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    for now there isnt any alternetive unforthently.

    No one will probably bring back a game from 2013 but never stop hoping maybe one day someone with a brain will make a fine dbo server in the next year. Or we can wait for dbog 2.0, winter 2018 is in just a few more years.

    If someone even decide to bring it, it needs to put aside his emo and stubborn nature and build trustworthy team, where main focus will be to balance game in PVP and PVE for real this time and bring it up to modern MMO standards with better events and other systems.

    DBOG Clone, won't do any good.

    Your greed has no limit, I already donate, I am a founder, bought cash in the game a lot, that's enough, you can't complain that I don't support the game's development, my part is done, now it's his turn of make this game happen. I'm happy that he's found a girl and all, but, after he took our money, that's a commitment to be fullfilled, does this mean nothing to you?

    I am sure that you understand that playerbase getting reduced as we speak.
    This means that less and less players even play the game, not to mention donations.

    Those who still play should donate more to even cover for players who quit the game.

    With this small income as it is now, how can you expect that Daneos , ma boii, go in cinema with girlfriend.

    I should also mention that there are tons of holidays to cover with gifts, from global ones, to religion ones, to national ones in USA, Japan, Germany, Russia.

    You shouldn't care much about yourself, you should care about Danny boi.

    Whenever you decide to spend money on yourself, donate to Danny instead.

    Good example are some people, who invest their entire salary and even borrow money to donate to Danny boi and they can't even pay rent for house but that isn't issue here.

    DBOG = Life


    You guys are funny as hell.

    Ma boi Daneos is in love now, he is spending his time on holidays and with girl a bit.

    What you guys want, that he remains virgin for rest of his life and work on DBOG 24/7...

    Guy needs to have life, what is wrong with all of you.

    DBOG 2.0 is in progress, you all need to calm your tits.

    If you want to motivate him and expect DBOG 2.0 to go into open beta around 2030, donate more money...

    You cry about dev inactivity, but you guys are to blame. Donate more and you will see the progress.


    It is always nice to see that there are nice fans and supporters of this project.

    I thank you in the name of programmers, game developers and everyone else( Danny Boi and his shadow clones ).

    It is nice to see that people care even tho this isn't mutual love, if you check the state of the game.

    This DBO Community is indeed ungrateful bunch of people, who guess what...

    They want balanced DBO with good events and with no bots and hackers, they are crazy, how can they expect that to happen, when they do not donate enough.

    They need to be active, don't care about game balance and bugs and bad balance changes and donate monthly 1k each and they shouldn't care to have fun in the game, that is overrated.

    Now when we clear that, Amberle, if you indeed want to support this project, send some money. Thank you!

    Wait DBOG Final version, DBOG 10.0 and then it will be full balanced and with good events and with modern style and everything.

    DBOG v10 Final version will come for 40-50 years or 100 if some shit happen, so our children will definitely enjoy it.

    I think it would be great if swordsman Mastery skill that buff (70 strength and 64 focus ) , would be (70 strength,70 soul and 64 focus) so this class will be more powerful and lovely to play . With that SM can be played energy as strong as physical this will open more ways to play sm than a boring physical one instead of wasting its valuable energy skills . Hope u all consider my opinion;)

    Focus there is really enough, you don't want to turn SM into turtle.
    With energy boost type of gear and with buffs there, SM have already decent energy attack.

    Hello fellow DBO fans. We must all have patience. Yes I understand it has been a while but good things come to those that wait. I dont feel this was a scam. I feel to much work was put into this game to just be brushed off as a scam. I feel as if Daneos is the type of person that likes to work quietly in the shadows and when he feels his work is 100% up to what he wants it to be then he will reveal it to us. I still have hope and feel as if work is still being done behind the lines. Yes I understand some would like an update but just try to have patience and keep hope for the game. :*:*:*

    Yes you are right.
    Ma boi Daneos working hard on DBOG 2.0.

    He will publish client bug free with perfect balance and brand new features and events.
    Still, to help out ma boi, you guys need to donate so he can deliver it in few years and I hope my kids will be able to play it.

    PS: Expect flight combat, SSJ Blue and emo-rage super namekian. New client - everything is possible.

    leing , in any normal gaming community, everyone would welcome and support you regarding this.

    Still, it is too late for this, simply because most of people, including those in Chinese/Korean community, knew about most of bugs.

    They use them, abuse them and because of their selfishness, just to get advantage over other people, get high upgrade duplicated gear, bots on every corner in server, server died.

