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    It's the 3 character that I upload and I thought it would be the definitive for the erased ... I was playing right now because I'm about to be level 38 (for 3 times) and I've been with the 7 dragon balls for over 1 year. I haven't been able to play just this last year because of my job that took about 14 hours of my time... finally when I have a space to resume the game... I find myself with the deletion of characters... look, I understand it for the beta in its day but now, no doubt this will completely destroy the game like me... there will be thousands of people who do not want to play again is shameful....

    bye bye

    Actually,No wipe is the winner,chinese don‘’t have Forum account,so During the voting time, a large number of Chinese players just started to sign up for an account.In fact, there are 300 Chinese players who choose no wipe.

    There's another one.

    hello I would like to give my humble opinion is difficult to explore behind bugs and even more at levels more self, the right should at least give us command of level and items so we can explore the entire bugs of the game, there is no point in suffering to find bugs.


    I already reported several bugs but the ones of the levels more autos or of tmqs these things are difficult

    Como Jogo E para Reiniciar, Quer Dizer Ser Limpo e todos

    os personagens voltando ao nível 1 decidi postar esse tutorial

    Que fiz um muito tempo para o que faz o principiante









    G FOGO: thumbup:

    I already deleted the game, if the no win, i will download the new client and if happens a wipe, i will carry the photos of my chars as recordation and never play again, that is an similar situation of be exiled or baned from a game, that i liked a lot, and because of it i never forget about the comunity or the admins of the game, they are the reason for not to play dragon ball online, if you want some mmorpg and have the acc untouchable by others, to play something free, go and play some perfect world or tibia anything is better than this if this wipe happens.



    if even in 6 days they could not ultrapssate vote in "yes" because it thinks that mere hours this would happen? alias, you're already unbearable and I'm reporting for spammar in the forum. you are too young

    you vote your candidate for promises right?

    and another wipe won from the beginning now accepts not everything and as you wish I see you after cleaning


    since the administrators have not taken the trouble to not answer any question to whom we want to have not reset, at least have respect for that large number of people, and decide to speak when the vote is over, this account from the beginning was wrong done, it only favors cleaning, even you, the moderators influenced a lot in this process, they disappoint me, and I still hope that the deletion will not be done, since they will desepcionar even more to all that part of the community

    we live in a democracy and yes you won accepted .. we all know you will play after the wipe

    yeah only founders are happy cuz they will get CP back after they got scammed on wagu huh?tell me that i'm wrong if not

    gg danoes

    what a community,other games encourage players to play their game

    but DBO "just leave if you're not happy"

    a lvl 30 up,so trash, i lose thousands of hours playing for a lv30 up

    my founder package does not give me anything good and much less reinbolsa the cash bought, only thing that I get back 1k and 500 I bought cash and nothing else can not do anything with it
    my character gogo wipe

    Are u Kidding ? Juste realize that there is no new players, or if it's the case they must be few ones. If wipe happens I just know that I will stop the game, because start again and again since TW in 2011, that TOO MUCH . I don't want to start over again. The game has always worked like that.

    when I read it I feel that a reset would be essential for every important update. Stop kidding and let the game alone. We don't want another fuucking wipe.

    If it's the case, for sure most of the old players will stop playing.

    BYE ;)