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    Just reporting a bug,
    once in a while a certain action does not work, like change channels, getting off and on mounts and etc.. and then i log out, log-in and then it gets me inside the loading screen
    and it just stays there.. like.. it could be like forever. so Just reporting that bug!

    Hello guys!
    Pleasure meeting you all :3
    Im new here and i am very glad to be in this forum and part of this amazing community! I am english speaking from israel,mighty majin, aspiring to be an ultimate majin xD
    totally in it in the support role! My ingame name is Quaith! you are all free to find me and add me and play with me XD soo i really hope i will see you all ingame!
    Dotz~ :P

    Add me in game guys!
    I am looking for people to play with xD it can get very boring when you are on your own x.x
    In game name:Quaith

    P.S if you guys got a good build for Mighty majin-Ultimate Majin support style xD (ive heard that ultimate majin is like a good buffer and a good support) it would help tons ♥

    Hello, :DDD
    My name is Yoni,im 13.5 (.5 Is important *_*) From israel <3
    Just wanted to say hello and i would love to be part of the community for which im sure is amazing XD
    Im a guy who looks at literally everything in a positive way and i know how to listen and solve people's personal problems if they wanna share them xD
    I have 1 quallity that i dont really know if its good or not XD i know how to solve dreams and what are their meaning,soo if you have a crazy dream you can send me a message and i will solve it to you :D

    I LOVE Game of Thrones! And to people who haven't seen it.. GO SEE IT!!!
    Im also a huge Dragon ball fan since i was little XD (like everyone :3)
    At this moment im not playing any games to people who was wondering but im 100% looking for someone to play with! cause alone.. its not soo fun T.T

    P.S:Im originally from the other community-Dragon Ball Revelations, But hey... No hate <3

    Anyways guys im the most pleased to meet you and send me a message if you wanna talk :D
    Lates,<3 :love: