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    I get these lag spikes as well and it is not my computer cause I played on the Taiwan servers and played DBOG without any lag like that a long time ago. the player population is good and I like the way this version of DBO is turning out. even with that setting in launcher the lag is still quite annoying. it is the only thing stopping me from diving into this game for more then a hour. would love to play DBO for hours losing sleep over it like I used to but the lag needs to be fixed. looking forward to the new client.

    you dont lose a char they get a reset to lvl 1

    and if you have a char over lvl 30 you get a lvl 30 up item at the start

    I don't really mind the wipe that much but what about skill that we used the dragon balls to wish for? when I hit lvl 40 again will I be able to equip my super saiyan skill and HTB 2 skill right away or do I have to waste time getting the dragon balls all over again? kind of annoying if we lose skills we already earned from grinding for dragon balls.

    Namekians have always been the overpowered race. this imbalance has been going on since the Taiwan servers. it would be nice if something was done to balance out the races better but only pvp players care about that so it may be a low priority to change.

    the only reason for a change like this I can think of is to prevent players from summoning shenron over and over just to show off. however I don't think anyone needs to lose a dragon ball as this was never a issue in the Taiwan version of DBO. at the very least extend the wish time to 10 minutes and if player disconnect they can still make the wish if the wish time is not over. that way it gives players more time to decide on a wish, possibly make a wish if the disconnect is minor, or any other situation that may cause the player to lose some time.

    it would be nice to have more then one day a week to hunt dragon balls. the Taiwan version of DBO had hunting days at least 5 days a week for around 3 hours a day and it worked out just fine. they also had a notification thing at the top of the forums telling you how much time you had before the db hunt starts a few hours in advance and how long we have left to hunt while it was going on. something like that would sure help here.

    looking for any English guilds after the game goes open beta. I used to play the Taiwan version of DBO and have been missing the game ever since the shutdown but have not been putting much effort into DBO Global knowing the character wipe would happen when open beta comes. so I am searching for a guild that possibly has a discord group or something in hopes that it will motivate me to play this wonderful game again.