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    Funny is that nearly 60% of the playerbase gained their equip with multi client bugs and so on and now after 60% got it so easy you bring up a big update which make it waaaaay more harder to get the same equipment for new people that is unfair. This update is just good with a wipe. Without a wipe its just crap for new players that will never get it that fast like they got

    If you cant do some mobs in the game solo, that means youre too weak. You get buffs from another player who plays buff char or you get better gear with killing mobs one by one. You should NOT be able to get another version of yourself to help you out on a spot. This is no i play 6 chars at the same time to kill everything game. Its an mmorpg

    I think you didnt got what i want to say its not about lvling or buffing myself lol.. its about account bind equipment..

    This changes are to big without a wipe.

    And i created 6 accounts every class on one account for using MC.

    Now you decide to take out the MC and put in account bind gear.

    So its crap for people like me who dont have many chars on one account

    First off many of us know that some players abused some bugs/exploits to get a bigger advantage against other players.

    The next thing is the prices right now are cancer for every new player.. even if they dont hit max lvl they cant effort themselfe anything without cashing.

    I played many games over the years and everytime a wipe hit the server the population rised. Because there are many players out there who normally want to play a game but wont start because the gap to end game is tooo big for them.

    I think we could controle this time where the server are going to be after a wipe not like this time where many players left game because they hit max lvl after some weeks.

    The best time would be with the 70 cap and some balance changes to finally make the last wipe and let us all enjoy the game

    I sell :

    - Arale's Cap

    - CC Engineers Outfit A

    - Saiyamans Helmet

    - Fortune Teller Baba's Hat

    - Future Trunks Gi

    - Android 18 Set 1

    - Angel Wings White

    - 30 Equipment Boxes

    - 5 Dogi Property Balls

    - 1 Rare Dogi Property

    - 6x Seal Coins

    Give Me Prices

    I see Poko as the younger, retarded brother of Dende. Basically Dende can do PvE as good as Poko + has easier time in 1v1 and is mandatory for 5v5 budokai while Poko is troll pick for 5v5.

    On the otherside its way cheaper to make decent Poko for PvE than Dende. Reason for this is Poko only needs highly upgraded speed staff + non upgraded speed gems to join any party. Dende has to have highly upgraded speed staff AND decent upgrade of speed scroll + highly upgraded armors (both phy.def and ene.def). If you wanna be top-tier Dende you also need anti-paral in case lame tank looses aggro on 90F supers + anti-fear accessory if mushrooms on floors 91-99 fear you.

    TL;DR Dende can do way more but also need to spend more money on items. Poko is cheaper but his possibilities are limited.

    okay thanks for such a detailed answer :)

    Hello guys I am looking for some players that are maining a Poko or a Dende

    because I want to know the positive and negative sites of each class.

    Poko was back in TW an often seen class but in this version I rarely see a Poko.

    So please give me some aspects of each Class - (I have already read the Dende guide from Badass)