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    like how to get rp ball though im confused

    Hi Seniorfluff,

    You get RP by first acquiring the skill allowing you to charge RP, called 'power up' which is a passive ability. This skill is obtained through time leap quest or through the cash shop/token shop. Alternatively some classes have skills that give them RP balls, and there are RP potions that also give this.

    You then need to charge RP by pressing the 'Z' key and then you gain an RP ball. Once you have RP ball you can use it for skills, which can do a variety of effects:

    • Increase skill power (increase the damage)
    • Reduce the cooldown of the skill
    • Increase the duration (if it's a buff/debuff)
    • reduce EP
    • Guard Break

    I hope this helps! Thanks for posting the question on the forum!

    Hi Aramorth,

    In my opinion I don't really like the false super saiyan idea and hope it never makes it's way to DBO GR.

    The reasons for this are:

    • False super saiyan isn't canon and isn't recognized as a form throughout the manga
    • You are only taking into account saiyans, but what about majins and nameks? It wouldn't make sense to call it 'false super saiyan' as they can't achieve this state
    • This suggestion is too complex behind the mechanic, with how it operates
    • The developers would be better off working on more known, popular transformations (SSJ 2, Super Buu, Orange Namekian) etc over this.

    I appreciate the time you took to think out the suggestion though, but yeah it just doesn't make too much sense to me because of the reasons I listed above.

    When a fish spawned, I asked people for help on the trade chat, then they came to my place immediately. I thought only dende and fighter have the teleport skill, but I was not even their friend. So I was wondering how come people could directly teleport to my location. Is there a item or command for teleportation?

    A fighter or dende can teleport directly to you if they add you to their friends list. On DBO, friend list is not mutal. You can add someone as your friend and they don't know about it.

    If it wasn't a fighter or a dende, then it could have been yardrat memory item (which you can save locations to and teleport using that item) or NPC teleport.

    Hello everyone, I've recently launched a website dedicated to tools, and while most of the pages are functioning properly, some of them are displaying a 404 error. I'm not sure what the issue is, so I was wondering if anyone here would be able to assist me in resolving it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Hi georgebush15!

    I hope this isn't a bot account..

    I don't think this is the right place to post this! If someone is willing to help it's best to post the thread in other (off topic) section of the forum, as this isn't general discussion related to dbo. I'm also not sure if people here can really help you, as I don't think a dbo community is the best place to get website help - there are many other avenues with more experienced people who would be able to help you online. Also youtube and google are better places to start where you can work out how to solve 404 error. There's so many different things it could be and since none of us here know the back end of how your website is set up, it could be others.

    Best of luck to get the hope you need.

    Kind regards,

    The only concern I have with this suggestion is that knowing the limited resources the team has in terms of development staff, and limited time, it just simply isn't viable or feasible at this point in time.

    There is so many more priorities for the team to add in, and when they do get to map development, they would be better off making the unfinished majin map which is in the game files a priority, or restoring sky dungeon. Actual DBO content is more of a priority than modded content.

    Again, as emphasized by the team and Verdant multiple times, he can only start doing more creative things once client 2.0 is worked on and released. Until we get things like that, then I don't think we will.

    Also not to mention we have been stuck on the Christmas map for 3 months now going on 4 months.

    I understand you've acknowledged this is simply not possible, and I do like the idea overall. Hopefully one day this can happen. It would be cool to integrate an idea similar to this but with more a Dragon ball focus, such as making a tournament of power event on that map and 6 guilds with 10 people each get to enter and PVP.

    Can yall check my ticket, I need to change my game account email and it's sort of urgent, thanks in advance.
    (btw why can't I change it myself? it's weird that I have to write a ticket for it)

    It would be good if people could change their emails themselves, I think this would help the team out and reduce the amount of tickets being made. Every other account you make online you can change your email, so I don't get why here we can't.

    Welcome Kukini!

    It's never too late to become a DB fan! Awesome you were able to find out about this game and join the community, hope you have fun and if you need any help just reach out and ask.

    Hi Lyyne,

    Well it's been good to get to know you over these past few months. We started off as friends, and I saw your helpful nature to always anyone in the community, new or old, which made me interested and want to join your guild Untraveled. Unfortunately our journey was cut short because of a youtube video I made and you kicked me from the guild, but regardless, we were able to still remain on neutral terms on the forum and discord despite what happened so I appreciate that.

    I know this journey too well, leaving a project especially when you've put so many hours into it and then leaving on bad terms (take it from me, heh*cough esdeath cough*) but honestly the best part is there is some people who you've helped a long the way, still will remember your gesture and what you did for them.

    Thanks for your help, honestly really appreciate the time you took. I know one day you'll be back in the community full swing, because let's face it no one really quits forever in DBO, people go their separate paths but eventually end up back here. On another name, in another time, or maybe in a few months.

    Hopefully someone else can rise up while you are away to help out. I trust the team will make the right decision whoever that will be.

    Peace out, and let's catch up again sometime when all of this has blown over.


    Sorry for double post but I just wanted to say the following:

    So for those who missed it, Verdant made an announcement:

    Hey Everyone,

    I know recently you probably saw the announcement about attempting to keep my DM's open and funneling everyone who needs help to the ticket system. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have had the effect I was hoping for, and in fact I'm getting MORE messages than before. It's with a heavy heart that I have to close my discord DM's, so you guys won't all be able to message me anytime. We're just too big now, and I can't keep up with all the messages for help, and keep them organized. I'm sorry everyone, I really do love talking to you all, and I loved being available to you on discord, but you'll still be able to talk to me in the DBOG discord. If I removed you as a friend by mistake, please let me know and I'll get you added back! On the plus side, this means I should have more time to lurk in game and in general chat in discord, so you should see more of me there. In the future we're going to add some features to the ticket system and some discord integration/other tools to help speed up tickets. As always thanks for playing and supporting us! I have a pretty big update that should be ready for you guys in the next week, I think. See you in game!

    Thanks for doing this Verdant. I think this will really help the project in the long-run, and thanks for making the sacrifice for the community. A lot of us understand your position and know it wasn't an easy decision, honestly we were lucky you kept your DM's open for as long as you did. Thanks for making the tough decision and for taking on board feedback.

    Can't wait to see the future features and integrations to speed up tickets.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Team.

    I think party budokai needs to be reworked where the amount of teams is reduced. It should be only 8 parties and not 16.

    There are many reasons why I think this needs to happen:

    • Second place never received second place title, they receive third in a top 8 party situation
    • There is never enough parties formed for top 16 (It's usually 8 parties)
    • There is no prelims - it's always a free win.
    • If there is 9 or 10 parties, then the parties on the other side of bracket just need to fight 1 match or no match up until second place, which they did not really work for title.

    I understand the interface will need to be reworked, and that this suggestion might fit under 2.0, however it would be cool if we could accommodate this event to suit the playerbase. If the playerbase magically increases then top 16 should return but for now I think top 8 makes the most sense.

    Thanks for listening to my suggestion!

    Kind regards,


    As rude as it may sound, but in this case you will not help at all in the matter that people always DM Verdant. The only solution to this is - Verdant has to close the DM from everyone, but he won't do that because he has said that he likes to interact with people in person. Staff, MODS, Testers and everyone else - even if they write in their description about the ticket as you said, nobody will be interested, because people simply don't read, it will be easier for them to write personally. So here we are talking about nothing and what will never happen.

    Yes, they have always spammed and will spam. That's how people are and there's nothing you can do about it. But communication is very good and 80% of players will always help, answer questions and so on. As I mentioned earlier - the only way out is for Verdant to close DM. Not many people can understand that you can write a ticket and wait, because people can be busy. If there is an opportunity to directly write to the leader, they will do so, not thinking about everything, but only about themselves.

    Yes, I think he should close his DM's. Unfortunately, the interacting with the community comes with a price which is the situation that is happening now, where he has to make a plea and announcement to the community to stop. And yes as you said people don't read, which is why this will continue to happen until the staff and Verdant close their DM's.

    This is my point and I said this in my original post, that Verdant and all staff should. And I said I've been in the community for a long time and people don't change, as you've repeated my point.


    And you believe that a bug will be reported and it will be fixed immediately and a new patch released? Do you think such things will make the work of the staff much easier? Don't they have other jobs, lives and affairs to immediately react to the bug and fix it instantly?

    Where in my post, did I say that I believe it would be fixed immediately in the next patch? Don't make assumptions please and don't twist my words.

    My point is we can help Verdant by making a bug list. It doesn't have to be fixed right away, but it's making a centralized location for him. It's easier for a developer to do this, and is actually a standard in the industry. Study up on the bug fixing process of game development to further your understanding. Precisely right, they have jobs, lives and affairs where by implementing tracking like this will make their life easier. Which is what happened with Daneos.

    I have a list of bugs I'm constantly rearranging and working on, yes. Don't worry, I'll get it fixed as soon as I can. Right now I'm in the middle of something a bit more important.

    Thanks V. I just want to help to make sure that you are getting the most out of your helpers as a whole. We as a community need to be able to help you the most we can, and I know you are trying to fix things as soon as you can and are juggling between priorities. I'm just offering in my experience in where I think if people help centralize the bugs for you, in one place.

    In the ideal situation:
    Player makes message on discord about bug > they are told by staff to make ticket or staff gains information on bug > it is logged on trello/bugtracker for you to fix.

