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    maby you're a stupid parent that likes to call other for "12 year olds" it's not even an insult you stupid prick

    1. Not a parent
    2. It might be true?
    3. I wasn't going for an insult, it was more of a reality check.
    4. Why insult me?

    Maybe you need to stfu and respect the others .

    How about "others" stfu and learn to trade properly? The system is stable enough where if you get scammed its YOUR fault. lmao.
    Yall kids can keep hating me and downvote my posts but Ive made HUNDREDS of trades and havent been scammed once sooo....?

    .....Maybe you're a bunch of a 12 year olds because ive been playing DBO for about 3-4 years and have NEVER been robbed sooo maybe take more caution when you trade? lmao

    Another note: I assume alot of you are kids as you keep saying Daneos is "unprofessional" because he is not responding. I am sorry but I was not aware just because he is developing DBOG that EVERY other responsibility in his life faded away? Im sure you kids just come home from school and hop on dbog expecting updates but there is alot more behind the scenes you may not know.

    Can yall STFU?!?! DAMN Yall are so annoying lmao. Keep crying "Daneos Wheres update". Be grateful he is doing all this and he has made SEVEREAL videos on youtube very recently so its not like he is completely MIA. The pre beta has been out for about 1 month yet I think I have seen 200 posts asking where is content. Go look at DBOR and see their "progress".....Daneos getting shit done so sit down, put your pacifier in your mouth and wait like the rest of us. No one gives AF if "youre tired of waiting" lmao.

    I think crane was better in pvphere is crane full counter turtle in pvp
    and vs other classes was better
    he just need a rp ball for kd

    Bruh wtf kinda noobie fake ass fight is this? lol
    Why did you start with RP and why did that turtle have like %2 antibleed. I have to nullify your argument for these reasons.

    Ok lets also give turtles 25 second projectile delay and 2hr CD on each kame with 0.003m radius.

    ~lol~lol~lol~Adjust a class because one person won budokai frequently~lol~lol~lol~

    Oh ye I've forgot about tickets too. Most lame item in game (2nd place going to fighter potion :D)... but i've known many guys from china with 14-15 gear upgraded by Stones.

    There were many websites where chinese players could buy high-end gears, plus the ones that upgraded themselves were probably HEAVY (Bigger than Uprise) cashers.

    Tickets didnt break DBO? Why buy upgrade stones when you can buy a 30 day +12 ticket for 30kk lol

    So Daneos has started to make changes to DBO including stat attributes such as DEX not giving phy crit because STR now has that effect. Who knows what else he is changing but I recommend having a "board" of pros or "Community manager" to suggest changes that should be made.

    I disagree Blazing, I have seen MANY SKs easily dominate equally geared opponents without needing Bold Strike. SK have one of the most "utilities" of any class is a prob I think. They are tanks without fairly high dmg, life steal, curse, 2 stuns, def debuff, strongest bleed in game, fear, anti crit etc.