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    So lv 50 with 100000 of strength, with the clothes of my lvl +5, some tip to be able to gain more strength I want to be stronger than this I see many with double in my lv, only of the human race ... :|

    NPC bug not in place, and I don't know where ta is gone ... ... something curfew missions this buggy, you reap and don't count on quest, all my missions so it's been 2 days with this problem

    Space has that the issue is that I kill them and not the item, they are the SUPER bug yet they need to kill 1 time so they usually drop in the first death, I'm killing him already 5 times more

    I'm trying to do the missions of spoon some mushrooms, or kill some bugs they have to drop something to be done, but the game they didn't drop the buggy ta item you need crops that do not add up to quest ... ^^