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    leing , in any normal gaming community, everyone would welcome and support you regarding this.

    Still, it is too late for this, simply because most of people, including those in Chinese/Korean community, knew about most of bugs.

    They use them, abuse them and because of their selfishness, just to get advantage over other people, get high upgrade duplicated gear, bots on every corner in server, server died.

    Now, if everyone here come with honest and moral approach to the project and the game, report all bugs, suggest how to improve security of the game, it wouldn't be in this state as it is now, would it?

    Not to mention "special" kind of people who thought that they can "balance" the game so be it PVP and PVE and many other mistakes, that only helped that this project meets its doom.

    You can forget about that. Just wait for new DBO Hope. It will be here sooner than you think.

    But honestly, your character is not "confused" (as iceman said) if you can just cancel the effect of it / control him.

    Just to make this clear, I'm not planing to change confusion. I will do it the same as in TW. I just want to hear opinions.

    I did explain it and I also explain that under "confusion", even in real life, you are given the option.

    Will you act or stay idle, if you act it won't be something you wish for or want it, like I said, when you are confused or let say drunk or when you do not feel well, you will push around even your friends if you decide that you want to "act", or you can stay still, observe situation around you and hope that whatever got you, will pass soon.

    As Hagane already stated, confusion in game is already strong plus RP duration bypass the accessory, it have long duration and prevent many things. Sometime just standing there as "sitting duck" watching your friends dying is bad shit...

    Gotta figure something out for that. There's no reason for "random auto attack" if you can cancel it anytime with ESC. Then player/monster should just walk around without attacking anyone/stand idle (depending on situation). (Something like fear)

    You simply do understand meaning of those states.

    Confusion - uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required.
    Fear - be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful.

    Now when we clear that, you should know what action each of them would trigger to the person/player, in real life and in-game.

    Under confusion, you have no idea what you will do, it isn't like "I am confused and let me attack everyone around!".

    Still under confusion, in those situations, you are given the choice to act or stand idle and doing nothing.

    Still even under that influence, even when you would push around your friends, you would come to your sense enough so you would stop it and wait till that confusion in your head is gone enough so you know what are you doing and that is reason why that ESC exist.

    While under fear, like when you see bad ass dog, your body acts on its own and you run FROM THE DOG...

    I mean, I doubt that anyone who who is under fear, will go towards the danger, I mean sure there are some fearless people and that is why even under the fear in game there is chance for random movement that does not force player to run from the "object/person" that inflicted the fear.

    Guild that has been alive without Iceman in it. Besides, cringy description haha..

    It was made when I was teen with my friends years ago, in that time, in our minds, this name didn't exist anywhere and it was/is cool.

    I mean you can see those PW Clone guilds, even in DBOG. Heck even in DBS Pride Troopers are made cuz of us, I BET! ^^

    There is no risk with that guard gear, it has 750 base edef. Lol it's busted. And Sleep does get decreased with focus. All forms of debuffs/CC gets reduced with focus. Basically they're playing a tank as a glass cannon and get away with it because it takes no dmg either way after the nerfs to turtle crits.

    What's the problem with ultimates or karma? They're not fine but there's nothing to do about them unless you remove their overpowered skills then they become dogshit. It's just the buff to Focus reducing all forms of CC and debuffs is becoming way too strong on SK. Almost nothing lasts on them. Just my 2 cents on the whole bs situation where my sleep is reduced from 23 seconds to 18 seconds just from a full focus SK. The damage is ridiculous but the tankiness and the tenacity are much much worse.

    Maybe there is no risk on that gear here in DBOG even tho he does not use %LP gear, plus in DBOG 1.0 cap is 60.

    Plus tell me, dash slowdown animation bug is fair thing too? xD

    Karma and Ultimate can and should be balanced and it can be done, maybe "Balance Team" does not see or know how.

    Anyway as SumTingWong posted, balance and changes are shit. Even poll I made prove it that.

    So no point to even complain here mate, when they have no idea how to balance anything here.

    This will be only way of gearing in DBOG 2.0 since props will be removed.

    Plus Daneos will add critic rate stats to attributes so expect to be spanked even more.

    Still that Guard against skill % , is luck based, low defense so it is high risk with somewhat reward.

    Plus I know that you are turtle with move speed reduction (Can be reduced with speed boots and dogi move speed) and sleep ( no decrease ).

    I just wonder what will you say regarding ultimates or karma then, they are fine I guess haha.

    DBOG game balance is shit, just accept it lol.

    Hello Iceman, you more than likely don’t remember me but I was apart of Pride Warriors way back I’m 2014 and lost contact with the guild after we lost the original site and moved to the other one and then it shut down. At the time I was 12 in the guild, I am now 17 going onto 18 and haven’t played DBOG yet because I have broken my computer but once I get a new one, i’d love to rejoin the guild and build back old connections.

    Yoo Static, yea I know you.

    Well we use to have guild website that got changed ( Noxt ) change it and I wanted to quit so I inform guildies and I shut it down.

    Then they found my phone number and fb account and spam me so I had to get back.

    We are using now discord, you can use it with application on PC or mobile or you can use it via browser.

    Check my Discord ID on forum and contact me after you create account, I will invite you back.

    Regarding the crafting, you will spend more zeni by crafting than you could ever earn back by selling it.

