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    Thanks for showing interest in what the community have to say about the wipe.

    Imo this is plain easy. If the upgrade system is gonna be revamped to remove the RNG component then at least every piece of gear should go back to +0.

    Ppl would not even try the new upgrade system at 70cap unless it ends up being too easy. +15lvl60 is good enough.

    If you dont want to wipe, then dont change the upgrade system.

    Do players want a new upgrade system? Thats the real question.

    remove the power of spawning items from GMs.

    This would increase the transparency and reduce the "community" paranoia. If now you can buy trashed items back then there is no point to be able to randomly spawn items.

    If multi accounts get blocked at least change the warehouse bank to share all your items (binded ones included) between your characters.

    Since account gifts will never happen and you cant log in 2 accounts at the same time there is no reason to have more than 1 account.

    Anyways ppl will always find a way to log in multiple chars, 2 pcs, virtual box, sandbox etc etc.

    like the idea, just change the bleed to poison or abdominal pain.

    Bleed is the most common dot in the game, every good player have antibleed accesories (i get the point that it forces the enemy to choose between props or decrease dot, but abdominal pain/poison do the same thing and those accesories are useless right now).

    Besides, ultis have a skill to remove abdominal pain damage (useless right now but if these kind of dots starts to appear it can be useful).

    The poison option can make good combos with crane's paralysis (the one that needs a poison to be casted) .

    Suggestion 1: Probability of +3 with purples/greens

    With current system is annoying upgrade a +5 weapon with purple and get +6 (same with +3 to +4 armors).

    Increase the chance of getting a +3 with advanced upgrade stones at lowers grades and reduce the chance of +3 at higher grades.

    Suggestion 2: Balance the stats

    The difference between +12 bonus and +14/+15 bonuses are HUGE in both weapons and gears.

    It doesnt make sense that a +14 dps class one shots a +12 bulky class, there is no point upgrading to +12 if you are being one shotted anyways.

    I am not suggesting making the bonus increase linear but reduce the exponential increase.

    Maybe you guys want to share with the community what is the plan for balancing those classes?

    For example you can start the thread like:

    "During next patch we will be focusing on spiritualists. We want Crane Hermit to have more participation in PvE and we want Turtles to have the damage they used to have but not to be a jack of all trades (useful for every scenario). We want to hear suggestions on how can we achieve those goals, what do you think?"

    Otherwise it will be a mess and you will end up making the changes that the balance team already thought or even worse you may end up making a change only because a guy with a lot of friends post it and he got a bunch of likes.

    Agree 100% and i want add another point to your argument.

    Since the "balance team" is changing every class in the game without any kind of community participation and a lvl70 + new client is coming soon, this is THE opportunity to have a good fresh restart.

    If ppl are not satisfied with the changes of their class you cant just change class like a moba player changes his champion.

    Mistakes were made by everyone here (players, staff, Daneos, buggers, hackers,etc), i know that you said before that once open beta starts there wont be any future wipe but now everyone have more experience with the project and how this project/game works.

    It is a matter of choice beetween keep the game dying or give some hope to the community.

    Note1: this is an "in depth" opinion, if you really want to help the game read the whole post and comment your opinion respectfully :)

    Note2: beign as objective as possible, these are only suggestions and i dont know how the "balance team" work (there is not as much transparency as many players would like in this area).

    New client + cap70 around the corner, this is a great opportunity to improve the already good job the staff have made.

    Make a "balance plan" seeing the big picture and thinking long term.

    With this i mean doing what retail dbo did back then. They realised that both poko and karma were literally dead classes (before cap 70 attack speed was a troll).

    So instead of creating broken skills for them, they created an enviroment where those classes performs at the top level. End game dungeons (BIDS and cc150) are all exact the same way, a small group of mobs at start (attack speed buffs comes with movement speed buff so the party can group them faster and safer and the buffer spin aoe damage becomes insane), then a boss with huge lp pool (attack speed excels at single target dps), and finnally, these bosses also are 95% melee range with medium to low damage (this enable the team to have only 1 member who tanks the boss while the rest of the team is doing damage safely, easy ep rebuff, easy attack speed rebuff, easy aoe healing).

    From time to time bosses have some kind of reflect buff just to try to make these more "challenging" but you can stop attacking and thats it.

    The point is retail dbo achieved their goal, they made poko and karma very useful classes, i didnt like that balance but i am trying to be objective, a couple of months later servers closed so we dont know what were the next steps in the balance area.

    Regarding dbog:


    Everyone who plays or played the game this cap would agree with the fact that every non "attack speed party" class is suffering from this balance (more than half of the available classes in the game).

    I dont want to go back to the "old good days" thats not the solution either, i am not suggesting nerfing speed or buffing critic damage.

    We should be able to have a balance where every class have a "viable" way to obtain end game gear enjoying the end game content.

    I want to create another enviroment where we can have more flexibility with the party members. Whatever alternative you consider the best to point the game's balance direction. You can be creative, a couple examples (these are just illustrative examples with few thinking):

    Attacking from behind meta:

    Groups of mobs/bosses with long range and aoe but if you are behind them you can dps safely (melee dps can participate). Also some bosses can have long duration buffs like "Recover 300% lp recieved from auto attacks/Decrease defense by 150% when recieving damage from behind". Multiple bosses (around 10-15) at the same time, and you have to kill them all (unlike 95f), this would require a good geared tank and good supports classes to keep the party safe.

    DotS meta:

    Big groups of mobs with low hp but insanely high defenses (dots ignore defense), Bosses stages where you face bosses and bombs, the boss has the ability to cc the entire party for a very long time no matter the range or position but they also paralyze themselves (like the freeze skill from cranes), when that happens the bombs start to cast , if the bombs dont die from dot damage fast then the bombs finish the cast and you die. The bombs are invincble until the boss use his cc skill, but you can use all your dots before so when everyone is under cc the dot damage starts to apply to the bombs. (this skill from the boss could not be reduced with accesories).

    Speed buffs also give movement speed, maybe crit rate or %crit damage buffs should also give another useful stat for this kind of meta like cooldown reduction? Electrical Discharge (Plasma electric field buff) adding the stat "Increase damage dealt by DoTs by X%" while the buff is active? Again these are quick examples that try to create enviroments for useless pve classes. I dont want to ruin speed, Having different end game dungeons so your class can be useful in at least one of them. Maybe one quick dungeon with a timer where you are not allowed to buff yourself and you need to kill a boss extremely fast (this one is to include only a tank and the rest full dps, with a healer you wont be able to kill the boss fast enough). I am not pretending to create new dungeons, just tweaking the ones that will be useless in cap70 (ud 4, ud5, ud6, nuke land, tmq2, tmq3, and a few more that i dont remeber the names).


    The current situtation is ruining the game, i really dont know if the formulas are wrong or some skills are too op for pvp.

    Whatever the reason is, we need to solve this. Lets be honest, 90% of every party budokai fight is decided in the first 10 seconds. The first kame or needle who crits the enemy dps is game over.

    We can discuss if popo revive should or shouldnt exist in pvp but it is ridiculous how retarded this system is.

    Again, i am not suggesting please nerf crit damages, i dont think it is that easy to fix.

    Maybe introducing anticritic as a viable stat you can stable the fight, and if everyone gears with anticritic then other classes who doesnt rely on crit to deal damage can be viable in pvp.

    The most important thing imo is that we should be seeing the big picture, setting balance goals (i am not trying to define those goals, balance team have smart ppl to do that) and balance the game acording to those goals.

    Inform those goals to the community and in the patch notes explain briefly how those changes are helping to achieve the goals.

    Isolated changes like buff X class or nerf Y stat are not the way to go, you are losing control of the game's balance when you do that.

    Thanks for the staff for the great job so far and if you need help with anything pm me on discord. :thumbup:

    Unless the staff discover that plasma is an eligible class in this game you should choose karma.

    You will be required for every party pve wise, and karma is awesome for 1v1 and 5v5 pvp wise.

    Plasma's only strengh is his skill set for 5v5 pvp (one of the best in the game), but since they are not required for pve, karmas gets better gear so they end up beign as good or better than plasmas.

    For pve just level up your first damage skill (wonder) and every aoe, with the lp/ep heal over time and the rp buff. You should have an easy time leveling up.

    Good luck!

    I personally loved the buff to crits, this can encourage ppl to try pve with crit parties. For pvp i would REALLY appreciate that they introduce high anticritic stuff like the old scouters so you have more counterplay.

    Hyped to know that the balancing team is working hard wether we like the changes or not, hopefully plasma will be pve viable one day.

    Great job! Honestly the game is far from being totally balanced but its the best balance we have so far (sk and karma nerfs, cheff, dw and sword buffs, crit buffs, etc).

    Of course he will need to know how to create models animations maps ...

    i think he at least can fill the empty non-realesed maps that already exists with this tool (not a suggestion, he already know this)

    this tool was designed for the client that he is updating now so it wont be that impossible to do.

    Ofc this kind of things requiere a LOT of time so just be patient.

    I 99% agree with you, all of the points are great suggestions except:

    don't put too many brown boxes in events

    If you obtain boxes from cash shop you get at least 30 while if you do via events you are getting 1 box at a time (we all know how much time do you need to farm all honeys/cc items to get a single box, even the boss event you can only get 1 box per quest). Non cash boxes shouldnt change imo.

    The only problem i see with these changes is that 99% of cashers do cash to obtain boxes, if you discourage them to cash the game will die faster (maybe a cash shop rework could be a good solution i dont really know).

    No one will share that with staff team even if reward for that is big af.

    They know that if they hold it for themselves, they will gain from it in long run than one reward once.

    If a player knows about a bug but for some reason he cant abuse it (the bug requires X item or Y class whatever the reason) at least you are giving an incentive to report it. Its a win-win scenario, the player obtain a reward for a bug he cant abuse and daneos fixes the bug so players who actually can abuse it wont have the chance.

    Its not a magical solution but its something. If the reward doesnt exist maybe this player waits until something changes so he can cheat.

    Or you can do it the opposite way.

    If you offer a significant enough reward for players who find a way to break the game (zeni/upgrade/duplicate/crash/cash/etc) they may be happy reporting the bugs they are abusing right now (this is a very popular method "ethic hacking").

    Instead of banning every player who abuse bugs you can reward them for sharing the bug so it can be fixed. Encourage those players to continue trying to break the game and the game will be safer sooner.

    Rewards can be anything but it need to be worth it.

    If the game is safe you dont need to worry about figuiring out the best way to ban ppl, you wont ban anyone if they cant break the game).

    Dont be that supriprised, whether if you cash hard or you farm 24/7 for 1 year non stopping there is no way to get that much stuff.

    It doesnt matter if its an upgrade/zeni/duplicate or whatever bug you can imagine but it is a vulnerability in the game.

    The big picture is the game's life cycle was pretty good:

    • Daneos by his own in a small community (ragezone or something like that)
    • Creating his own community (DBOG) with a small team of moderators/gms/translators
    • Founders packs to speed up the development (if Daneos make money with this project he can put in more time = accelerate game development)
    • Closed beta for founders (rewarding the investment) + increasing the moderators/gms team from time to time as the community was getting bigger
    • Pre Open beta to get a real feeling of a big amount of players trying to play/hack/break the game + Mateo (another dev) speeding up the progress for a short period of time (idk what happened to him but as far as i know is not in the team right now)
    • Server wipe and Open Beta officially started with 1 PERSON dealing with EVERYTHING (bug fixes + new content + maintences + website + forum + paying methods + paying disputes + making decisions about new changes such as balance/events/pay2win etc). The "TEAM" is just a small group of good ppl trying to calm down the forum and translating the game.

    He can react to hacks banning ips/accounts, eventually fixing some bugs if any honest player find give good insights, or spending even more time searching logs but with this organization formula you cant expect to have a safe game.

    Yes, you take some risks hiring ppl and you lose control of the project status but it is necesary in order to survive. The game is dying already wether we like it or not.

    [PL]Daneos should be the leader of the project. Right now you have leaders for the moderators, you have a leader for translations team but you dont have a leader for the DEV team since there is no dev team to lead.

    There is no official art team to keep the game fresh (there are great modders/artist who love dbo and Daneos has significant knowledge about how the 3d objects work in dbo).

    Its not about fear or greed, its about keeping up the great progress you have made, the game was succesfully revived. Now it needs a good project manager and a team to keep living.

    * You can spawn pets during kamis retreats buff

    * One of the pet's skill now stuns the target and you can cast pet skills no matter if poko priest is under any way of cc (if the pet is crowd controled then you cant cast pet skills).

    Those are my suggestions that can improve poko class pvp wise (pve they are more than fine).

    This achievement system can create oportunities to include less common classes into pve/pvp like challenges.

    If the reward is worth enough ppl can tryhard new strategies.


    For example (you can be creative / the numbers are just to illustrate):

    Complete cc90 in less than 60 minutes dealing at least 10.000.000 dot damage (each member's dot damage is added to this count and the whole party recieve the reward).

    Clear ud6 with at least 3 humans in your party.


    Won kid budokai party without a dragon clan.

    Get at least finals in adult party budokai without using htbs/transofrmations (this one has nothing to do to includes non meta classes but i guess its fun).