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    Vote ended and this is result, and for those who picked "I like some of them", those who didn't even post here, since even they ain't sure what they like or not, we can assume that they would pick more NO than Yes, since they ignored that YES option.

    If this community still have 50% or more of people who played retail or even played in POB, they would vote for NO option.

    So we have roughly 60%-70% of community that dislike those changes while mostly you can check ( if you voted) what type of people voted for Yes, I can't even comment on those, just look on that and you will figure out.

    Now you ask yourself why DBOG is dead, this is small example of how not to run private project, that is why it is nearly dead.

    Regarding the crafting, you will spend more zeni by crafting than you could ever earn back by selling it.

    Since it is way better to get legendary drop gear, people will simply use TMQ or world map drop legendary, since that will be the best thing to use in general and it will cost less than craft since you have better chance to drop it than to craft it.

    Regarding the props, props are not RNG! Advantage of attributes could be removed so it only be "cosmetic" if that pains you, but then again with N prop feature added back ( it bypass props ) , props in PVP wouldn't be any problem for squishy classes, since they would deal epic dmg.

    Let me answer on you some questions since you even mention me.

    1. You know nothing about me to even judge me

    2. I contribute to this project way more as staff member as many other veteran members with guides, with newbie support, builds and a lot of stuffs where I can help or my guild

    3. I know Daneos and most of those staff members better than any of you, and I know what they think about this community and everyone of you

    4. Whole point of this thread is that Daneos CHANGED stuffs that he shouldn't change since he got Retail server setup (code and all other shits) or close to that in POB ( That is reason why it was popular and crowded than this dead version)

    5. Every update where community isn't asked, do they even want that or is it really needed, was FAIL update

    6. If there is no community/players that like the game and want to stick with it, you can have the best game in the world, it will be dead game

    7. DBO Community, most of veterans are already gone, newbies that started the game are gone too, only some latinos you can see run around because they are happy for being SSJ, if DBO Offline is your goal, DBOG is right game for you.

    8. You can't trust Daneos with any future update or major change since previous record proved that it will be fail.

    So, all in all, whole point of this is, that Daneos forcing the updates that no one asked for and you are forced to accept them.

    Since those updates, changes are made without consulting with people who played the game or people who ain't simply brain dead fanboys, will put the game in the grave.

    Lol dude that was im talking about.. ahahha thanks mate you make my day.. btw i dont know anyone of your friends.. i always write in post that may have impact on the game. The others one i really dont care..
    Gl dude..

    Again you quoted and again posted some useless shit and again hard to even decode it...

    At least post something on topic and constructive and thank you that you think that this "thread" not post may have impact on the game.

    Even I don't even know will this thread even change 1% of Daneos "No brain behind" updates and changes.

    this guy make a post ask for people to give him his opinions and after that start to attack all who doesnt think like him... but ofc ending post with a "cheers" make all good .....
    genius :D

    You are blind or what?

    It isn't my fault that people do not understand english or turn their posts into off-topic or another subject that have nothing with this thread.

    Tell me are you MaoMao alt account of friend, since going off-topic with useless posts is your habit too.

    One more, if you, like anyone else with brain, elaborate in that useless post you just made, what do you like and dislike regarding issue/changes that are LISTED in my 1st thread, you would show everyone that you have brain.

    RinDinSan I agree with you in part regarding ultimate majin.

    It does not need any gear to out-DPS any other race/class in PVE without need to even heal or use food to heal or any potions.

    Still I wish, because you vote that you like some of them in the thread, to make post with information what of those you like or dislike.

    Supreme - regarding ultimates, you can see in post above.

    They shouldn't even have taunts since they are SUPPORT and that is their role.

    People need them for buffs and debuff removal and some healing if needed.

    Regarding the aggro, I told you that it is based on close range, and it does have other disadvantages explained in the thread.

    Retail aggro was better by far.

