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    - have the bank shared in the account, because some classes are not so good for ccdg.

    - adjust the gain exp in the quest for the LVL 70.

    - put zeny option with cp points.

    I agree with these things but others make the game pretty easy imo. I think stone drop rate is fine. If you go 3-4 hours without purple or green you are doing something wrong aka not fast enough.


    since the administrators have not taken the trouble to not answer any question to whom we want to have not reset, at least have respect for that large number of people, and decide to speak when the vote is over, this account from the beginning was wrong done, it only favors cleaning, even you, the moderators influenced a lot in this process, they disappoint me, and I still hope that the deletion will not be done, since they will desepcionar even more to all that part of the community

    Sore loser lmao

    Are u Kidding ? Juste realize that there is no new players, or if it's the case they must be few ones. If wipe happens I just know that I will stop the game, because start again and again since TW in 2011, that TOO MUCH . I don't want to start over again. The game has always worked like that.

    when I read it I feel that a reset would be essential for every important update. Stop kidding and let the game alone. We don't want another fuucking wipe.

    If it's the case, for sure most of the old players will stop playing.

    AS for now I have 102 votes in my poll and it seems most people prefer to farm with Turtle and DW instead of afking on plat. Guess I was half wrong about this community :P

    Thats what i would like to do first. For PVP i prefer Fighter or Swordsman but before that i gotta have a good PVE/Farming character so i can farm get stone/zeni etc. Back in TW i had to struggle alot with my Fighter as first character.

    i know,i would happily support the game but sadly i cant cash from my country(can't use online shopping from here)for many reasons

    but i dedicated so much hours to this game cuz i rly loved it

    i know many others feel exactly like me

    do whats best for this game but dont lose players<38o

    I cant cash in my country and a f2p players aswell. Made 6 characters 60 and a one SK 46. All have respectable gears if not +15 and im still not here bitching about it and want a wipe. Just shut up and deal with it.

    HAHAHA. We obviously both invested time, but you have absolutely no respect for the time YOU invested or you royally screwed up at one point or another or just like to see the world burn. Me? I like them just the way they are and if things can get improved, and they obviously can, then lets start from there.

    Wipe is just an extreme and no extreme is good, ever.

    I did not screwed up but sure thing buddy

    No, sorry, you are whinny because some people cheated and got away with it. I busted my ass to get to a point where I am right now and I do not want to see it go. And yes, I am selfish for respecting my time invested in this game, unlike you, as well as my money. I bought CP to get starting money within the game that was as it is now, and I really have no use of CP in a ruined economy which starts from 0.

    Yes only you have invested time in this game and we havent did sorry for ruining your perfect character.

    Not every player has gotten their items in a legit way... What a joker! So screw everybody else because you few special snowflakes can't stand few exceptions which probably don't even play anymore as they got bored since they have nothing else to do. I for one don't care about them and am looking to get that cool +15 gear my own legit way. Thanks for voting for a wipe while screwing me and the likes of myself in the process while we're busting our ass off and are halfway through our goal.

    There two kinds of people here: some that cry and whine about some people having +15, and then there are others that do something about it (not voting for wipe, but actually picking up their sleeves).

    Dude everyone gets their item deleted. They are not going to delete yours only so stop being selfish and whiny. You can still try to get +15 legit way when wipe occurs.

    But here again: Take that "secret UD" in Red Map and remove the Mobs. Replace them with Papaya Island Mobs (the ones ppl farm at lvl 70). Problem solved. That Dungeon is useless anyways. Not many ppl use it, maybe no one. Just swap the mobs and done. The Dungeon is already there and swapping mobs is easier than turning open world locations into a Dungeon. In addition: You could make those mobs slightly harder to kill and just slightly increase drop rate inside that Dungeon. But not too much!!!

    Example with no relation to reality: Outside at Papaya Island you have 5% chance to drop a stone, inside Dungeon could be 8%...

    I hope this idea gets more recognition

    The one who getting the drops should be the one who does the most damage or the one first agros the mob. I met a lot of rude DW/SK players like that and its really annoying.

    the thread had a poll but ths poll was 49 for no chnages and i think 15 for shorter cd then the thread maker delete the poll xD

    I didnt knew that result mb about that i dont look at forum so often. I wish that 49 people would write why they wanted no change to Dragon Buffs.:/

    My main goal was get people to discuss about this why its a good option to buff the dragon buffs or make them stay the same.

    i love useless thread like that NOT

    we have a thread like monath ago and nothing happend so use search funktion bevor you make near the same thread likes others did

    Yes i used the search option and found the other thread you mentioned. But it only have 2 replies with no poll option. So i thought it would be good idea to make another one with poll(that attracts more people) so more people can discuss this.

    Hello i think Dragon Buffs need a rework. Please share your ideas. If they dont need rework in your opinion please share it.

    Edit: People who vote for Dragon Buffs staying the same please write why they should stay the same. Ty.