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    Also, do the emotes look like that gray little face the eggs constantly make, but different faces?

    Yes, they are like that. I don't remember seeing the grey face in DBOG on the pet eggs, but I attached a screenshot from retail to this post of what I think you're referring to. I'm not really sure what triggers that emote. I think it's from standing around for too long AFK and the pet gets bored?

    I'll DM you the video examples of the Puar animations and emotes since it won't seem to let me link any videos from a website here (I suck at forums)

    I don't have time to dig through every thread to see if someone already suggested this and I'm sorry for that. This is more of a request than a suggestion... BUT, I would love it so much if Pets got their animations back, like the Puar thumbs up whenever I summon it, level up or kill a mob etc. They also had their own little emotes when you'd kill a mob, like a little pink happy face for killing a mob or sad face if you die etc. I know it really doesn't impact the gameplay that much, but it was a nice little touch to the game that I really miss. Please and thank you! Left a screenshot of my old red Puar doing the thumbs up from TW as an example.

    Hey all, this is YourEnd7.. but most of you probably know me as Zophar. I just want to let you all know that I am quitting POB and going to play again when the official game hits. It's been a fun few months for me. I did everything I set out to do with this version. Got my DBO fix for now. It's great what Daneos is doing here. The game has surpassed the old dbo in a lot of ways. For now, I just don't feel like playing anymore.

    Anyway, I'd like to shout out a few friends of mine who made this experience great. Those three are MajinVegeta, Tempest and Simmy (otherwise known as Monel) We all came back to the game together. We played old tw for years. it was nice to fight alongside them on plat many more times during POB. MajinVegeta is one of my best friends and he really turned a new leaf on this game. Tempest has done a great job as moderator and Simmy is still kicking ass on plat. I'm glad everything is going so well for them and everyone else. I never played DBO as much for the game as I did for playing with my friends.

    This thread was kind of out of no where, but I just had to post it. I hope you all continue to enjoy POB as I did and keep playing until the official release. Keep giving Daneos your support and it will come sooner. I'll be back after the wipe. Peace!

    -Zophar (YourEnd7)

    I think if he was gonna fix TMQ's and such before releasing this update, he would have said "Okay, time to work on TMQ's and UD's!" He said something similar about TLQ's right after finishing Adult and Master. Fingers crossed that he will release the update in the next 24 hrs.