    Regarding dogi balls and brown boxes, "Being able to get Dogi Balls/Boxes from CCBD has been really convenient - especially for F2P people - and it makes things much fairer for everyone." , yes if everyone will invite you in party to even do it. People will always choose those with who they can do it faster. Speed Meta bro!

    Go play another one game mr fantastic if you want only blame Daneos. That's not your first post with your cry about craft rate etc. Daneos is doing good job and ppl re only crying. That's make crazy everyone. Don't ve real life except playing DBOG or crying forum all the time?

    Sorry mate but not even google translate helped me to understand what you just posted there but I will do my best to decrypt that.

    How much I could get from post you made, is that you enjoy playing DBO Offline game, unlike rest of community who wants to play it with people, ONLINE.

    Since that is "good job" from Daneos.

    Like I posted before and like most of everyone knows, including the staff members who are also participating into this thread, that this project went into wrong path, unless it is changed, it will be dead.

    Only guy who is crying here is you mate, talking about real life and playing DBOG? What the fk you doing here?

    Quit game and spend your free time in real life.

    Threads never was effective , for change this game,and will never.

    Sometime threads did change the course of this project, since Daneos like it or not, players are what make this game alive.

    If he add stuffs that players/community does not like, it will die.

    Look at POB when was filled with retail stuffs and look this OB with stuffs that never existed in retail, it is dead before even wipe was announced.

    Now think that will be in this "DBOG 2.0" when he add even more changes that will chase away even more people.

    So now point of this thread and the vote is mostly to see what you guys think about this changes and to really weed out those DBOG Fanboys who supported and still support downfall of DBO.

    It is already considered and I name it DBOG 1.0 and DBOG 2.0, because DBOG 2.0 is 1.0 just with scouter chips and older client core.

    He simply copy from latest patch into old KR client and turn it into DBOG 2.0 we all know.

    You already went too off-topic here since I already listed the changes and it is funny that people who never played DBO in retail, comment on stuffs they know nothing.

    This is already proof that DBO veterans already give up on this project and what is left is DBOG people.

    Since when you take leveling as something important, you level in 1 week or 2 weeks it makes no difference.

    You claim that "Your description is too long and complicated ... Only "experts" can understand :D" , it is long for reason, to explain what was before and what is now.

    How can you vote if you do not know what is all about? I guess in your country you don't even need to see the people you vote to be president of your country, you do not even give af if you vote someone radical, right. Who gives af?

    "Btw, if Iceman you want the vote to be more meaningful, I would suggest separating the items one by one and explain the concrete details about before and after the change."

    Already done, I think you need to even check the eyes.

    Next time before you do comment/reply please take your time, if you do not understand the english, even if it takes few days, read it all and then make post.


    Alright, lets now see who from community like this "Daneos Changes" and who does not like in DBOG 1.0 and DBOG 2.0 , since most of old changes will end up in DBOG 2.0.

    Lets list major ones, shall we:

    1. Aggro System

    2. Majin Spins

    3. Property System/Attributes

    4. Dogi Balls and Brown boxes in CCBD

    5. Changing Craft Rates

    - Aggro System

    Old Aggro System was based on total dmg and aggro buffs someone have and taunts to gain back aggro.

    Benefits from this system - You are not forced to make party with close range tanker and long range entire party, it means almost anyone could be part of the party.

    Aggro was also stabile and easy to control.

    New Daneos Aggro System it is based on position of characters, closer ones will gain more aggro plus it is based on most of debuffs/dots you stack and taunts.

    Disadvantage of this system - You are forced to make full long range party with close range tanker if true tankers are needed.

    Aggro isn't stabile, since you can not take someone who is close range in party since boss will target him and even if party is long range, it can happen that even if you as tanker have 100% aggro, it targets someone random in party.

    - Majin Spins

    What was idea to turn support class into DPS class that out-DPS every race/class in-game. For reason NTL nerfed them to prevent this to happen.

    If you want to enable majins to be able to farm, reduce SPIN dmg and reduce any defense benefit from spin they have, since they dodge everything in that form, it is too OP.

