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    Madness... it's so disappointing to log in now. I loved this game, and i love it, but the situtation is hardest every day to log in... Every time i log, i keep looking for gloves or wands, 33% e.crit, around 1kkk on AH, and it's imposible to find it. The stuff is like, 3kkk or something like this. So i am slowly leaving the game, against my will. I know is POB, this is the reason im not like "THIS SUCKS", "FULL OF BUGS" and all this useless talks i use to see on the forum. But for a non-casher player, is close to impossible making progress on equipment right now. For OB i have intention to cash a bit, but till then, the game is barely over for me, and more people like me. And yes @Cosmo , sell stuff for cash points is forbiden, and you "can be banned", but the reality is that so many people are getting tons of $$$ selling things, and nobody do nothing. Just seeing the trade chat, some people being like, "Want to buy xxx item for 2000 CP", mods? hello? Should be instaban...

    So guys, be patient, and keep waiting for the Open Beta, hoping a new ingame GM/MODS team, taking care of every -againsttherules- issue...

    Open Beta, come soon, we need you!!! ;)

    I completely agree with mail restriction till lvl. 30, but there's a minor issue. One of the first quest of the game for any race, is about send a mail. Not a big problem, but i just want to notify it, to avoid problems in the future final game. Better choice, disable it. Or we can have a green sad face, unable to be orange happy, forever.

    Daneos said that mobs are working diffenrent from TW, to prevent lags. When you enter a determinate area, mobs spawn, but if u leave that area, mobs just dissapear till next player enters the area. In TW, due to the power and capacity of larger servers, when a mob spawns, it will be there till someone comes and kill it. That's directly related to DB icon mobs, as you can figure out.

    This is a natural consequence of the economy madness in game. The game have his own systems to prevent SCAM on trades, the zeny request on mail with item attachment. But with the stupid and dumb inflation, you broke the game systems to prevent problems, with prices out of game currency control. Selling stuff for CP in a PRE OPEN BETA, considering that all the stuff is gonna be wiped?? MADNESS. I can't be sorry for you or anyone like you. You guys broke the game, so you just got scammed on your own unsafe trade system. Don't blame mods, don't blame Daneos, don't blame anyone. In some ways, you deserve it guys, your mosnter got so fed, is bigger than you, and now it starts to eat you... STOP THE ECONOMY MADNESS, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!

    Did i miss something? I was going to sell a lvl 70 blue stone on AH, and prices are so messed up. What should I do? I can't try to sell a lvl 70 blue stone for 800kk, this is fckn madness. I should post it for 20kk like always? I don't want to be an idiot aswell, and give my stone as a gift, if the real price is going to be 800kk ?(?(?(:cursing::cursing:

    Can we get the item drop removed on event majins? As I remember, on retail DBO, they only drop silver coins. And it's so annoying to be farming items for crafting, and have a lot of this 50 lvl items on your inventory...
    Yes, i'm crazy, i'm asking for a "nerf" xD :thumbup:

    Es bastante fácil. Aquí, en el foro, hay una sección de compra-venta, hagamos negocios con precios REALISTAS aquí, e ignoremos la subasta, con precios inflados por dinero creado por bots. Fácil, o difícil a según se mire, porque necesita el compromiso de TODOS. No podemos pretender comprar por ejemplo un arma a +12 por 300kk, y luego querer vender nosotros algo similar, por 2kkk. Así como compremos, deberemos vender, y así nadie usaría la subasta, y la economía se arreglaría. No se si me he explicado xD

    As i remember, this skill works on this way:
    -You use your skill, it wastes VP's to do this, (open the shop window) and then you can sell all the items you want, with shop window not closing with every click on sell option.
    - But if you close the window, then yes, it takes more VP's to open it again.
    Can someone tell me if I'm wrong?? In tw, i remember this skill working this way i told, and not closing the shop window with every sell button click like now....

    Chill man. It will be fixed soon. i guess, but you can lvl up to 70 as kid, without any trouble, just dont take the adult quest till reset skills is fixed. You can reset any moment from 1 to 70, while you remain as a kid ;)

    You can keep leveling, but DON'T take the adult quest. You can reset your skills at any moment from 1 to 70, if u remain as a kid, without subclass. Once skill reset is fixed, for example, u are lvl 60, and remain kid, you can reset your skills and then you can take the masterclass quest.

    Você pode manter upando, mas NÃO tome a quest adulta. Você pode resetear skills a qualquer momento de 1 a 70, se você permanece como kid, sem subclasse. Uma vez skill reset é corrigido, por exemplo, você está lvl 60, e permanece kid, você pode resetear skills e, em seguida, você pode ter a missão masterclass.

    Ayer hubo el mantenimiento más importante hasta la fecha, donde Daneos a retocado una buena parte del código del juego, y muchas cosas han quedado un poco tocadas. Poco a poco iremos volviendo a la normalidad.