    Now, if everyone here come with honest and moral approach to the project and the game, report all bugs, suggest how to improve security of the game, it wouldn't be in this state as it is now, would it?

    Not to mention "special" kind of people who thought that they can "balance" the game so be it PVP and PVE and many other mistakes, that only helped that this project meets its doom.

    You can forget about that. Just wait for new DBO Hope. It will be here sooner than you think.

    Guild that has been alive without Iceman in it. Besides, cringy description haha..

    It was made when I was teen with my friends years ago, in that time, in our minds, this name didn't exist anywhere and it was/is cool.

    I mean you can see those PW Clone guilds, even in DBOG. Heck even in DBS Pride Troopers are made cuz of us, I BET! ^^

    There is no risk with that guard gear, it has 750 base edef. Lol it's busted. And Sleep does get decreased with focus. All forms of debuffs/CC gets reduced with focus. Basically they're playing a tank as a glass cannon and get away with it because it takes no dmg either way after the nerfs to turtle crits.

    What's the problem with ultimates or karma? They're not fine but there's nothing to do about them unless you remove their overpowered skills then they become dogshit. It's just the buff to Focus reducing all forms of CC and debuffs is becoming way too strong on SK. Almost nothing lasts on them. Just my 2 cents on the whole bs situation where my sleep is reduced from 23 seconds to 18 seconds just from a full focus SK. The damage is ridiculous but the tankiness and the tenacity are much much worse.

    Maybe there is no risk on that gear here in DBOG even tho he does not use %LP gear, plus in DBOG 1.0 cap is 60.

    Plus tell me, dash slowdown animation bug is fair thing too? xD

    Karma and Ultimate can and should be balanced and it can be done, maybe "Balance Team" does not see or know how.

    Anyway as SumTingWong posted, balance and changes are shit. Even poll I made prove it that.

    So no point to even complain here mate, when they have no idea how to balance anything here.

    This will be only way of gearing in DBOG 2.0 since props will be removed.

    Plus Daneos will add critic rate stats to attributes so expect to be spanked even more.

    Still that Guard against skill % , is luck based, low defense so it is high risk with somewhat reward.

    Plus I know that you are turtle with move speed reduction (Can be reduced with speed boots and dogi move speed) and sleep ( no decrease ).

    I just wonder what will you say regarding ultimates or karma then, they are fine I guess haha.

    DBOG game balance is shit, just accept it lol.

    Hello Iceman, you more than likely don’t remember me but I was apart of Pride Warriors way back I’m 2014 and lost contact with the guild after we lost the original site and moved to the other one and then it shut down. At the time I was 12 in the guild, I am now 17 going onto 18 and haven’t played DBOG yet because I have broken my computer but once I get a new one, i’d love to rejoin the guild and build back old connections.

    Yoo Static, yea I know you.

    Well we use to have guild website that got changed ( Noxt ) change it and I wanted to quit so I inform guildies and I shut it down.

    Then they found my phone number and fb account and spam me so I had to get back.

    We are using now discord, you can use it with application on PC or mobile or you can use it via browser.

    Check my Discord ID on forum and contact me after you create account, I will invite you back.

    Regarding the crafting, you will spend more zeni by crafting than you could ever earn back by selling it.

    Since it is way better to get legendary drop gear, people will simply use TMQ or world map drop legendary, since that will be the best thing to use in general and it will cost less than craft since you have better chance to drop it than to craft it.

    Regarding the props, props are not RNG! Advantage of attributes could be removed so it only be "cosmetic" if that pains you, but then again with N prop feature added back ( it bypass props ) , props in PVP wouldn't be any problem for squishy classes, since they would deal epic dmg.

    There you go, read again.

    You will lose more zeni than you could earn by crafting MAX stats, since that will sell, lower stats won't since everyone will craft for themselves and wait for good stuffs.

    No one will buy overpriced stuffs, since zeni amount will be low, market will slowdown since like I said, it will be rare to see something good and useful ( max stats) for you.

    About props, props ain't reason why you one shot anyone, you can one shot everyone if you wear CD and I like I said before in retail dmg was higher and N prop ( that bypass the props ) was there and like I said, you could destroy their prop defense.

    One shot was all you could see in retail, if fighter is in range and he resisted your CC, expect one shot if he critic.

    This part will never change.

    Prop removal only fk-ed up PVE even more, now humans for sure won't be part of any PVE party simply because without props they sux in PVE.