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    Thank you for your responce and looking into it !

    Is it possible to somehow perhaps disable the dogi for the time being (until the issue has been resolved)

    Secondly, the FPS issue kinda forces me out of the game, as it does not end until i relog.

    I might attach a video in the near future

    Thank you.

    Hello everyone

    Ever since the merge and lvl 70 cap update, my games has been either:

    Crashing VERY often (ch1 korin takes between 5 min to crash)


    The game starts running at 2 fps out of nowhere

    My question is if theres any way to reduces the possiblities of such performance struggles.

    Or perhaps the team is aware of the issues and working on them.

    If so, please let me know if you are looking into it. If not, sadly i will not continueu with the game.

    Thank you.

    if the upgrade system is gonna be changed a wipe is mandatory

    lots of bots on this server and thats why there are a lot of +15 gear, as some people already said in the previous posts

    i dont understand why a wipe is so hated for some people here, and even if our chars are going to be deleted, leveling is not a real problem... come on, leveling up a char in this game is very easy. in the next cap your items will be useless when you get better ones anyway. maybe your accesories will hurt you to lose, but im ok with that.

    I would agree on a serve wipe, but the server wipe is hated (atleast for me) is because some of the classes are pain in the ass to level solo and some people dont that much time to play this game (I barely get to play 1-2h per day, while there are people who play 24/7). I recently reached level 60 with Dende and let me tell you something, if it got wiped, i would not re-level again or even touch the game for quite a while

    Reading these comments is absolutely triggering duo to people wanting easy upgrades. Some classes are beyond broken duo to high upgrades and each and every single gear peace (A Dark Warrior can one shot half of the platform at Korin.........SINCE WHEN)

    My point on downgrading. Downgrading should be removed and changed to a *Crystal* Bar (or something like that), Which fills up a bit every time you fail or break and item. Once the bar reaches 100% your next upgrade will not require you to guess a card and will be 100% successful. This might sound too easy to upgrade, but the higher upgrade to less Crystal points you get. An example - If your weapon is at +11 or such, breaking your weapon gives you no points at all but failing an upgrade gives you like 5/100. To make white stones useful.,they increase your upgrade chance and if failed, increase your crystal points gained. After your weapons is already +12, Failing and Breaking and item no longer grants you crystals unless you use white stones. (white stones only drop from UD and TMQ bosses, no longer dropped by normal monsters). Another point to make it a bit harder, In order for the white stone to activate, the higher your upgrade the more white stones you need to insert.