it will get Fixed in time for when the Game is Out of Beta he should be pulled back for a while tho we dont need his gear for this Testing its going to get whiped anyway :) or maybe his not the cause No one can really clarify, it could be the team Fixing Stability, so they closed channel for a few Minutes :)

    I know last night we didn't have any issues with him.

    To cirticize an opinion it has to be constructive what he said wasn't constructive. He only quoted and pointed out this or that. Or attempted to do so. That is rather annoying and insulting, as well offensive. "Top 5 things wanted for DBO projects" I did not say silence him but talking about other peoples top 5 things wanted does not give him the right to bring up my 5 top things. He should of just come up with his own instead of talking about mine. To me that is not being civil to start with. Also I never said I was upset. I am an apathetic type of person. I am also an automotive technician. Which means everything I talk or think about has to have logic and facts behind it. I really don't like bringing up my career as people start asking me for money.

    I like to keep this forum as free speech as possible within the forum rules of course. I am very uptight to flaming and people attacking each other. I will by no means tolerate such act. Though I've had read this thread and read every post on this thread. None of which post have attacked you or your friends personally. What Arrow first said to you might have offended you because he said his opinion in a rude way. He voice his opinion on your suggestion of the OP post. He may have done said it in a very nice manner but still it is an opinion and it isn't directed to flame you for your thoughts. He just have a different mindset while trying to force his views on you. In this case you decided to engage in his opinion and put your views out there. This is what I call a healthy conversation, no one is name calling, no one is insulting. Both side is just projecting their views trying to change the other person opinion. I'm here as a bystander and I just put my input in. As a bystander into your two discussion I can see both side opinion. If you got offended by Arrow opinion then you could have easily state this is my Opinion and suggestion, I respect your thoughts on my suggestion but this is my view.

    Both of you need to learn how to respect other people opinion without jumping to the conclusion you are at war. When in fact you two are just people with your own mind sharing your opinion with each other. Cause in the end of the day we're on the same forum, wanting to play the same game. I see no reason to belittle each other opinion.

    So I stand by the right for players to voice their opinion and if a player takes it to fair and insult another person over a their views. Then I will take swift action.

    First of all I wasn't telling others about their opinions. I was giving my opinion on 5 top things which had to do with the topic. He came in rude, offensive, and insulting my opinion. I did not ask for ciriticism. I also did not ask for his opinion on my opinion. As nobody here has asked his opinion of their opinions. This thread has nothing to do with talking about other peoples opinions. It has to do with what 5 top things wanted for DBO.

    Now I'm going to be bluntly honest with you. What you and your "Clan" does is entirely up to you wither it is deciding to leave or stay we will still welcome you. Also how you and your friends spend your money on games that is an issue alone you guys have to control. I've been playing mmorpg my entire life. From P2W to FTP to whatever model they use. I have never had an issue with not having money. I only spend what I can afford to spend. Me personally this is my priority, Roof > Food > Transportation > Bills then luxury comes in. wither it be a game I want or something of a hobby I like to get from Amazon. If a game is trying to extort money from me, I won't let them and just enjoy the game playing as free as I can. Though If the game make it way to hard to play without cashing and I got no money. I'll move onto a next game.

    As for your statement on private server and legal concern. Thanks for your input but as I said above. Let us take care of that. We are here to make a community to please the players with a great game.

    With the way arrow has been attacking my ideas, and getting off topic. I don't feel very welcomed at this point.

    And you don't know that Daneos want to register that game to earn money.
    If someones idea is to create a new DBO universe i'm surely saying it'll not happen because the devteam have only 2 members.
    Sponsor some devs and we can implement everything you want.

    Don't worry about DMCA, Lawsuit and all those other legal stuff. That is our job.

    Now as I said before, if they feel it is P2W my clan will refuse to donate. I can not control their ideals as it was voted upon creation of the clan a long time ago. Myself before I created our gaming community. I placed about 6000 USD into Planetside 2, from CB to current standing. Face of Mankind I placed 1500 USD into, if I find a game or server I enjoy. I assist it in staying open. If I don't enjoy my time nor my community. We go else where and play something we feel is more deserving for our money. Well of course as community members of DBOG we have to worry. I have seen close friends loose 100,000s USD if not more attempting what you are. As well they lost the game and their community. The game ended up dying due to that issue. They used the money to pay for servers and their home needs. What lost them the case was their home needs. Anyways we came here to give ideas of the most 5 important things, since my ideas keep getting attacked, I see no more reason to post anymore suggestions or ideas.

    So you believe someone is investing in a project and doesn't want make profit with it?
    Either there will be a donation/cash shop or there will be advertising to make profit with it.
    Just because people like you don't want to pay for a game doesn't mean that nobody wants it.
    Some people are willing to pay cash to get better items.
    I can comment whatever I want and also how i want, because it seems you doesn't even think before you write something.
    Yeah make the server completly free just Daneos and his investor pay for it, because you want it. :thumbup:

    If they make a cash shop then I can assure you just like UCGO a law suit follows. I don't think you understand how a private server works. Private servers are non profit, in other words they are not looking to make a profit nor allowed to. Every penny they own goes straight to the server from donations. If they intend of taking some as profit, then DMCA does hit you know. Your constant shooting down of ideas will kill the game just as quickly as a DMCA or people quitting to go play something else better worth their money than a game set with graphics from 2004.

    So who will pay the server? Who will pay Daneos for his work?
    If you wanna get the good stuff u have to pay for it. It isn't different in other games.
    Every game has the option pay2win and this is good so.
    If there are no persons who are willing to pay the server will close as soon as it launched.
    "You should think economically and stop with the wishful thinking.."

    My clan has refused to donate to other games if they are p2w. Also not every game does. Planetside 2 did not have a P2W system. Also SAMP servers majority of the time don't either. I believe you should watch the DBOR vs DBOG video. He stated they have investors helping the game. Also if they make it where you pay for certain things Bandai I am certain will step in with a copyright claim and want some of the money they make from it. That is why majority of Private servers can not accept anything other than donations. Any Private server has to be a non profit server. As well you should stop insulting everyones ideas and being offensive.

    Bad idea. If they open it for everybody over 50% of plalyers wouldn't search for bugs they would just walk around or do PVP.
    All in all in the closed alpha are playing 170 people, thats enough for finding bugs.
    Everybody wants the game back asap but it isn't clever to open a server that doesn't work right.

    When you're right, you're right~ Everyone would only be focusing on playing then when they catch a bug, they'll get mad. You have to ask yourself "Why do private Alpha and Beta?" To squish all the big, fat bugs :thumbup:

    Actually, even so. PvP would be tested. Before any OB the servers have to be stress tested. Thats why majority of games invite thousands of players into CB. Alphas don't get that many people to play to start with meaning it will take twice as long to complete rather than if everyone was pitching in. I am not saying that 200 players would be doing things. But with the loyalty the game currently has it would be at least 400 doing the work compared to 100. I can tell you now 50 of those players will either A.) barely login to test anything. B.) Just walk around and PvP as you have said. Less players doesn't mean the work will be done at all either. Humans are fickle and can rarely be judged on what they could possibly do. As an Alpha Tester and Beta Tester since I was around 15, I am 25 now. I have seen a lot of games fail hard because of people limiting people into an Alpha. Planetside 2 was screwed till a few of us got into CB and fixed a lot of the major issues. Now all the CoD kids took it over and rekt it. I also run a gaming clan who might be interested in playing this on OB and helping with Donations. As I see it, just because of a "Closed Alpha" doesn't guarantee anything either but at least in a open more work would be done making the time more profitable.