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    Yeah they can be used anywhere but its pointless to do it. Im not saying you cant but they are not in the game for that. Of course you can have fun with free duels but SSJ/Kid/Great is not in the game for PVP purposes. I did some ranked battles and some new players was trying to use their SSJ. SSJ wastes precious time while transforming and you need every second in PVP. They are asking why a PVE transformation is not op at PVP.

    You can break out of stuns with the transformation skills

    LoL is actually pay to win. When a new hero is released it is not balanced then when the hero is made available to all(not buying players) it is balanced. Players can abuse buying new hero during releases to get an advantage.

    It's not RP exclusive, you can buy that Champion for Blue Essence/IP too lol

    I have some suggestions:

    1º Budokai party and soil should be on the same schedule, the same as it was in the old dbo.

    but why ? in my opinion, the problem is that there are a lot of people for a few places, so this is causing some bug.

    People would like to participate in both events

    Overall Confuse with RP Duration needs a nerf, that's what I said in the beginning? It's not as op as DW's though, DW has an easier time to pull it off, because they can drag you to the edge and knock you out. Normally when you are in confusion you can press ESC to stop walking etc. but against a DW that doesn't matter at all.

    Unlike Karma's skill lock, that Arm pull trick doesn't work vs every opponent. The main problem right now is that no one knows how to play the classes that counter DW.

    I do agree that SKs need a nerf somewhere but I don't think they're as OP as everyone makes them out to be. The two broken classes are Karmas and Female turtles, but everyone lacks the brain cells to play them.

    It just takes too much effort and gear to counter SKs. Having 2 types of defense against a class is always going to be troublesome. This is the real toxic aspect of the class, bleeding damage would nullified if people wore full energy defence.

    Perhaps, life drain could be turned into a fixed damage DoT and not based of from the Physical offence (Axe).

    CatBug) not being one of them :P

    Dear ChocolateCrane/MarshmallowFluff I've never fought you, and no I'm not an SK.

    Maybe this would help in defeating your opponents. You don't have to necessarily kill your opponents to win the match-up. Seriously, getting past their insane reflect combined with LP% and even greater E def is too troublesome.

    Also, try avoid using speed as it gives them RP which then leads to HTBs.

    As for the whole gear "issue", at that point in time I was only using +8~+10 gear and weapons.

    I'm not claiming a victory against Tung tho as the game is still in a bugged state, I hope we could get a rematch once everything gets fixed :P

    For PvP you want to get multiple sets for different scenarios and opponents. Upgrading them isn't necessary, +3 is enough. It is the stats that you're after rather than the defence. The only set that I suggest upgrading is CON and an Anti-critical jacket.

    As for the builds, it is your personal preference, I use the Dexterity passive instead of the Energy critical passive as my play style doesn't revolve around landing critical hits.

    Health bar doesn't decrease. You can damage the opponent as much as you want but it still stays full LP. Apparently this is visual only, my opponent said he was actually receiving damage but on my screen it stayed full during the whole match.

    In a Budokai scenario, the SK vs Karma match-up is heavily favoured towards the karma.

    Yes it is impossible for the karma to kill the SK due to insane amounts of reflect% and LP%, however most of you guys fail to realise that the Karma doesn't have to necessarily kill the SK to win the match-up.

    Neutral Property is -5% not -10%.

    2nd it does not matter if kiriha did 25k in full + 10 nameks, what matters is his damage before the critic. He might as well have done 2k of dmg on the crit, and done 25k of crit (if he was a dex fighter, he would do little more than that).

    First things first, if you don't even know what gear they were using, how are you posting formulas based on those videos?

    Let me explain it once more to you, both Kiriha and Jocer used a properties oversight, which is pretty smart I must say. This "Properties bug" allowed the user to ignore the enemies' properties, are you still following, Kyra?

    Unlike Pre-Open Beta right now they didn't have to stack properties but instead made use of Dex which then would further boost their damage.

    First and foremost, PvE =/= PvP.

    You do realise the namek he critted 1kk had no gear, right?

    Kiriha was critting around 25k on full +10 nameks while using +13(33% Bacterian stick //Neutral weapon oversight), 33% gloves and 13% hat. This formula you guys constructed is definitely wrong.

    Good players such as BrainCrash and PotatoStick were already critting around 24k with rare +15 sticks on fully buffed nameks before this update.

    about lv 69 mobs for exemple, i remember that u need a decent gear for farming, u want to get 100 dmg by hit with 2k def ? Meh.

    Wasn't you the person who was crying about getting 1 shotted on floor 95? You asked for more defence, make up your mind. On a side note, CC95 is easy as shit if you have a brain.

    I never spent anything, and I will not spend until the open beta, upgrade is easy for those who want, for who knows what they want, for who does not create 1000 personagtens, that focuses only on a true story, my name spent 8x doing +15 and Several people saw this, nobody ever saw me selling cash, too, right? just buying any active player / casher, has sold me cash, lmfao