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    No need too mate.

    I told you that was what I suggested long time ago as staff member and he didn't listen me.

    He didn't listen me regarding many things and that is why we have this state of game aka dead game.

    If you think that he will listen it, and give af, you post it there for me then. ;)

    After there should be no more resets regardless of what happens.

    If someone bugs gear and it seems suspicious, do what you must and admins can probably check the logs and what not.

    Report all exploits.

    Activation of accounts should be by staff members, that is GM's.

    You send application and staff approve it and you can play the game.

    This is what I suggested long time ago when I was part of staff team.

    What would this do to the DBOG:

    1. Total control of people who will play the game

    2. No fake accounts that can be used by bot abusers

    3. Better gameplay for everyone

    4. Once you ban or delete account that used hax, bugs or glitches it won't be able to join DBOG ever again

    Even if the server does have a wipe, it’ll still reduce the chance of cheaters playing the game and bot detecting system, instead of having an unfair game, wipe will make it a fair game 100%.

    -Beka, DBO G Team

    Sadly Beka, wipe won't do anything as I posted above.

    Everything before the wipe needs to be made/fixed then the wipe can come.

    Wipe alone ain't the solution.

    I have a +10 everything lvl 60 Buffer majin and I have friends who are equipped with +13 equips... across multiple characters in our guild, Even they agree that the server needs a wipe, there are too many aspects of the game that were broken during official release that gave a lot of users an unbelievable advantage, not to mention the botters and duplicators. If you ask me just look at the stats, the servers aren't even as active as they used to be .. clearly a majority of the community isn't playing the game because it's ridiculously broken.

    Not only it is broken due gear (RNG upgrade and RNG Boxes without option too keep old stats or replace them with new) or simply many bugs, hacks and boring part. There is even bad PVE balance, bad aggro system, bad PVE in general where unless you are "the right one" you can not play it due SPEED META tactic plus many others race/classes are wannabe tankers, DPS, support all in one.

    There is no daily rewards, no pay to progress system for donators aka VIP Shop since those are mostly people who do not have much time to play soo they should be able to buy for 1 month VIP or more to keep up with f2p no lifers in farming and daily quests/events.

    There is nothing to do daily, boring world boss even mostly and that is it.

    Daily/Weekly quests for PVE and PVP ranked should be added as guild ones too with decent rewards, better events or events based on quests to reduce lag and crowded maps and more.

    All in all, game is soo bad that unless you really love it to forget all of this, you log in for budokai or dojo wars or if you play each day then you are fan boy who is happy cuz he got SSJ. POWAAAAA!

    Look mate, you have few options:

    1. Let Daneos give you server control and you do that job instead of him (remove all hacked gears, make anti hack system and be 24/7 active GM on server and no life) I will support you and entire community and no need for wipe

    2. Fix on new client and better protection, balanced game, pay to progress not p2w cash shop, daily quests and yes wipe

    Why option number 1 won't ever work, since staff and Daneos will never give you this option nor he will ever force himself to do this, without any good income to his bank account aka for free too please some people that he do not now or give af.

    Soo we have only option 2, FIX and then WIPE and not WIPE and leave as it was.

    Accept it and please do not quote me anymore. Thank you.

    No clue where you got "Reward" from the dude you were quoting.

    He was just saying Hardlock shouldn't have reasons to wipe if hes not gonna have reasons to not wipe.

    Basically to not sway opinions towards one side.

    Front page mate. He was talking about "rewards" after the wipe, lvl up 30 and more.

    Just check it and if you are blind, it is no shame to buy glasses or visit the doctor.

    I am sorry, it is really hard to understand you then.

    It will die if it stays as this.

    Like I posted/suggested stuffs months and months ago in staff circle, they didn't listen.

    That is why the game is dead.

    People who cashed are unhappy, people who nolife are unhappy, people who want to have fun are unhappy.

    If you do not trust me, trust your own eyes, see how much people get "revived" due simple fact that there will be FIX + WIPE.

    No one here desire wipe and continue as if nothing happens. Nah mate, far from it.

    If there is no right FIX for the game and then wipe, then we done nothing.

    If it is simply wipe cuz someone scratch left nut and want it, do not do it.

    Hi Hardlock, maybe you should not put the reason for wipe. Delete it or add some reasons for no wipe. It will affect the player's decision.

    Thank You.

    It is not reward, it is simply slap in back for everyone to start fresh.

    If there will be many changes, including those we are suggesting for age of POB, ofc there will be wipe.

    Soo this is not "reward", it is just like I said above, "slap in the back" for good luck from the team.


    1: wipe everything thats more than +10

    or 2: convert it to +10.

    3: Accept that lvl 60 gear will not be worth that much in lvl70 cap

    If you think that Daneos will sit on server console and instead to code, I will check every account, delete 1 by 1 item or change its upgrade level, then I guess you know nothing about server management.

    That's what he said in google translate

    The basic difference is that you are a newbie, who probably did nothing, I joined zeni months to release the 70, now it arrives and says it will reset? Noob thing, are we calling us idiots? play so much time to simply clean? if there was a hack here it was because they were incompetent and did not of the antihack system, now of the players pay the duck? of my favor ... of course the noobs want to reset, because they would never reach those who struggled from the beginning to have the good set, that is to be harmed, if not in the game deserved to PROCESS for injury, I bought it in the first month and I've been waiting for the server since, to release the 70, to get here and give in? Krillin? please

    Now get the point: emphatize with players who actually plays, and plays a lot.

    I am sorry and no offense, but you Spanish and Portuguese players should show some empathy towards other nations.

    For quite some time BOD Dead Balls use to be in your hands.

    In hands of players, for whom everything is good. I bet that even Dende one shot tanker +15 is fine for you, as long as you turn into SSJ.

    In the offense to anyone there and now in the joke, the game is in bad state and it needs to be cured with wipe vaccine or it will die and will die fast.

    Man you guys are soo funny as hell.

    Wipe is must, just accept it.

    Still wipe without prevention against hacks, balance, multi client, upgrade and brown boxes edited, and many more , won't do anything.

    Soo guys if it is just wipe to prepare for new client and get cap 70 and everything else is same as before, then nope, wipe won't do anything.

    I don't think that Daneos will repeat the same mistake he did on wipe and open beta, if he do, it will be the end of project.

    It is private server of game that died.

    Cash Shop exist here, no one is paying to the owners of the game ( if they exist cuz game is dead lol).

    They're probably afraid of the game being copyrighted and taken down.

    Yea Takaboi got it right but still I wonder, does NTL, Bandai even give af? lol

    Of course you want your cash back, this would give you advantage upon others, naive of me to think that the wipe was meant to bring a new and "fresh" start, never did tho 8o.

    Why do you think that people who donate to the this project will have any advantage when cash shop will be changed again?

    Only people who had advantage in this game are:

    1. People who cash to bots users who had tons of zeni

    2. People who hack and who already have +15 lvl 70 gears somewhere and mostly all others too

    3. People who dupe +15 gears and sell them

    Trust me, Daneos shouldn't be the guy who will do wipe again and leave everything as it was before with new client.

    Unless he wants to kill this project and move on another one to earn money, and I understand that.

    Soo we will asume that Daneos still didn't give up on this project soo he will do this things:

    1. Multi client and all other 3rd party programs disabled ( less bots, and other programs that would bypass and enable multi client)

    2. Game guard ( no channel crash by players, no hack or dupe of gear or lag other players in the game and many others)

    3. Game rewards active players ( daily quests, daily rewards, each day some event active)

    4. Party System changes ( Auto defined roles in party system, 1 class can't fill all the roles soo you will be forced to take characters in the party soo that each race/class can exp the game that is: tanker, buffer, CC, DPS, support , or solo everything since you are Rambo.)

    5. Race/Class with 100% defined roles and balanced that way for PVP and PVE ( some races/classes are better in PVE and some in PVP, some are better in solo and some in party)

    6. Balance of PVE content ( every class should be able to gear up and do PVE to gear up or to have fun and they should be able to do it with good gear and decent upgraded, does not need to be +15 gear and to be OP to do some dungeons but if you have low upgraded weapons expect to deal less dmg and spend more time in dungeon, meaning defense and HP of bosses, super mobs and mini bosses should be increased while attack of bosses and super mobs and mini bosses should be reduced soo every class can survive it with good gear that is good-decent upgraded)

    7. Class Balance ( I understand that balance members and staff members are trying to do the best they can to balance the game but they really need hand and more people involved into this to make it even better, sure balance now is a bit better than it was in old DBO but still it is far from it)

    8. Upgrade system changed and brown boxes removed for silver boxes ( Less RNG + Rewarded for hard work = Happy player)

    9. All players banned since they charge back should be unbanned

    10. Cash shop = pay to progress ( Monthly subscribe aka VIP system. People who have job and can't grind and play the game should be rewarded but still in way that they would progress in the game as normal players would do, such as, if f2p can get in 3-4 hours of grind 20-40 stones, that much per day cashers, donators could get via cash shop in VIP Daily rewards tab in cash shop while rest of tabs should be cosmetic, inventory binded to them)

    Now with this changes and many others that would follow but I won't list them here, project will be revived, players will be happy, they won't support bots and hackers since they wouldn't be able to do that due good game guard.

    Since players are happy, people will donate and cash again and people who charged back, with 2nd chance given to them, when they see that game is in better state, they will start to play and cash again.

    VIP Daily reward in cash shop would be have amount of stones that would f2p player get, exp pots (since they need help to level up to catch up f2p nolife players who sleep at keyboard), zeni reward ( amount that would f2p player get by selling trash at NPC).