    Since it is way better to get legendary drop gear, people will simply use TMQ or world map drop legendary, since that will be the best thing to use in general and it will cost less than craft since you have better chance to drop it than to craft it.

    Regarding the props, props are not RNG! Advantage of attributes could be removed so it only be "cosmetic" if that pains you, but then again with N prop feature added back ( it bypass props ) , props in PVP wouldn't be any problem for squishy classes, since they would deal epic dmg.

    There you go, read again.

    You will lose more zeni than you could earn by crafting MAX stats, since that will sell, lower stats won't since everyone will craft for themselves and wait for good stuffs.

    No one will buy overpriced stuffs, since zeni amount will be low, market will slowdown since like I said, it will be rare to see something good and useful ( max stats) for you.

    About props, props ain't reason why you one shot anyone, you can one shot everyone if you wear CD and I like I said before in retail dmg was higher and N prop ( that bypass the props ) was there and like I said, you could destroy their prop defense.

    One shot was all you could see in retail, if fighter is in range and he resisted your CC, expect one shot if he critic.

    This part will never change.

    Prop removal only fk-ed up PVE even more, now humans for sure won't be part of any PVE party simply because without props they sux in PVE.


    Vote ended and this is result, and for those who picked "I like some of them", those who didn't even post here, since even they ain't sure what they like or not, we can assume that they would pick more NO than Yes, since they ignored that YES option.

    If this community still have 50% or more of people who played retail or even played in POB, they would vote for NO option.

    So we have roughly 60%-70% of community that dislike those changes while mostly you can check ( if you voted) what type of people voted for Yes, I can't even comment on those, just look on that and you will figure out.

    Now you ask yourself why DBOG is dead, this is small example of how not to run private project, that is why it is nearly dead.

    Regarding the crafting, you will spend more zeni by crafting than you could ever earn back by selling it.

    Since it is way better to get legendary drop gear, people will simply use TMQ or world map drop legendary, since that will be the best thing to use in general and it will cost less than craft since you have better chance to drop it than to craft it.

    Regarding the props, props are not RNG! Advantage of attributes could be removed so it only be "cosmetic" if that pains you, but then again with N prop feature added back ( it bypass props ) , props in PVP wouldn't be any problem for squishy classes, since they would deal epic dmg.

    Let me answer on you some questions since you even mention me.

    1. You know nothing about me to even judge me

    2. I contribute to this project way more as staff member as many other veteran members with guides, with newbie support, builds and a lot of stuffs where I can help or my guild

    3. I know Daneos and most of those staff members better than any of you, and I know what they think about this community and everyone of you

    4. Whole point of this thread is that Daneos CHANGED stuffs that he shouldn't change since he got Retail server setup (code and all other shits) or close to that in POB ( That is reason why it was popular and crowded than this dead version)

    5. Every update where community isn't asked, do they even want that or is it really needed, was FAIL update

    6. If there is no community/players that like the game and want to stick with it, you can have the best game in the world, it will be dead game

    7. DBO Community, most of veterans are already gone, newbies that started the game are gone too, only some latinos you can see run around because they are happy for being SSJ, if DBO Offline is your goal, DBOG is right game for you.

    8. You can't trust Daneos with any future update or major change since previous record proved that it will be fail.

    So, all in all, whole point of this is, that Daneos forcing the updates that no one asked for and you are forced to accept them.

    Since those updates, changes are made without consulting with people who played the game or people who ain't simply brain dead fanboys, will put the game in the grave.

    Lol dude that was im talking about.. ahahha thanks mate you make my day.. btw i dont know anyone of your friends.. i always write in post that may have impact on the game. The others one i really dont care..
    Gl dude..

    Again you quoted and again posted some useless shit and again hard to even decode it...

    At least post something on topic and constructive and thank you that you think that this "thread" not post may have impact on the game.

    Even I don't even know will this thread even change 1% of Daneos "No brain behind" updates and changes.

    this guy make a post ask for people to give him his opinions and after that start to attack all who doesnt think like him... but ofc ending post with a "cheers" make all good .....
    genius :D

    You are blind or what?

    It isn't my fault that people do not understand english or turn their posts into off-topic or another subject that have nothing with this thread.

    Tell me are you MaoMao alt account of friend, since going off-topic with useless posts is your habit too.

    One more, if you, like anyone else with brain, elaborate in that useless post you just made, what do you like and dislike regarding issue/changes that are LISTED in my 1st thread, you would show everyone that you have brain.

    Spriggan I agree with you in part regarding ultimate majin.

    It does not need any gear to out-DPS any other race/class in PVE without need to even heal or use food to heal or any potions.

    Still I wish, because you vote that you like some of them in the thread, to make post with information what of those you like or dislike.

    Supreme - regarding ultimates, you can see in post above.

    They shouldn't even have taunts since they are SUPPORT and that is their role.

    People need them for buffs and debuff removal and some healing if needed.

    Regarding the aggro, I told you that it is based on close range, and it does have other disadvantages explained in the thread.

    Retail aggro was better by far.

    Regarding dogi balls and brown boxes, "Being able to get Dogi Balls/Boxes from CCBD has been really convenient - especially for F2P people - and it makes things much fairer for everyone." , yes if everyone will invite you in party to even do it. People will always choose those with who they can do it faster. Speed Meta bro!