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    The buff thing is understandable, for many reasons that I'm sure everyone is aware of. I'm not sure what the motivation behind the 100m thing was though. I'm not much of a "party player" but I can understand how that can hurt people's strategies for leveling. I don't think there's a valid reason to do that tbh

    a mil every 5 hours? holy shit dude just learn how to craft cus thats awful

    Tbh I like to get the crafting at higher levels so I can do it all at once. Given the current economy and the fact that its lvl 45 cap a mill every 4-5 hours is actually not that bad. People waste 4 hours trying to get pty for TMQ + maybe 2 runs. Ended up getting 2 lvl 42 greens yesterday after grinding for about an hour. So if you take that into consideration you're actually getting more bang for your buck if you grind. But it just all depends on the type of player you are. Crafting takes a lot of time and money for me which I don't really like. Which is why I wait to do it. Perhaps next cap, that's when you really get a good return on your investment in terms of crafted gear. Just my opinion though

    Yea currently SM isn't that great compared to other classes but that's because it's only lvl 45 cap. It'll get better, just focus on getting as much zeni as possible and gearing up pretty well because lvl 55/60 and lvl 70 cap is going to get real. I wouldn't focus so much on trying to be really good against others just yet.

    P.S If you want a good grind build PM me and I can give you one. It's working well for me, get like 100k-200k zeni every 30-45 mins or so. About a mill every 5-6 hours of grinding. Not the best but still ok for non cashers

    i dont get it where tf u all get such a trash builds?

    sm is based on "base" dmg not criticals maybe in old dbo, but not here!!!

    crit passive- 0 sp dont need it

    spirited roar- 7sp of 7 bc its phy dmg increase

    This is true overall, but we're in a lvl 45 cap so this build is fair for the time being. Ofc in higher caps it wouldn't make sense to go this way. But if someone wants a pure phys pve SM I wouldn't see the problem here. I'm personally going ENG Build for farming purposes until lvl cap rises, so it also depends on what you want to do after you hit 45 cap. I'll recommend this for TMQs and UDs, it's helped me do some good dmg

    Try this Build instead for PVP…0041500401550144502400000

    Im new to the SM class myself but I've seen it played well. The problem with the previous build that was posted was that it was outdated. In the current game it's much better to focus on base attack and focus/ hit rate. Crit isn't good anymore because at higher levels people can stack Anti Crit which makes it dam near impossible to hit them with one. Best thing you can do is get your damage as high as possible and go from there. Also good to try and stack con for the time being then try to go dex at lvl 60 or 70 cap (although you will never out dex a fighter). Just depends on what you're trying to do, hope it helps.

    I'm trying to join for open beta bro. Been playing the game for 6 years, just now coming back

    Just think about it like this, he still needs to implement the rest of the CC Dungeons, Dojo Scrammble, and Budokai (Adult and Kid), not to mention sky dungeon etc. So to me it's gonna be a nice little minute until open beta. My suggestion is to download the game make your character and learn the game as much as possible because once Open Beta is released I have a feeling those of us that has been playing a long time will take no prisoners of war lol. So learn the stats and play with builds so when OB gets here you know exactly what to do and know exactly what you want out of your character and the game. Hope to see you ingame, Cheers!

    That is a bug, and also if you were to bring back paralyze cranes would lose Thousand slashes and skills like spirit wave and energy heat wave. So I dont think daneos will. Only thing crane needs is lower CD on their main skills and increase the mana costs to balance them out.

    But what I'm saying is that you won't have to take those out. Just replace crane discharge with that, it's a fair swap out. Discharge is used for PVE stun, just replace it with PVP stun and wala you just took a PVE class to PVP.

    Nope. He is waiting for another developer to fix some client issues while he is working on some more quest bugs etc. When the other developer has finished with the client issues, he is gonna give us the exact date of when the patch is going to be released and applied to Pre-Open Beta.

    P.S. Let's hope that when Daneos says "updating quests", he means that he will re-arrange the exp from some quests at 50s etc, that give low exp..

    I doubt that, those quests were always like that from KR to HK. People just farmed TMQ... But who knows Daneos might bless us.

    Lol I think about it like this. I've waited about 2-3 years for the original KR DBO to come out top that off with another 3 years from the time of DBO closing to DBOG (I think its been that long, I lost count). Waiting a couple of days/ possibly weeks for a big update meeehhh it aint that serious lol. Rewatch DBZ or something, but I do understand as new players you're ready to jump into the content but don't wear the game out too fast. From a player thats been playing for a long time it can get very easy to wear the game out. Take your time, enjoy as much as you can and use this time to plan and come up with a solid strategy on how to be the best. The best players in our days were the ones who spent A LOT of time (maybe even too much time) researching and understanding the mechanics of the game. I would advise you do the same. Don't be in a rush to be an ok player, take your time and be patient so that you can be the best.

    Oh man from what Ive seen its gonna be fun dominating you guys lol. And to all of my old players, we should get together to show the new guys how its done. New school vs Old School :thumbup::thumbup: