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    I'm Ridghost, I've been playing MMO's for i dunno, 13 years now roughly (aged 22), 11 of those being dedicated to Ragnarok Online. Outside of the gaming world I'm a recent graduate of computer animation, so a freelance CG artist right now (Which a nice way of saying Funemployed), and a pretty big sports fan, anime fan, tv/film/music/books, the normal stuff. In-game it'd be fighting games, MMO's and JRPG's which I love the most.

    I heard about DBO aaaaaaaages ago, but never thought much of it because since when does Japan bring out anything to the west in a reasonable amount of time. However I checked back recently to see if it was still running and.... Well it's dead before it really even got started. Still, I own all the Dragonball manga, seen Ball 3 times through and Z 8 times through. So when I saw this place, I just jumped on it, downloaded the game last night. I'm normally a pretty hardcore kind of player, heavily interested in PvP n such, but for now I just want to learn the game.

    That said, a few random newbie questions. I've made two accounts, because neither of them have been sent an email for confirmation that I'm who I say I am. One is a, the other a Any reason why it is taking so long to receive the email (I've checked Junk)? Secondly, considering this is a private fan server, will there be any kind of updates? Creating new character models and such would be very time consuming and expensive, so I'm just assuming no.

    Otherwise, I hope to see you all in-game soon, I'm not shy and pretty open about anything really. Not someone who shy's away from the internet, hiding their entire persona and identity, nor am I an idiot, so please don't try to take me for one ;).

    TL;DR: I can't wait to join this community of DB lovers!! & I like talking about myself. :thumbsup: