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    well I was thinking on a more subtle approach like the first option you wrote @'B4.DA.$$ with giffs and on the side of the webpage,not the endless pop up adds that will ruin the whole experience.thanks

    I didn't mean that he has to be forced to put a discount or something, is just that I was thinking it my be one way to benefit the players,
    the reason I made this tread is that I was thinking after players reach max lvl in game and have anything and can buy stuff with zenni no one will donate anymore so I was thinking that adds can add a constant amount of cash each month

    Hi,as the title suggests I want to ask the community opinion in adding adds on the website. I know that no one would like that not even me,but adds can add extra funds to the project ,if anyone remembers dbocom that used to be the original dragon ball online forum,they used to have adds on they r page ,and wasn't annoying you could browse the website without any problems while the publicity would bring some profit to the developer.this maybe could mean we might get a discount on the cash shop and we all could benefit from that who knows .so hey have a say on it, I added this poll so you guys and girls could vote.thanks

    what I find it funny is that I tried (in pve)with 2.5k hit rate and with 1.5k and the result seems to be the same not much of a difference ,and in pvp it looks like its random,I fought a fighter and I didn't miss,and I fought a sk and missed him twice,but hey will wait and see how things go.thanks

    don't worry,things will get better even I have 2500 hit rate plus nearly 200 necklace success rate and I still miss like every one is saying its still a work in progress

    I don't have a video unfortunately ,and now If I am corect(I want to add to my tread ) only the extra time boosted with rp used to stay the same,for example if your stun lasts 7 sec and you increase the time with rp for additional 2 seconds you have in total of 9 sec but the next stun in going to be 8 sec with rp, until you only have 3 sec with rp charge, and 1 sec without (well if the duel lasts that long :D ),ill give it a search on youtube maybe I will find something related.
    I found this video of Kinswkk if you look closely at kidney shot(the stun you will se the decrease in time )

    I am pretty sure Quvades is just trying to help ,but maybe his duels weren't lasting long enough for him to notice the stun difference haha,no offence Quvades just a little joke here .

    I am pretty sure,because I have played as a dende and in combat my paralyse stun wasn't lasting twice the same amount of time against some one or mob without any accessories.

    heya,I don't know if anyone remembers but back in dbo tw,you used to get stun decreasing time from martial artist and paralyse ,this is not a bug just don't know if Daneos is aware of this,example if you get paralyse stun from dende that lasts 3.9 seconds ,next time when you get paralysed is 2.8 ,until the stun only lasts about 1 sec ,I don't remember the exact decreasing time but I just wanted to mention it.thanks

    the new one I guess is alright (if you have the money to buy white stones )the only concern I have is that in the first 3 months after open beta everyone is going to have + 15 ,done everything in the game and getting bored already the only way I see it is to remove the white stones or get to the old upgrade system when having +10 was an achievement