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    Wait wait wait

    You wanna completely remove rng from PVP so you are going to disable/remove props(they are X% not rng), while rng stat like dex, and useless stats like soul, energy and strength exists

    You legit destroyed SK, DW, ulti, chef (some other classes too). Now fighter will be even more broken, fighters will just use full dex instead of props and hit hard, what to use as a SK? dex? Lmao

    Please, read carefully before posting bro.


    Great idea about changing the system of props. Do you plan to make any changes to STR and SOUL?

    Because if you are going to modify the skill "Miraculous Fitness" for something offensive or defensive. What do you think about modifying the effect of the "Spiritual Fountain Fragrance" skill of the chefs?

    If the "Ultimates" receive a change to an offensive buff, the chefs could receive a defensive change in that skill or vice versa.



    yeah 400k for 1 part of lvl 30 gear i think i have seen it 3 weeks ago is way to much, at lvl 60 ok

    All that depends on supply and demand.

    Many players do not even invest in craft equipment until level 40 or 50.

    If players put those prices at level 30 it does not mean that they sell them. Only people who are willing to take that price will buy it, otherwise the prices go down.

    In addition, creating level 30 equipment is much cheaper than level 60, so not many people sell equipment at this level. Resulting in a lower supply and therefore, a higher price.

    Stay cool.

    Regards :thumbup::thumbup:

    Les recomiendo leer los post que Daneos hace.

    El informo que solo eligio a 50 personas para testear HOY el server. Probablemente sean personas diferentes mañana y así sucesivamente.

    Estas personas no estan "jugando" como tal. Solo lo ayudan a buscar bugs para que los reparen.

    Saludos :thumbup::thumbup:

    Hello I have some of my views. If have wipe ,the cash points will be refunded .as we all know ,not all the people have many cash points , but they use real money to buy +15 armor 、zeni....if have wipe .they will get nothing in new client .Most of them are Chinese,so they will vote “no”.But the cash points refund is that donation in open beta,not all the cash points donation before open beta.if you agree that ,I think there will be more people agree have wipe .if refund all the cash points in new client.who have many cash points can become stronger easily .Other who do not have many cash points ,need to spend long time doing farm .And many people use cash points make real money .it will be a game for the rich . This is not fair for those who not donation much more ,but use real money buy +15.

    I konw there are Chinese people use Bug .But only a small part of it .Just some businessmen. not all the Chinese use bug .i see a lot of people say Chinese have +15.they all think is bug+15?really? It’s a prejudice.I admit there are a small number of Chinese use BUG upgrade +15.but as far as I know .they are all ban,There have many +15 .The biggest reason is that the upgrade system.if you have many stones , can easy to go +15 .if the upgrade system make like HK DBO or TaiWan DBO.There will not have so many +15 .wipe or not wipe . Pls think it one can be sure there will not have bug in new client

    If the problem that everyone has against those who will receive the cash back is because they believe that they will become stronger easily, simply make all the cash items just for cosmetic use and "bind" the items to the account.

    That way, we, the ones that will have cash, can not make ourselves stronger with items from the cash shop, and wouldn't be able to sell items to other players to earn zeny.


    [PL]Daneos should check this.

    I think it's a very good suggestion.

    Iceman Maybe you should post that here too:

    New Client Change Log and Ideas

    If your account has multiple characters that are 30+, then you should have level 30 up each one per character.

    -DBO G Team,

    Hey Beks, if that happens, make the lvl up stone "bind". Because I can see it coming. Many players creating characters and raising them to +30 to then "abuse" and sell the stones after the reset.


    Cual es el bien del server? los bugs van a volver aparecer y todo tipo de abusos a los que ahora nos enfrentamos son comunes en este juego y en todos. Lo unico que se lograra con este wipe es que cuando aparezca un nuevo bug y regresen los botters todo sea borrado una vez mas y asi hasta que definitivamente el server desaparezca. Creer que este juego lograra lo que ningun juego ha podido que es estar libre de bugs aprovechables, es solo un sueño.

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo, pero creo que no hay necesidad de estar constantemente diciendo lo obvio.

    Es muy sencillo. El wipe solo sera una opcion para todos "SI" se implementa algun tipo de anti-hacks y se reparan los bugs. De no ser asi, el wipe no tiene sentido.

    Supongo que este tema se tocara el dia de la votacion.

    Si Daneos nos confirma esto no tendria problemas con el wipe y creo que ninguno de nosotros tampoco. Pero si nada de esto se implementara, dudo que las personas quieran el wipe si no cambiara nada.

    Pues no hay un post ni nada al respecto, pero celestial ya lo dijo en el chat general de discord y santo nos matiene al tanto de como se ha movido la cosa.

    va, Hardlock tambien me lo ha confirmado. Gracias por el dato. :thumbup::thumbup:

    Se, el reinicio parece ser una realidad. En estos dias se hara una encuesta para ver si se hace el reset o no, a quienes les disguta la idea les sugiero que votemos No cuando se abra la encuesta.


    LOL, de que fuente sacaste eso??


    If I'm honest, this is a good question that would be good for many here in the forum to ask themselves. What was the thing that made this game so good?

    Personally the thing that most caught my attention when I met the game was the possibility of creating a character in the world of Dragon Ball.

    Grow and understand little by little the details of the game. Improve and become stronger. and I think the most important thing was, the possibility of becoming a SSJ. that for me was the maximum.

    Unfortunately, perhaps monotonous, I gradually lost that sense of taste for the game and focused more on becoming "good" in the game.

    That is, I was more interested in getting OP gear, or dedicate almost 100% to pvp to feel "Pro" among the players.

    What a very mediocre thought.

    I even focused more on the "updates" that the Staff modified than on enjoying the game and it bothered me to think that everything was for the worse when it did not really matter (I was very stupid).

    I think I stopped enjoying what I liked so much and leave aside what I liked the most. Only enjoy the PVE mode without caring so much to if im better than others.

    Maybe I'm not the only one who has thought this. But I thank you for asking that question. You made me remember why I like this game so much and that I also agree with you in your way of thinking.

    I also think that it is the best MMORPG that I have played.



    Aquí esta tu respuesta compañero.

    Nada de incertidumbre.

    Saludos :thumbup::thumbup:

    Where i said that i consider this game as a great thing ? Just because im playing it doesn't mean i consider it as such, so dont make false assumptions, if it's that you mean by saying that. Anyway, why would it be sad, if someone is playing the same game over 8 years whether it's good or not. Are you coming to someone who is for example drawning for 8 years and saying to him that it's sad that he was doing the same thing for over 8 years? Doesn't matter for me if someone is doing the same thing over years just because they have sentiments of some sorts to some thing, or passion. tell me if i understand that correctly, if not, im sorry.

    I apologize if I do not explain myself correctly, but when I say "this is not the big deal", I mean having to deal with majins as you explain in your problem.

    I do not mean anything else. Maybe you can re-read, what i say and see it that way.

    And when I said it's a little sad that you've been playing since 2012 and this "problem keeps bothering you "I was referring to that, the problem you have with
    the Majins, and like I said, if you still have problems with this," Try another way , you will see that it is not so difficult. "

    Iknow you will know how to deal with this.


    Well, it's a bit sad to think that you've been playing since 2012 and still consider it a great thing.

    Try another way, you will see that it is not so difficult.

    I dont know, maybe because i mentioned it in my thread? If you like seeing 2 majins at the same time, while fighting against the boss as a fighter, good for you bro, im not masochist. Add these freezes to this situation and you are in deep shit. I would not make this thread if these majin's appearing would be less of a pain in the ass, they are so often that i could make 20 minutes video of compilation of this shit.

    Maybe you can not understand it now, but someday you will have more experience and you will see that this is not the big deal.


    Es correcto, para craftear tienes que tener minimo el mismo nivel que el del objeto que estas crafteando.

    Saludos :thumbup:

    si pero considerando como van las cosas, cada vez peor que al inicio, puede haber wipe.

    Amigo, esas son solo suposiciones.

    Hasta que no haya ni siquiera un mensaje o un aviso sobre esto, te recomiendo que dejes de distorsionar la información.

    Saludos :thumbup: