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    As title says,i cant handle this many bots without get banned,too much trash in the game,drop rate of stones sucks SO BAD atm(i hope it will get fixed in open beta)..I mean for u70's,not the lowest stones which you can get inside the UD'S..i did so much work in the game i grinded all the day and get almost nothing..prices at AH is so fked cant develop you character if you are not bot cant handle this situation at these prices..I am angry more about the drop rate of stones..THATS THE KEY for the no-cashers to make money and unfortunatelly you dont give us the chance to make some progress in the every mmorph you can make progress if you play a lot even without spent a cent,but here even for 10 hours grind you cant make progress,thats killing me..Although in know this is pre open beta,but drop rate of items and stones would be one of the most important things to fix,i bet daneos is going to fix at the last update before open beta comes..Because he get benefits of that..You know,no stones dropped,more people are cashing,thats good luck all..

    Totally agree. This is the main reason why I quit too. It's clear that Daneos wants this; more cashers is only better for him.

    I have 1 billion zenni from legit grinding and haggling (buying/ reselling dogis etc), which I accumulated several months ago. Now? you can hardly buy one piece of decent gear with 1 billion xD It's sad to have done all that hard work legit, while now it all goes down the toilet as it amounts to nothing.

    But yeah, peace, dude. I don't blame you one bit for leaving.

    Ok, to make my point I would like to present a visual example instead of writing a huge daunting wall of text first, ok? xD Just watch a good 30-ish seconds of each linked video, if you will:

    Take a look at this:
    Then compare to this:

    ^Is it just me, or does a freaking Ps2 game, with slightly higher res textures and higher overall native resolution look WAY better in contrast to a "modern day" cartoony styled game like Yooka-Laylee? I'm not trying to downplay the latter game right now, as it looks really fun, but I find it mind boggling how we have come so far in graphical technological advancement, yet a nearly 20 year old game looks more appealing to the eye than something current... I just find it both astonishing and disturbing at the same time.

    The colors, the character models, the environments: they all just POP out and look jaw-droppingly amazing on Kingdom Hearts, but with Yooka-Laylee, there is this thick muddy-looking "HAZE" pervading the entirity of the world. And this type of thing isn't exclusive to merely Yooka-Laylee either. Just look at other cartoony "colorful" games like Legend of Zelda BoTW and Ratchet& Clank (ps4). These games also have this weird haziness that mutes certain colors and creates an overall unattractive aesthetic which clashes horribly with the cartoony assets. To my knowledge, these atmospheric particle effects require not only more CPU/GPU performance to pull off at a decent frame-rate, but also require significant time and effort on the developers part in order to properly implement i the game. Why would these people put effort into making the game look WORSE, when by removing these elements, colors would look crisp and clear, and just plain orgasmic to the eyes? I understand many devs will add hazy effects like this to make the game #1 look more realistic, or #2 hide graphical imperfections like low poly character models or lower than ideal draw distances, among other things. But if an old ass game like Kingdom Hearts proves anything, its that these concerns are completely in vain for cartoony games, as the lack of these graphical effects seems to ENHANCE to the look instead of detract from it.

    dragon ball super is the bext example that even with 1$/hour student animators you still have lots of people buying the anime and overhyping it.

    Support anime studios like P.A. Works.

    ^Do sane people actually buy Dragon Bull Shit? Jesus.... And how the bloody hell could they possibly find something to "overhype" in such a series!? It is lunacy!

    I swear, in the past 10 years the world has turned upside-down. Next thing you know the Ant-christ will make his first appearance -.- And then the pigs will grow wings and fly out of hell due to the frigid climate!

    It is already too late to stop it completely, that would mean video sharing over the internet should be put to a halt.
    It was great to share videos of yourself to the community with little effort but of course some think it's ok to post videos even while they did not make it (copyright fam?). Humanity will always be below the level of moral the instincs of animals.

    Video sharing should be helpful in preventing the creators from receiving any payment for their subpar work though. Would that, you know, HELP with the situation we are speaking of?

