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    It won't be possible because the whole % is calculated that way. no fanservice for you this time.

    Well maybe the day finally came and you guys should think about changing %crit formula.

    So actually new meta happend like this

    Old setup to win the game:

    Sk/dw dende poko karma turtle

    Party looses buffs when buffer leaves --->

    New setup to win the game:

    Ultimate/chef dende poko karma turtle

    Im really not enjoing the game atm because you just one click to win.

    Speed parties can finish cc100 but crit parties hardly passes cc55,also bosses resist almost everything so even if you have a good teamwork(stuns,timing) it doesent work,so you end up requiering no skill, making a speed char so you can have some fun with some harder Pve stuff.

    Where is the fun in that?

    Ouh Crane passive calculation aint right yet,it will be more obvious on cap 70.

    But i guess we will have fanservice after all.

    The problem is that they can't max Giant Kamehameha or Consecutive Disk this cap. Granted Giant Kame still does tremendous damage, but still. It's basically not a matter of being nerfed, but more having to wait for 60 cap to unleash their full potential.

    I am very aware of that as i was turtle myself,still my opinion is that their damagr is too low,doesent need to be high like in retail..but this is sad :(

    i can solo ud3 first floor with my turtle


    Back to the thread.

    Turtle will always be useful,even now when its nerfed af.

    Tbh their damage is crap,used to be very powerful as it should be because its role is instant damage aoe dealer,but its just squishy.

    I am playing plasma right now and i deal same damage as turtle, but i need to use more aoe skills which are spammable,so they are very similiar.But i aswell tank ud3 mobs and deal good damage at lv45 (ofc with buffer in party).


    Nice post,not insulting anyone,even mods gave a + to it and thanked for a nice thread with obvious broken segments of the game.

    PvE Needs Fixing obviously!

    Its posted in september...You guys didnt give 1 little fok about it :))))))


    There needs to be a better way to get our suggestions in the game. Making a thread and throwing it under the suggestions section clearly doesn't cut it. And when they are going against their words or doing any major changes they should tell us first and ask for feedback before they do it to avoid all the negative energy.

    They should atleast mention to community about drastic changes like binding items and implementing tickets,and not just do it out of nowhere.

    Different formulas for pvp and pve is also not the way to go. Normally it should be the same formula and you just adjust the gear values. At the end you have the same result but it's just weird to have different formulas for the same skill because one is a mob and the other one is a player.

    At that time PvP was going in a good direction,but PvE was broken so solution was

    1) Undo the formula which broke PvE and try to find a solid one for PvP and PvE

    2) Make separate formula for PvP and PvE

    3) This

    The first one was the best option but would took long time,and with community pressure i guess they decided to go other way.

    The second was IMO not a bad option,and an easier option than the first one.

    The third one is just ugh...

    I hope they find da wae to have a functionally start of OB.

    Tbh this is bullshit,make props 0.5 and break broken pve even more than it is,3 weeks before OB starts which is all about pve at start is ridicolous.

    When prop was 1:1 my dear friend was a mod and proposed to make separate formula for pvp and pve,but they laughed to him.

    So,bring back 1:1 and start ob with idk cap 38 and then try to balance pvp on dev server,cuz this is slowly going to hell.

    maybe you

    I have a video of me using like 23 boxes to get 12 con on a tmq1 pants and like 40+ boxes to get my boots to like 10 con I might of delete that one like last month, but anyways sometimes you get lucky most of the times you don't that just how it is was with a box that give random generated stats. I cashed for those boxes too fyi

    In retail dbo the majin had 100% chance of dropping silver coins but that not the case in DBOG

    I knew it was something,thanks for clearing it up for me.

    Luck is also part of every game,thats just the way it is.

    i wasted over 20 boxes on my tmq7 pants and still are shit stats,however not that long ago i was very lucky and in like 30 boxes got 2x 9 prop earrings,20 cd,27 dex earrings.

    Then it comes the time i cant get good stats with boxes wasting again 20-30 of them,but hey you have to make a choice and try to box to get op stuff,or dont take the risk and save money for the thing you need.

    It aint a bad idea,tho the best reward in tmq should be their legendary armor,which is actually one of the best.

    However the drops still aint fixed so alot of people dont even know farming tmq was one of the most doing things in retail.

    Your idea would increase grinding tmq's a lot which is really good,bute even with 20% chance getting 5 boxes would be too much.

    In my eyes this thread was always more about getting easy boxes to get urself best stats,but do you really need to use that much boxes to get some good stats?

    TBH getting your items boxed is just another part of an end game.

    If you come to a moment when u get some gears but need better stats,you put that in your first place and you farm the money for it.Then invest in buying boxes until you get what you want.I mean the drops are really good you can get 5+ stones in an hour easy,lets say one of them is purple/green/white you insta earn 70-120kk which is already enough for 1-2 boxes.

    If the system with boxes change im up for increasing event boss reward for a few boxes and increasing the spawn/drop of fat majins.

    I wont be replying here anymore cause this thread went to hell like every other thread that has more than 2 pages


    Well for ud3 spam 1st floor you should go pure form and blow everything away,you can do ud1,ud2 too but it will be slow in pure mode.
    plasma have solid damage even in normal state,just gather mobs dash away and use human extinction,if you have good gears it should be enough...about tmq's you probably cant pure mode because in some of them u need to dash somwhere,which is not possible in pure majin.

    You will get bored fast if you dont get the stats on gear as soon as possible,but you wont be bored if you get all the best stats of every piece of gear in short amount of time....that doesent even make any sense.

    So you just go few times CC,craft the armors,box it and gg

    enter tmq7 once get 2-3 pieces of armor box it and gg

    wow aint that fun and contributing to the game,after 2 weeks nobody will even do any ud,tmq,bid everyone will have everything game will die faster then u can imagine lmao.

    This game was hard,it should remain hard...thats why old players came back and play,that should be the way for the new players to stay...the ones that hit lv 50 and cant get any gear and whine how the game is bad because its hard,maybe they just should leave?

    white stones are implemented in open world can get +10-13 easily....even +15 has better chances than ever to succeed,in retail it took you soul and mothers left leg to get to +10.

    Make this game easier,and you wont feel much difference than the guy who just hit 70 and the guy who is lv 70 for a year sitting in front of dbog for hours,if that aint bad enough idk what is it.

    As a matter of fact ,i used to powerlevel in ud3 with plasma.

    Go pure majin and get gloves +10-12 buff yourself up and clearing ud3 is easy,literally takes 2-3 shots to clear a group.

    U should also get as much as CDR as u can get to spam genocide blast.

    As for armors i would suggest %lp %lp con,cause pve is still broken and you will take reduced damage if the mobs actually get to you.

    Howerver if you kill the mobs before they even get to you you may reconsider in taking 1 part of armor with FOC for more damage.

    Hope i helped,good luck and long live plasma's :D

    Well said

    As for the main post,
    It would be a great idea if i look at it from an angle what is the best for me as a player.

    If i look at it as an aspect of balancing the game i dont like it at all,it would make both pve and pvp aspect way easier and acessable,if you really wanna gear yourself up with pdef edef armors 2-3 sets of weps and earrings/necks/rings you should work your ass for it,not just getting alot of boxes and box until u get the best stats in game for easy money.
    Instead why wouldnt we suggest that majins have more chance of dropping the coins? and/or raising the amout of boxes you get for silver/gold coins,for expamle 4 gold coins + 10 kk for 3-4 boxes.

    It would increase farming them,aswell as increasing number of people taking on event boss.

    Well anyone who played turtle endgame in TW knows what effy and dreamer are talking about.

    I have +15 gloves +10 wand 28 con x3 +10-12 foc set kraken,2x 10 prop earrings and damage is like about 45-50k? I have a picture somehere on my pc of a turtle in tw +12 doing 120k damage...

    And for that guy who is asking for proof,how about you show some proof about how awsome damage the turtle have in dbog,cuz i guess we are making things up and pictures aint not good proof enough for u ?

    And pve is silly,with my gear mobs on papaya get like 9-10k dmg withouth sucessful crit.

    Pve needs a big rework,even soloing ud1hard on lv 70 with solid gear feels like 50% harder than before...yes its still not s problem to finish it fast but in the middle part if you tank all mobs and get KDed they can drop you to 50% hp which is funny cuz they are like lv 32?:D:D

    I have a Lenovo Laptop that i use for school with a Intel Pentium N3060 (an intel processor from 2016) with Intel HD graphics. It DOES NOT run this game well at all. My guess is that you should buy at minimum an i3 laptop, and try to get one with a dedicated graphics card. I think that any dedicated graphics card from new laptops nowadays can run the game pretty well.

    how much RAM u got? I have problem,i cleaned my old pc to is laggy asf and i cant fix it anyhow...

    Specs: ati radeon hd 2400 xt

    Intel pentium 4 cpu 2.80 ghz

    Ram 2 gb

    I run windows 7

    If anyone have specs similiar to this,or even worse and can run DBOG withouth lags/problems please contact me.