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    Today's budokai seemed successful, the brackets were fixed, names actually showed up on the final four, everyone got teleported without problems (far as i know) but there still a bug in the prelims, there was one person out of all of us we couldn't attack and idk if it was my shitty laptop or a bug but they were lag switching like crazy.

    Recorded on a potato enjoy . _.

    As the tittle suggests, I think it would be a good ideal to re-implement this system for events. If you don't know what the Web Depot system is or how it works, for example DBOG finally releases and Danoes decides to have a login event; login a certain many of times and you get a reward. so say first day you login you receive a " General Practice Capsule" witch contains EXP boost, Small LP auto pot and a Small EP auto pot, and the rewards starts to progressively get better. To claim the rewards you would have to login to the dbog homepage go to "Web Depot" and claim the reward, it will appear in the Cash Shop Inventory. Overtime it will look something like this.

    You do you guys think ?