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    You forget that humans can match namek LP.

    In POB most of fighters used 20 con/50 resistance x2 rings and full con armor and props earrings and CON Dogi, matching base SK HP, since SK use %LP,%lp,con armors and mostly everything else props.

    Like I said, it not only it would help chef, it would help its party and I am sad to see that you are still stuck in "Korin Platform" set of mind, where people do not even give af about it. It is there to have fun when you are bored, nothing more.

    I think the grand chef needs more ways to improve his PVP, and no more ways to keep his friends immortal, that ideai from 23% to 40% would only be fair if it were applied to yourself only.

    And yes, I'm thinking about the arena because that's what gives us reason to grow in the game, or do you grow up and stay talking in kokkara?

    Let's get into the reality:

    SK LV70 with 1 piece 27 cons = 25k LP

    (Sk gain 80LP per con)

    Miraculous Cheering + Defense breath = 61con

    61x80 = 6180 + 25,000 ~ = 31080

    31k + 40% = 43k LP

    That I did not put the dragon buff.

    Now add ridiculous damage of human + set +12 on SK ~

    In short = Imbalance, I can not even believe I wasted my time trying to show the obvious.

    You know that this is how it works, no human full buff manages half the life of a sk full buff currently, even with items +14 (my case).

    Grand chef needs a rework on some useless buffs, not the increase in support.

    23% to 40%? Definitely not, the arena would be full of immortal namekus (more than they are with the current bufs) with 45k hp + lol

    Can someone tell me the benefits of creating a grand chef? other than being logged in to combine buffs with the ultimate.

    This class is bad at all, lol.

    no stun (useless candy)

    lots of useless buffs.

    less damage than the ultimate.

    farm less than ultimate.

    "aaah have a candy ball", okay, it does not have stun to keep your opponents standing while receiving the damage, and this lasts a lot compared to the ultimate, disrupts the farm, has a lot of coldown.

    Grand Chef needs rework.

    remove multi-client = 80% of the grand chefs disappear from the game.

    Stop the vote, give us the launcher. We have to test the server first .Lets see it and then we'll tell you if its worthing the wipe. After all we are gona play it, no? If its worthy the wipe you'll have my yes, i promise. Until then i vote no.

    Already have enough votes to reset, the server test will be ready soon and we will test. After testing we will have the original server again, clean.

    maybe another 2 or 3 months to get it all done.

    I think you misunderstood, the present will be given to those who reach the lv70 on the official server (after the test). It would be stupid to release the lv70 on the official server and after a month reset the server.

    Unless they release now for testing, but I think we'll have a test client soon.

    Or to make sense: Release the lv70 in a specific month just to try to get lv70, for who wants the gift growing from 60 to 70 in a month.

    well i won't bro , i can't imagine how naif are people so what the game will gonna bee all good after doing thing aka a restart , the problem is obviously the daneos method dealing with the server devlopment 1 year at cap lvl 60 and then you get a reset is this a joke it should bee actually once i saw the post i thought it was an april prank , but it looks like serious , how i'am i supposed to beleive daneos it took him 2 years to launch the BETA , from POB TO OB 2 years then when OB came out he acctually confirmed that we won't have any RESET IN THE FUTURE and i thought he was serious for once but acctually i was wrong .. , i feel so bad about how this project turned .... for everyone who cashed to support this game i think they should get back there monney cuz it's like a scam ..

    Let's take one last chance, they are betting on these new improvements, I do not think the players will approve another future reset, they just agreed because they know the game is incomplete.

    This basically for me as well. I dont mind a wipe but on the flip side, I dont want to lose my Vegito dogi and super saiyan. Super Saiyan can be gotten again yes but that Vegito dogi is nearly impossible with the prices

    prices? the game will be cleaned, the economy will clear and the dogs will be sold at 5kk-10kk, collect money and buy fast.

    In favor of the wipe: "If the server becomes better and has bugs fixed, they can carry my char, the game is dead and I can not wait to play with weekly updates."

    Against the wipe: "It took me months to get lv10 and you come to talk about reset? The game is dead for those who are dead, I'm alive and having a lot of fun.

    yea it doesnt count cuz i lost my forum account

    but wouldn't it be more fair if he gives the zeni dogis,ssj,db buffs etc.. (no gears) back to the non cashers as he gives back cash to cashers

    wouldn't it be more fair?everyone will be happy for that

    or at least remove everything expect level,everything will be taken off but name and level will stay

    I don't know, it's the cashers who leave the server online for the non-cashers.

    It's a shame, but the game was already dead, so the majority vote will be the decision ... ah, and your vote does not count.