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    wait a the client was supposed to be live by the end of march which is already over. And the client should already have the new upgrade system available. Then why the hell this thread still exists ??? and why the mods still have no idea about the new upgrade system?? does this mean that the client is not even rdy and the work on the "new upgrade system" still hasn`t even started??...

    Bind stones? Are you serious guys?! What the hell. So who play this game without spend real money, how can should make some zenis? Idk what is wrong with you all. The upgrade system is okay right now. Maybe should be a little more easiest like 4%/5% successful added in every upgrade

    aight i removed the bind thingy u got a point pple need to sell stones to get zeni

    -First of all Fix TMQs.

    -Make the bosses in TMQs, UDs and CCBD drop stones 100%( x number stone for each player 100% and more with chance) .The harder the boss the more stones it drops( Example : Boss drop 1 stone if the player lvl is higher than the boss by 10lvls+ and the boss drops more if the boss lvl and the player lvl are close to one another and if the boss lvl is more than the player lvl by 10++ the boss should drop alot more). The stones that drops needs to match the player lvl ( Example: if a player is lvl 66~70 he/she should get x number of stones from the boss no matter the boss lvl , the number of stones depends on the lvl difference between the boss and the player).This will encourage group work and make UDs, TMQs, CCBD much more enjoyable and appealing.

    -Mobs have 1%~3% chance to drop stones.

    -Remove purple and green and whites, leave only blues and red.

    -Remove the RNG system and change it with number of stone required to reach a certain upgrade lvl. The number of stones should increase as the upgrade lvl increases.

    -Give more tickets in lvl up box and make them lasts at least 1 week so that characters can farm for stones . Also give stones that are enough for +6 for each 10 lvls so that the characters can continue farming or lvling up if they couldn`t while the ticket was used.

    AGREED 1000000%

    Increase or double TMQ/UD/CC`Bosses HP DEFF Attack Attack Speed and make the party can hold 6 members instead of 5. That way other classes will have a chance to join. Or Decrease bosses`HP and dodge rate and make all speed buffs Self only so that crit parties will be able to do cc instead of speed . Also make kaioken give 20% speed again just like retail , that way poko and karma can still use speed for cc but only for themselves and not all party .

    I don't see making it a faster buffer making the class as a whole more fun. Now getting their pets fixed and improved on the other hand...

    Imagine karma giving speed like poko 1 by 1,is that fun to u ? I think its better to make poko`s speed buff aoe in order to save time during cc so that poko can focus more on dps

    I don`t mean that the bind system should be removed for good,what i meant is that not everything should be bind. Only cc / tmq /ud and legendary accessories should be bind just like it was in the official game. when every single item is bind and acquiring seals is extremely hard...that`s just bs.At least seals should be easier to get and more common to make it easier and less time consuming for players.pple spam cc for days and they don`t get enaugh seals . I suggest that seals should be more common or remove the bind on gears that are not from cc /tmq /uds.

    1-So what if pple share accessories ? there is no problem in doing so.friends share stuff together in all games there is nothing wrong in that.Alo farming in ccbd isn`t as good as u said , pple spam cc like 20+ runs and end up with very few seals if not even any at all after wasting hours and hours in cc.I think the only gear that should be bind are CC gear or those acquired From UD or TMQ and not every single piece out there...

    2-so preventing that from happening means killing the essence of the game? forcing pple to play solo because playing in a party will only make it harder. I don`t think that`s the best course of action as party is supposed to make lvling more fun and easier not the other way around.

    3-I can understand for cheff and ultimate and I already mentioned that,but what about all other classes? why their buffs should be removed aswell?rebuffing every time is really annoying and time consuming.

    I really can`t believe that these 3 OBSTACLES still exists in DBOG after Pre-open beta...What I don`t understand is why pple actually never post about it even tho everyone i talk with in game despises these 3 Giant ROCKS that makes the game boring and extremely hard for non cashers.

