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    Hey Ekros,

    That's from the April Fool's day patch. I'm sorry for deceiving you and getting your hopes up!

    oh lol right you almost got me there i was just making sure i was not seeing things i knew it was too good to be true i knew something was wrong no worries i didn't got my hopes up i was just curious about it.

    Recently i just saw the new patch notes and i could not believe my eyes there says ''New SSJ2 and 3 forms have been added.'' for real? what is this all about? how is this working? i remember back in the day when daneos was running the show some people got into the forums just talking about that ''how about add ssj2 or ssj3 to the game'' but the response of some people was that it was not possible that would be unfair to the other races that would be too op and bla bla bla so if is that true how are this being dealt with? i am just curious about this because it seems too good to be true. i didn't see new transformation skills on the skill list so how do we get it? :/

    ''Now we can get to the real aura modding. Scroll down a bit further, and you'll reach the effects for guarding, charging and dashing. Level="#" is what we're here to change. In-game, find out the upgrade level of your Jacket(Guard), your Pants(Charge) and your Boots(Dash). Then simply change that number to the level you want''

    i tried that method using notepad++ going in the level part of the code of the aura effects doesn't work when i change the level there when i try to start the game it gives me an error how is the right way to do this? then i tried another route to find the files of the texture of the auras to see if i at least could rename and switch the color of the textures but i just found that is the purple aura for +15 i cant find the other textures for +1 +2 +3 +4 etc... so if anyone know where is the texture of the other charging auras tell me that might be another option to change aura colors instead of messing up with the game code.

    i personally like the new upgrade system it gives something new and different to the game keep the good work but be carefull the challenge here is to keep the balance inside this system if gets too easy for people to get the stuff the game naturally will become more focused on pvp people eventually will get bored since they got everything and will start pvping more often i say that for personal experience in so many private servers i played long a go like MU online,PW,RF online, Lineage2 and etc... in there you could lvl up fast get good gear fast with low rng in less than a week you had everything that being said the game became very empty and just with people in specific areas afking and pvping all day that for me kills the game its very dull and destroys the ideia and the concept of the mmorpg.

    i will be honest about the complains and ''crying'' you are having verdant people always try to find something to complain even when theres nothing wrong about its ridiculous really it seems they are never pleased a lot of people are used to play a lot with the old system that when they see something different being worked on they just think its hard or cannot exist its all about habit and conformity since the old system was more easy compared to the new one people get too emotional without reason because they want to conform themselves inside the easy method thats it instead of focus in the important matters and when people give up to emotions they become blind and when they become blind they become insufferable they just lack a bit of gratitude they are just being ignorant by what you are achieving with this project dont let this get over you head not to mention people usually like easy stuff most people like easy and fast and dont want to strive a bit thats the issue so you always get these type of people around being victims of their own river of emotions.

    since at the beggining mmorpgs always was built and designed to be complex, hard and ''time consuming''(at least the old ones) look at anarchy online for example its a very old game with a complex system of gameplay and you loose lot of time to get ''op'' there even the UI are complex there you need to stop and think more instead of just braindead rushing.

    It's because we don't have the source code for the client we're on. We're moving toward working on a new client, but it takes some time to get there. If I just flipped a switch and we all went to the new client to stop the w10 freezes, you guys would hate it, because of all the other bugs. We're getting there, but there are still a few things to take care of before we're ready to work on the new client. If I leave things as they are now to work on the new client, you guys will be pretty bored while I do it, so I want to get a few more features/systems online in the game before we start work on the new client, so you have something fun to do in the meantime

    sure i totally understand what you mean no worries do what you have to do with no pressure take your time.

    The reason for this is cause we are still using 1.0 client that the win10 have issues with to accept so until we get 2.0 client there is no 100% fix so be patience like everyone else is and wait for the 2.0 client

    oh so that explains the issue thats what i wanted to know the source of the problem i am patient and i am being patient it was just for the sake of curiosity.

    I dont know why so many times players ask for day/night mode (as often as for new transforms). I like when its day only and night when shenron is summoned, but its only my opinion. I dont like night in games so much. Also i like that there's night in specific places like "Dark Namek" map. Makes unique atmosphere.

    in my opinion it seems very superficial just day everytime seems nonsense for me and i like atmospheric stuff.

    i agree that would be totally awesome the game would become more immersive and atmospheric that is for sure would give dbog another face and feeling for an example some games like moonlight blade or age of wushu have certain types of events when some weather is triggered by the game like if is raining too heavy at night or its foggy they put a specific event to happen that would be damn cool if dbog could pull this off and add this system to the game i mean the game itself already have something similar when people call shenlong the sky gets very dark and this mechanic is very cool so i assume its not impossible to do that for example if the rain its too heavy and its happening at night time we could have some worldboss spawning at specific place with specific drops that only this worldboss have or i dont know maybe put some rare mobs to appear at this specific time or put some new dungeon that only could be done at this time and so on the possibilities are endless i really think dbog should do that if you stop to think about it its something so basic to have on whatever mmorpg to give immersion and feeling of that the time is really passing its really strange play in a mmorpg world where its day everytime or night everytime for me at least the details can make the difference but i really doubt that would be done like this year it is something far a way to happen unfortunately but still a good ideia to put into perspective.

    i know that is nothing new for everyone here mainly people who uses windows 10 like me its been here for a while and i thought that had been fixed but unfortunately no i tried using the ''fixes'' there in the discord but all of them not work at least not for me the problem still happening every like 30 sec to 1min the game freezes a bit them go back to normal i even turned off antivirus at the first few 30 minutes you can deal with it but after you been playing for like 2 hours or so it starts to annoy you even in battles with the npcs sometimes can disturb. Something i dont understand is why its so difficult to solve this issue? why is this is issue is not fixed yet? what cause this issue to happen? its something that can daunt new players off the game no one wants to downgrade your windows just to play one game i have a wild guess that all the players that are online playing is using windows 7 or xp.

    Czarpos' Mods Thread His best work was the roshi gi retex and the invisible gloves mod, issue is they are outdated, i'd do it myself but the issue is the links are completely dead so you can't download any of these. Does anyone even still have them?;(

    i agree, it would be nice to see these old outdated mods being worked on to be compatible with latest versions of dbog,also i always used the invisible gloves mod from czarpos back in the day i still have the files here from the invisible gloves but its not from czarpos its from some other guy called guantes he did a fix to work on the dbog at that time(if im not mistaken it was back in 2018) but nowadays this same mod is now outdated if you use with the latest version it messes up with your armor. So here you go the files that i found on my computer i can send it to you heres the link:…oves_-_Guantes_Invisibles

    i want know if there is a way to make a invisible gear mod i know you can turn off the helmet and the costume in the options and there is a mod for gloves and weapons but didn't find for the other parts

    actually there was one mod that let your gloves be invisible i used always back in the day unfortunately its very outdated nowadays i have this mod here on my pc i think this mod dont even exists anymore around here but i tried to use it in the latest version of dbog and dindt work the mod messes up with your armor and dogis instead of removing the gloves removes all your armor too so its very strange i have no ideia why no one came along to update this mod or make another one that works the same way not only for gloves but for other parts of the armor too if im not mistaken theres a way for you to edit the files in the notepad++ and for example remove your weapons and helments(i actually did that a few years a go) but i forgot how to do that i might need to search again for this tutorial its been a while since i did this method. :/

    Hi to get rid of the white item slot you need Verdant to do it for you so i recommend you to make a ticket about this and he will fix it for you

    before doing that recommend you to completely reinstall the game delete the folder and start fresh just incase there is some file you are missing if not then make a ticket here

    it was because my launcher was outdated when i did a fresh reinstall solved the problem thanks for the attention,the white square now is gone on my inventory it was just a new cool dogi.

    sadly ur game files are corrupted or outdated, do a fresh re-install ( and if u have anti virus or windows defender) turn them off when u start the DBO installer, soo u dont broke any filles and when u using launcher to update game , and it will be fixed ^^

    yeah thats right my launcher was outdated. i did that i reinstalled the new launcher version from the links on discord its all working fine now many thanks for the attention.

    A lot has changed, actually. There are new events, new farming systems, new anti bot/anti speedhack, new items in the shops, new dogis, new founder rewards. We've removed some RNG, and fixed a lot of bugs. Have a look through the patch notes if you like, we've been pretty busy. Patch Notes

    As for 2021, things look pretty good. We're the biggest project right now, with a lot of good changes coming soon. We're enabling a few more systems, revamping all the events, moving to the new client, balancing quest/mob xp/zeni rewards, and doing some pvp reworks this year, along with about a million other small changes to make things better for you guys.

    well thats good to know that things are going nice in 2021,anyways its good to know that someone steped up to do some changes for the better this game deserves more that is for sure. but still talking is easy right then lets see how all this stuff is gonna work along the way time will tell.

    im having some trouble after i open that CBT box theres a item that is a white square that appears that have no icon when i hover over the mouse in it my game crashes and gives me this message after but the game works fine it just crashes when i do that i have no ideia why and when i press the first option it tries to connect to something but fails my client last time i downloaded it was years a go like 2018 or something if not mistaken i dont know if this have something to do with this but still (no ideia if i need to download again) how i fix this problem?


    its been a while since last time i played DBOG so a little of a background history of mine i came back and left several times along the years and the game was the same always not many people around and most of players was high lvl just gathering around to do pvp around or being AFK all the time and also lots of bots around i remember tried to go all around the game and didnt saw a single soul doing quests i actually found people around low and mid level yes but it was hard back in the day it was very hard find low and mid lvl people or a group to help doing the dungeons/quests i remember one time i met 2 guys/girls that was around the same level as me we was trying to find some powerfull people to help us out because we could not finish ourselves we sat there all day waiting and calling for people to help us all we saw on chat was people selling and buying stuff i came to thought that people actually was ignoring us for some freaking reason it was very nosense for us at the end of the day without sucess we disbaned the group and left to do our stuff and after a few days from this day i left the game for good it was boring as f*ck so i remember back then daneos was still running the show and things was not looking too good to the game so after a while i checked out that daneos was leaving the project then i said for myself thats it its the end for this game but now in 2021 it seems a lot happened since that day after what i saw around the forums that someone new is running the show trying hard to revive this game at all costs and thats what i want to know how the game is nowadays? if theres many people online and whats changed in general? if theres any plans to add new maps,contents,skills,classes and etc...?

    Will only ever return to DBOG if banned accounts due to chargeback are reactivated.

    Anyone with a sane mind would have charged back their donations after realizing the server was designed as a greedy scam.

    50-60% of player base decided to quit and charge back because this game's purpose was to fund Daneos personal finances rather than improving upon the DBO experience.

    Any DBO private server attached to global will fail because nobody will donate to a project with a shady history.

    Unban chargeback players, rework cash shop/ game mechanics and this server with flourish in population and thrive in popularity again,

    EXACTLY! you said it i realized that long a go one of the reasons that i left back in the day,smart people left ages a go i knew this would happen sooner or later daneos only got profit in all this mess he left the players with false hopes trying to find one where theres none i am sure this private DBO server will not go forward any longer it was delayed too much these desperate people trying to recover dbo will only met disappointment it will all be in vain will only delay the the inevitable like you said not much people will care about a private server with a shady history so for all you guys trying to recover this sh*t hole forget it do yourself a favor and move your life accept the fact that the game died (nothing lasts forever) and go play something else theres a lot of nice mmorpgs out there.

    i will be honest and realistic dont waste you time getting your hopes up waiting forever for dbo to get better because it will never happen i doubt this game will survive daneos already left the game to the wolves even if someone try to replace him with new promises it will not get better it will only prolong the suffer of the playerbase the smart people left long a go like myself i played this game before unfortunately i never had a chance to play the original but i played years a go this new version it was way before this testserver going live i had nice moments back in the day it was good while it lasted but since the beginning i knew this would happen sooner or later it was obvious i left the game before end game because was pretty dead and boring no one really help you to the dungeons(at least in my moments inside the game got a very few people to do stuff) the ideia of having a db mmorpg is pretty tempting the ideia was great but the game not so much they could done better with this game you can enjoy this game but get boring pretty fast i doubt they will add new stuff like skills,moves,animations(the most they can do is add new locations) and so on since the engine are so old and limited so people will get stuck in a never ending loop with the same stuff over and over the mods can help a bit but in the end cannot compensate the issues(since most are just a reskin) anyways summing up i recommend you move your life forget dbo and play something else theres a tons of awesome mmorpgs out there that have martial arts themes.

    really nice great job digging deep inside the files folder so now we can have a guess or ideia how its gonna be...i wonder about the evolution skill icons lets just hope they can balance that at least is some ''positive'' news that we will have other SSJ transformations.

    also lets hope that they can give us a cool and nice transformation effects and animations if they implement the rp recharge mechanics like this dbo have then will be cool,but as the gameplays on youtube shows looks like will be tab target system its really a shame would be more cool if it were full action combat more like black desert or blade&soul and along with flying skills that would be very sick to see.

    about the dogis they all look awesome and neat very well made...hmmm i wonder about this training system how its gonna work lets see if they can surprise us with this system.

    looking at this map does not give me the impression that it will be open world(i might be wrong game still in progress)like this dbo i see no point to make a fly system if the game is instanced well that sucks if it will really be instanced if yes there is a low chance that they will put flying system anyway its too soon to judge something about this new db game all that we can do is guess and imagine for now.