    The point is:

    • #1) Make sure the animation studios know WE do not approve of their laziness
    • #2) Stop supporting these companies financially
    • #3) Watch as the anime industry crumbles
    • #4) Wait for new animation studios to crawl out of the wreckage and right all the wrongs of modern day anime studios, namely the lack of integrity and half assed animation

    I would highly suggest everyone who loves anime to NOT support these companies and LET THEM KNOW WHY on social media outlets. Other wise they might assume their waning profits are due to some other irrelevant factor -.-

    We don't pray to walls but to god ^^ ( i 'am not sure but i think it is a jew tradition ) ^^

    Obviously people are stupid. If they were being taught how to pray in the Muslim fashion, they would all need to be facing in the SAME direction. -.-

    But the "tornado drill" is also complete bs as this would not protect the kids in the event of a tonado, but it would put them in FURTHER danger potentially causing severe cervical spinal damage... I don't understand why everyone on BOTH sides are such fucking retards

    That's the thing, because they know we will buy it anyway. Nostalgia can be good but it has to be balanced out with new content. Right now 90% of all the anime/cartoons of this day rely too much on nostalgic feeling without even comprehending the fact that you need to rely on new principles to become greater for the audiance that grew up with them (since most of the reboots and anime as DB super was directed for those pple that grew up with it). Instead they tried to gave us too much of the old feeling what db supposed to be with the flaws of the series (power levels were a joke, the animation has even gotten more bad than it used to be and the new characters that got introduced get completely overshadowed by goku again).
    Right now Dragonball super can be called Goku's adventures, this worked for dragon ball series since goku was a kid, everything was new the story telling was way better and the characters development was way deeper then the one in DBS. I would more likely wait 2-3 weeks to get a series with overall better quality.

    But then again, The community of today is so selfcentered that even bringing something out for the people only is done if it is an assured profitable in a small amount of time for themselfs, the passion and selfcommitment seems to die bit by bit the further we "evolve" as a society.

    Well, I certainly cannot disagree with any of that, considering it is basically just an extension of what I stated in my post.

    The question is, what can we do about it? Most people I know already stream all their anime off random streaming sites instead of giving the creators any money. So whats next? Do you propose not buying any anime/ otaku merch based on these series either? Because alot of those anime figures are actually quite impressively crafted as opposed to the anime themselves.

    It's quite a vexation of the spirit. And then there's all those ignorant anime "fans" who go on Youtube telling everybody to "remember to support the studious by purchasing blueray discs etc". I can't think of anything WORSE for the health of the anime industry. -.-

    I guess it is because we're buying their crap.

    ^One of the reasons I flat out REFUSE to support the bullshit companies shove down consumers' collective throats. Same thing goes for sell-out videogame companies like Nintendo who milk fans for nostalgia (aka milk their successes of the past) in order to get people to hand over their cash for sub-par gaming experiences!

    It's a sad state we live in where fans will actually go out of their way to defend mediocrity and call detractors "entitled" or other nonsense in order to inhibit propagation of negative reception of a certain work, whether it be animation, videogames, etc.

    If these companies know we will buy whatever crap they give us, there is plainly no reason for them to make any attempts to improve! >.<

    Because it is too expensive for a normal anime and no studio want to take the risk. Also I think the animation studios have lots of pressure due to time.

    I know this is the case for MANy animation studios, but why is there not a SINGLE one that shows some level of integrity in their end product? I get the cheaper ones having these issues, but big budget studios with more lenient deadlines are making the exact same mistakes :O

    Yeah, uh, Samurai Jack may be an awesome show, but it ain't anime, plain and simple xD

    ^That is not to say that American/ western animation hasn't become a shell of its former self. Just compare old timey cartoons like the old Tom & Jerry's or Looney Toons to the static "Flash-trash" animation every show uses now. It is pathetic.

    just watch samurai jack, the new season is running. They still have their authentic and unique drawing style and their moral for every story, in terms of quality of story telling and quality of the series, this is one to be appreciated.

    The story has turned more with emotions and intelectual problems, wich gives it a nice touch for those who grew up with samurai jack to actually enjoy it and feel like they have aged with him instead of watching something with something too nostalgic and nothing new (i'm talking about DBS here).

    Yeah, uh, Samurai Jack may be an awesome show, but it ain't anime, plain and simple xD

    Maybe you're saying that because of Dragon Ball Super's Animation , Well , it's definitely getting better , but the only thing I know , is that usually Animation depends on the budget .

    Conclusion : It's all about the money bruh , all about the money !

    It's always been about the money though. Why were they able to animate well like 10 years ago, but now they can't do it no matter how big a budget they got? This isn't merely about DBS (i dont even watch DBS anymore) Just look at all the examples I provided above.