    I truly believe that if these 3 systems disappear from the game since they were NEVER there in the Official DBO . The game will be FUN again as it were in TW version .

    These are the three main ISSUES DBOG has and I think they should be removed Or changed :

    1- The Bind system: I can understand that this system was meant to prevent pple from excessively selling +15 gear and stuffs like that BUT,pple still do and it changed nothing instead it made the game harder and extremely boring to an extend.It also appears to serve another purpose as well which (we all know but IGNORE)is making pple spend more cash in order to get seals . As i recall this project was claimed to be NON-PROFIT . Yet this system contradict the claim.Also, why even Accessories like the rare accessories are bind as well?.Not to forget that the way to acquire the seals are really hard and takes too long too like spamming CCBD which becomes too boring and tiering because the chance to get is really small and pple will waste so many hours doing it and sometimes ending up with nothing.Also we can get in tmq and ud BUT, it also depend on chance and bosses drop only 1 seal...which is absurd and useless too.

    2-The 100m limitaion on party : This is totally unnecessary and absurd change in DBOG .The 100m range should have never existed...lvling up in party is now useless and takes way more time then solo specially when u do same quests you have to redo every time because mobs didn~t count I mean come on ,before it was perfect when you have many quests and u are in party everyone do a certain area and the quests becomes easy and take way less time but now with the 100m range is unbelievably annoying to the point that it kills all the fun in game and forces pple to do quests solo instead of in party which contradicts the core of the game. This is an MMO game not some solo offline game.

    3- The buff removal upon entering ud/tmq : Honestly I find this one the most annoying of them all . I can understand that this was meant to make ulti and cheff appear more in the game but why does buffs have to disappear even if they are in party WHY even the buffs of ALL other characters have to disappear as well????. I mean just why lol...however u see it it is just unexplainable. IF you want to make the game HARDER and more BORING than congratulations it was a huge success :D .As we all know player count decreases little by little and its 100% obvious because of changes like these...doing TMQs and UDs now takes more time since pple need to rebuff every time they entre.Specially spamming certain UDs like ud3 now it takes sooo much more time to spam than before and to be honest it has become unimaginably annoying and boring because of it.I think it`s best if this system gets removed or at least changed. Like making only ultimate and cheff buffs disappear from team so that they can participate but only if they leave party or get kicked because its annoying to have to rebuff everytime . IT is a huge waste of time to be precise.

    I know that some pple will say " This is not DBO this is totally separate game "..dudes plz calm ur tits this a separate game yes but it is based on our beloved game which we all know DBO and changing it too much will destroy our passion for it and drives pple away from it. Please, I humbly request to take a look at these changes and revert the game to how the official game was. Don`t destroy our nostalgic memories of it . Make it great as it was before and let pple play like what they want and not FORCING them to play like what you want. This is not a chest game this is an mmorpg, player`s voice should be heard and not Silenced . keeping your community happy will with no doubt support the evolution of the game and lengthen it`s Life.

    The 100m range should have never existed...lvling up in party is now useless and takes way more time then solo specially when u do same quests you have to redo every time because mobs didn~t count I mean come on ,before it was perfect when you have many quests and u are in party everyone do certain area and the quests become easy and takes way less time but now with the 100m range... it is simple unbelievably annoying to the point that it kills all the fun in game. Also, the removal of buffs when entering the dung . Why would such even exist?? it is totally when u use dragon buffs and enter a dung/tmq/ccbd they will simple disappear and with thier 2h cd they are totally useless now.Even more, the bind system...everything now is bind :drops,craft,even accessories...what i s the point???it is just making the game harder and harder just to force pple to buy cash and get seal coins, and if u say "you can get seal coins in ccbd" that is totally bullshit have to do cc25 100 time and pray that u can find 10 seal coins. And to be honest it is boring as hell to be forced to do something you hate like spamming certain floors in ccbd just so u can get seal coins which are almost impossible to get. Seriously I think these kind of changes should stop and put more focus on fixing quests and bugs rather than making changes that takes away the the fun in the game...