    - Property System/Attributes

    Daneos told us that he wants to remove RNG so that is why he removed them. It is sad that Daneos really do not even know what RNG even stands for and property system isn't even RNG based. There is nothing random number generated there or any luck, there is pure advantage and disadvantage, and you could easy fix that, since you can always check someone you are facing and take armor with attribute that gives you advantage and more gains in defense and that is one of the reasons why you need more than 1 set.

    Disadvantage here is obvious to everyone, everyone will be squishy and humans will suffer the most since I doubt that Daneos will change every boss dmg, every mob and super mob so that humans can take any part into PVE activity, not to mention disadvantages in PVP.

    He could fix prop and attribute issues in other way if he find them OP in PVP, and I don't want to teach him that here since he have "experts" around him.

    - Dogi Balls and Brown Boxes in CCBD

    We all can agree that only small percent of DBO community in general loves this boring, time consuming dungeon where ultimate goal is, wait for it, GET THE BEST GEAR IN THE GAME. Yes, many of you, newbies maybe, do not know that, but that was and is only reason why people even doing that.

    Daneos and his team of "experts" figured out that there isn't enough of PVE activity so he listen to that small percentage of no lifers and added that feature, forcing everyone to be bored of that CCBD and even limit race/classes this way since only speed meta without need for tanker is suitable for that.

    He could add option for everyone to get them via quest or inside of other dungeons/tmq and BID's where everyone can take part.

    Still Daneos did great job adding this feature, since that CCBD no life community remain in-game while almost everyone else, quit the game. Smart way to improve game activity Daneos, I sometime envy you...

    - Changing Craft Rates

    Since I am not only one from retail and many come to me, proving me that I was right about rates, and even if visually there in-game stands 80% excellent and 20% rare, it is lower than that since in retail, rates of rare gears crafted and even rate of rare gears with max stats were higher than this in DBOG 2.0.

    Now when you look at this, you wonder... Does Daneos want to bury this project of his or he is trolling the community?

    Since if it continue like this, what is left of this DBOG supporters that even turn blind eye on corruption and bad shits inside of staff circle, will lose any hope into this and leave.

    "You can not take from retail stuffs you like and add it, like I said before, even NTL isn't that stupid, even they nerfed and changes stuffs for better, while you took stuffs they nerfed and added them back just to fk up PVE and PVP balance even more... wow"

    Change your mind Daneos and DBOG Staff, start to listen to community and start doing stuffs how community wants it or you will end up playing it alone with your e-girl.

    "All of those who voted for 3rd option, please state in post what do you like and what do you dislike. Thank you!"

    why not reducing drops and exp in 80% then? harder = better

    Indeed, this will only fk up game even more and aggro system is the start, balance and prop change follows and then this.

    Like I said, DBOG will take good stuffs that were in retail and turn them bad and bad stuffs to turn into bad as hell.

    So many uncalled for changes will turn this half dead project into full dead.

    I already saw that crafting rates ain't problem and Daneos posted this "fixed an issue with calculating the rates" in old reported threads.

    Now even from retail, crafting wasn't this bad as it is now.

    I am not talking about MAX stats drop rate, I am talking about quality of the gear rate, that is bugged/fk-ed or you call it how you want it.

    Crafting rates of quality was always based on 10-12 crafting pieces aka max you can get and it was based on that:

    - 20% Rare

    - 80% Excellent

    Now rates are:

    - 5-10% Rare

    - 90-95% Excellent

    This needs to be fixed or reverted back as it was before it was "fixed" since you can spend tons of time, zeni and still you won't be able to craft max stats rare gear you want so you have better chance to drop something good than to craft it.

    I am simply sick of idea in DBOG to ruin everything what was good in the game and what no one asked for to be changed while what is bad, keeping it bad or make it even worse.

    Can someone explain me in what way this is fixed?

    If Mystery items of rare/legendary quality exist, I didn't see them.

    Is it visual bug only or they won't show up in that quality?

    PS: If someone got rare/legendary mystery item drop, please post screenshot here.