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    You forget that humans can match namek LP.

    In POB most of fighters used 20 con/50 resistance x2 rings and full con armor and props earrings and CON Dogi, matching base SK HP, since SK use %LP,%lp,con armors and mostly everything else props.

    Like I said, it not only it would help chef, it would help its party and I am sad to see that you are still stuck in "Korin Platform" set of mind, where people do not even give af about it. It is there to have fun when you are bored, nothing more.

    I think the grand chef needs more ways to improve his PVP, and no more ways to keep his friends immortal, that ideai from 23% to 40% would only be fair if it were applied to yourself only.

    And yes, I'm thinking about the arena because that's what gives us reason to grow in the game, or do you grow up and stay talking in kokkara?

    Let's get into the reality:

    SK LV70 with 1 piece 27 cons = 25k LP

    (Sk gain 80LP per con)

    Miraculous Cheering + Defense breath = 61con

    61x80 = 6180 + 25,000 ~ = 31080

    31k + 40% = 43k LP

    That I did not put the dragon buff.

    Now add ridiculous damage of human + set +12 on SK ~

    In short = Imbalance, I can not even believe I wasted my time trying to show the obvious.

    You know that this is how it works, no human full buff manages half the life of a sk full buff currently, even with items +14 (my case).

    Grand chef needs a rework on some useless buffs, not the increase in support.

    23% to 40%? Definitely not, the arena would be full of immortal namekus (more than they are with the current bufs) with 45k hp + lol

    Can someone tell me the benefits of creating a grand chef? other than being logged in to combine buffs with the ultimate.

    This class is bad at all, lol.

    no stun (useless candy)

    lots of useless buffs.

    less damage than the ultimate.

    farm less than ultimate.

    "aaah have a candy ball", okay, it does not have stun to keep your opponents standing while receiving the damage, and this lasts a lot compared to the ultimate, disrupts the farm, has a lot of coldown.

    Grand Chef needs rework.

    remove multi-client = 80% of the grand chefs disappear from the game.

    Would it be possible (on the day of the reset) to delete the characters below the lv30? Many fools at the beginning of the server created characters with good names that many would like to use and then abandoned.

    For example: Jiren, this sweet thing got stuck in the 20 when everybody was lv60, that unfair :D

    Why did you have to limit the dende priest's paralyze? if we dende users, we are already fuc*ed when our opponent uses anti-paralyze, imagine now that the paralyze disappears with time .. it is unfair, because the paralyze completely disappears after using it 4 or 5 times.


    I would like to give some suggestions about the event and its requests. You can see that most of the orders are useless, like weak equipment that no one would pick up. Could they exchange those requests for things like dogi, titles, etc? "but if you have dogi on the orders, many will use the same dogi, making them nauseous." What if you create a system where certain requests are only made available by the number of invocations made on the character? for example ... title = have made 30 invocations .. dogi = have made 50. the event would become more interesting, grateful.


    I'll come up with some arguments as to why I was disappointed with this new dbhunt model. I am not informed about the changes because I am not following the forum, I just came here to express my opinion about the past event.

    :!:# 1: The new model sets players in a single place, killing mobs and waiting for about 5mins to be born, at the same ridiculous drop chance and in danger of some thief taking advantage and stealing some mob of yours. In short you lose 5mins standing while you have the same ridiculous chance to drop, and even if it were raised, it would not help, why? :/

    :!:# 2: Why "Farmers" will not benefit so well. If the guy spends 2h (or more depending on the changes you make to the players to waste more time) killing mobs to drop, pick up items and sell, you'll have a job to get in the inventory picking up and throwing the "Black Db" out X/

    :!:# 3: Clearly a large majority of players did not like the new model, rather than increasing DBhunt's time to make us lose more time, they should return the old model. If you want to improve the event increase the number of mobs with balls, for the amount of players in the event, it was very little .. If you want to increase the time of DBHunt, increase in the old model. :thumbup:

    LooooooooooooL 8o , if where you take so many equips legendary +15 ????? Daneos withdrew the notification when someone puts +15 :thumbdown: ?, Because I do not see it anymore, how do you sprout items with 33% critical and 1 hit hate? I've seen 30847830743 players with this stats, THIS IS A PROMOTION? ?(:?::?:

    1. Chinese appearing with weapons +15 (and no one ever notice anyone putting +15) besides I have already seen 8 fighter sticks in the equipment of the Chinese exactly with the same effect (33% +15 1 hit hate ) Now I ask you, have you seen notice of people placing +15? I do not, players are sprouting from the ground with weapons +15 with the same effect, I suspect it's cloning item.
    2. I already raised this topic here in the forum, somebody developed some type of hack to generate money, this explains the imbeciles putting dogi at an absurdly high price (600kk, 1kkk, 900kk..etc) because always these hackers buy these dog, And you can see that, in the 3 days that I followed the auction, only 6 dogs were left on every day I saw the auction, what happened to the 800kk 900kk 1kkk doggies? The guy basically took off the auction in 2 hours he put it? No, there's no denying it, players have said that they put dogi's for 500kk and in 2 minutes it sold out, that's pretty much the game's economy, and the Chinese are the most suspicious in that, since they spend 24hrs testing glitchs on the fucking server.