    Player B makes ticket on the same issue > mod / staff can then say it's been logged and noted for you to fix and close ticket.

    Those are how those tickets could be handled.

    Thank you Tempest for your opinions, evaluations and of course making sure that the doubts disappear. Obviously not all members have the initiative to ask questions, so I hope some doubts have been resolved somehow based on our answers.

    Several replies have been given over time, obviously also on discord (which over time went into history) but we have always been positive and happy to get feedbacks from players.

    However, if you have further doubts, feel free to ask here or around. It's good to see the forum is going to be active again:saint:

    Thanks Lyyne. And thank you for your help with the community and for always putting your time to help players. We are lucky to have you help us.

    The DBOGR operates differently as in the past. We have different plans,different ways to deal with things (depends of priorities) and criteria to help people around.
    Many things are planned and slowly we are adding into the game and staff.

    Indeed it is operating different to in the past. The server is now encountering a different set of challenges than previously, but honestly I see no other solution as I said in my original post because this community will be the same. It's been the same since dbocom (except back then there was no discord /direct line where people could message Citrinate).

    Sure, you might have different in-game plans, ideas, and executions, but we are talking about how we can help Verdant achieve this. And going by his post, it's not with the community sending him thousands of DM's every day. That's certainly not the plan according to his post, reading in between the lines here.

    - Related to Staff Members: Can be useful, and not. In the end they will always spam around channels and demand for quick solution(and its fine, we have a great and helpful community that helps eachother) also, they can use also the Search button above, because with a bit of search they will have also some answered problems that have been solved already. In this way they won't wait for a reply

    Sure, people will always spam channels and ask for help. That's not the problem here. The problem is people directly asking Verdant where it's spoiling the direct line of communication, disrupting his time, and not funneling issues into tickets where things need to be kept. People change discord names, there's a whole heap of reasons as mentioned in his thread.

    - On ticket system GM/Mods and Devs are already assigned and they deals already

    - We are already doing bug tracking and also thanks to the players.

    I'm aware you are already doing bug tracking and helping with tickets but I'm curious into how those bugs are being dealt with. What is your process after they are reported? Where are they kept afterwards so that they can be a list?

    For example here is a ticket I submitted of a bug:


    'Yeah it will probably be reworked later so that issue won't interfere with other players'. You provided an answer to my question, but what did you do after this bug report? Was it logged on trello or zoho bug tracker? At least pinned on discord?

    - As Verdant said, probably hence 2.0 is out there will be a public test server. For now we have enough qualified testers for it.

    I'm confused, I never said there needs to be more testers in this thread? I assume and am sure the ones you guys have are already doing their job, but regardless I'm looking forward to that day.

    Indeed the ticket response time is high because there is a lot in pending status or some on-going, but if people are doubling up on discord and spending time dming you then there is less chance those tickets will be answered due to dealing with discord messages from my understanding.

    Thank you for your understanding and for providing me with extra insights I really appreciate it.

    Hi Verdant and DBO community.

    I wanted to firstly start off I completely understand @Verdant's post, and really appreciate the honesty and transparency you have with the community. It's honestly a privilege we have as a community to be able to DM you. However with that being said, and after reading your situation and gaining more insights (and honestly I'm guilty like everyone else), I actually would like to make a counter request which is for not only yourself, but the entire DBO GR staff to close their DM's.

    The reason being, is I know this community and how it operates, and unfortunately I know this announcement won't be enough. Players will still continue to DM you regardless. I've sat on your side of the fence long enough before as game master for DBO G, and I was in the exact same position to the point where I closed my dm's. This was a system the old DBO G staff chose to do to help funnel all support requests to tickets. I know it works. And honestly, I'm guilty like everyone else, where I've dm'd you about things and thinking back I shouldn't have. After reading your post, I felt guilty because I knew I was one of the players who dm you about account issues I shouldn't have.

    From an end-game player perspective, I think this is the only solution, and honestly it will help the community the most as someone like me would love for you to concentrate on working on the game rather than dealing with over 9000 dms every day. We all value what you do for the server, the community and the time and effort you put in and we don't want that getting in the way.

    Additional suggestions to help the management of the situation:

    • All DBO GR staff members, testers, translators, edit your discord profile to contain "Have a DBO GR issue? Please create a ticket:". This is how you can help Verdant and save you from repetition and funnel more requests to tickets. Please see my discord profile as an example.
    • The following categories in the ticket system should be assigned to game masters, moderators, community managers and team leaders: Player Report, Account issue (support). bug issue.
    • I'm not sure how the staff is operating in the back end of things, but when I was GM I was assisting Daneos with bug tracking, where if a bug report was made I would test it in-game and put it on trello for him. This was surprisingly really effective, and how the staff can help Verdant.
    • End-game players, let's help in the new players helping players channel as much as we can. We have been around long enough and let's all play our part to help Verdant and the team out. Positing memes on discord can be fun, but honestly I'd rather help players first and post memes later.
    • Please provide a tech support voice chat channel on discord. I would like to go into voice chat and help provide technical support to those in the community that need help, and would even go the mile by blocking out time every week to help those. I'm happy to set up consultations/appointments and do live tech support so I can help players with their issues. All this is for the end-goal to try reduce tickets.
    • The average response time for tickets is currently 8 days 12 hours 20 minutes as of making this post. Let's help Verdant respond to tickets, rather than discord messages so we can shrink down this time.

    Thanks everyone for your time to read and looking forward to the positive results we can bring for DBO GR. I'll try to think and implement more solutions for the team over time and thank you for everything you do.

    Kind regards,


    Dear DBO GR community,

    I would like to bring to everyone's attention that PVP win trading (selling your budokai wins) is not allowed on DBO GR.

    This means that if you are caught selling your budokai match to your opponent, you risk to be PVP banned from the game for 1 week.

    Today a player was caught by DBO GR staff for win trading, and in order to protect the integrity of budokai and it's fairness the DBO GR staff will be enforcing this rule. Any player from now on who offers Zeni for the win, please submit a ticket and report this player and remind them that this is no longer allowed.

    We as a community need to try to support the DBO GR staff to protect the integrity of the game and make sure it is fair for all. Let's make their life easier and be sure to PVP fairly and make sure that the wins earned are genuine. Today this was news to many people such as myself, as we honestly had no idea that win trading was not allowed (as it was a common practice to earn zeni back in DBO KR, TW and DBO G POB era).

    I would also like to remind everyone about the list of Game Policies. The DBO GR staff will edit this to page to contain Win trading being illegal for clarity for the playerbase as I've spoken about this with them today.

    Stay safe everyone and happy PVPing!

    Kind Regards,


    I never really got to play the End-Game and Poko seems pretty good when it comes to solo PVE at least, but you can forget it to find a nice party as poko becouse you get laughed at from the start and everyone sees you as a burden one dude even tried to charge me 100kk to play with them in a party.... I mean damn I get it its a grinding mmo but it's only a game man

    Can't say this surprises me. This is what will happen to pretty much every off meta class because this game is meta dependent, which is end game PVE and PVP. The only way to play poko for PVE is just solo as you said or if you find a chill group of people who don't care about meta and just want to have fun with their friends (and don't care about farming or making zeni).

    In this game people who farm and do dungeon runs do it for zeni/gear. And in order to do that they farm and value their time over someone who just wants to play casually with an off meta class. That's the reality of how DBO is and I've seen it happen time and time again. In DBO KR/TW when attack speed was meta for PVE. Everyone wanted to do dungeons with karma,SK,poko,dende, turtle, ulti. This was the ideal 'meta' party and every other class was shafted to the side. I had a lot of friends and people quit their off meta class as a result, where they quit the game altogether, changed to an alt, or just accepted the fact that they were useless in PVE to the point where they knew they wouldn't get chose.

    Which makes it interesting with Grinch's Post because if the changes were reverted, you would see KR/TW meta occur and there would be other classes in the position poko's are in now.

    Sorry to hear that happen to you though Elmaster. One day when 2.0 is upon us and balance is looked at I hope that's the day where those types of experiences won't happen to you.

    I like my Poko it's still fun in my opinion

    If great namek just would be a little bit more attractive speed wise and duration wise :)

    Poko's are fun but unfortunately they are probably the class in the game that has the lowest play/pick rate. They are completely out of the meta right now, to the point where anyone who bothers gearing the glass and playing it on an end-game level will either just do @changeclass and swap to dende or quit altogether.

    You don't play poko on an end-game level right now unless you genuinely just enjoy playing the class. They can't do anything, which is an unfortunate state for the part of the player base that is interested in this class right now. The end result? Posts like Grinch, where you can't blame him for having a passion for the class. But good on you Elmaster for sticking by the class and still having fun with it. Big respect. And good job to you too Grinch. Nice to see people have passion for an under powered class at the moment.

    Every poko player out there who reads this and have a passion for the class they will be looked at eventually when balance is looked at. For now unfortunately there is no other option but to wait or play something else in the mean time (if you are playing the game on an end-game level).

    Hi DBO community,

    I made this fighting game inspired DBO video. Been trying out some new editing tricks and am currently learning but wanted to share my creation with you all.

    I thought it turned out pretty cool and am looking to expand the character selection screen. Need to unlock some more characters but as we play through the game I'm sure I will. Put in a lot of easter eggs and this video was inspired by 2016 DBO G, and was inspired by @Zopee's Foreigner video.

    Hope you all enjoy it!