    Still silver boxes should be limited in daily quests.

    This changes would make happy all the players, f2p and donators.

    Hey guys. I am searching for an active guild to join. I have just returned after one year off game so I am levelling a new character.

    Level 31 Turtle Hermit atm and going up but don't worry I am not a newbie. My user is Leyon

    May I join please?

    Sorry mate. Our guild is currently inactive and will remain inactive in DBOG until this project gets serious change for better, including wipe, hire better staff members and new client with features that must be included there.

    If this won't happen any time soon, we will, with many others guilds and players simply move to other DBO Revive Project where they care about game and where they accept people with knowledge than people who kiss their butt.

    PS: Still if you want to hang out with us, contact me on discord.

    SumTingWong , Takaroku , you guys and entire community needs to clarify things for members of this community who do not understand what majority of community or what is left of it (I do not count ayudame, entrer and goku powa emo kids or hackers) into this.

    What needs to be done before wipe:

    1. Anti hack system (soo be it that staff will watch zeni in game, upgraded items are auto account locked or watch upgrade of those items 24/7 to prevent dupe, bots and hack, it is up to them)

    2. Balance of classes and party class roles ( Hire better balance members, but I doubt this will ever happen, since $ = pro balancing member , as long you cash, you are smart af and send ticket and game will be changed how you want it, no need to listen anyone else)

    3. Farm/Grind ( Enable it in dungeons on easy mode or Papaya Map or parts of its map where are good farming places made as dungeon, meaning, your own private farm place without anyone around to "steal" your items )

    There is way more, but this is really last chance for this project. If this fails, and if Daneos still refuse to listen and listen only to arse kissers then this project is done for and this time for good, you like it or not.

    I know this is asking for a bit much, but we should have a spectating option for budokai. It gets a little boring not being able to watch the fights & on top of that, we would have to wait until someone posts on YouTube or something to actually see the fights. So say it’s RO32/16/8/Semi/Finals and you have the options to choose which match you wanna go to, you can. P.s., those who are gonna say it “won’t happen,” that’s fine. I just thought about this idea now. 8)

    It would be good thing to have but even if it could be implemented, it should be tested and limited and protected.

    Just in case that if, 20 people decide to spectate someone or both of them, that people who spectate do not inflict any damage for the match, that is, they can not crash or lag someone.

    Another thing that should be added for budokai tournament is bet system.

    You add mudosa points on someone who would win or lose, and if you are correct, you gain even more mudosa.

    Mudosa shop added and gambler removed, work your t1ts and "legs" for thing you want to get and many more that I already posted before and it somewhere in thread.

    Yea, mentoring system.

    You will be able to train and learn and upgrade skills from mentors, via quests.

    Like I said before, if it be really well made, most of DBO community will simply move there.

    Still, I am still not fan of this combat system, unless they add some CC skills (I guess from mentors) then it will be way better.

    Speed in dbo is something that u wont find in any other game, why bother your self about using skills if u can do everything with one mouse click, and the best thing is that, that in balance team are members that want even boost the attack speed by making poko speed buffs longer and aoe

    Indeed and what is funny even more, they are destroying already somewhat determined class roles that even existed before, by buffing classes that shouldn't be buffed in first place, since they are replacing other class roles, roles of other party members should fill, such as tanker, DPS.

    Yes I am talking about buffers.

    Another thing that should happen is to focus on fixing races and classes and their roles in party, then aggro system and party system.

    Like what roles some classes should fill in party, and then focus on that and edit their own skills soo they can do that roles as better they can.

    I said it long time ago and I will say it again, unless right people are hired in staff and in charge of balance, not even "new client" won't save this project. Hire people with knowledge, admit that people you have there "know only about PVP" and that is it, then focus how to take money from community.

    Attack speed should be removed from gear and should exist only in transformation and skills as self buffs.

    Human Speed Class - Fighter

    Namek Speed Class - Poko

    Majin Speed Class - Karma

    Self Buffs should give at cap 70 decent attack speed since gear won't give you any attack speed increase.

    This is if attack speed should be considered to stay as trademark of those 3 classes, unless it needs to be removed entirely.

    Another thing that should be considered is to define damn roles, it is MMORPG without any roles in the game.

    There should for benefit of PVE and party system and game in general, class roles.


    Should it be made with restriction in party system where you must take already auto determined class roles for dungeons or go with only 2 - party members because you are selfish d!ck then np but unless something like this is added, you can forget that any other race/class be in party and have fun in PVE.

    The journey. I always have a good journey when I play this game which is why i've stayed in touch with this game for a long time. A new era will begin with this new client.

    Indeed. Most of us played the game because it was based on anime we watched as kids and to have fun with other players, unlike the game as it is now.

    Everyone before did quests, with friends or alone, try to solo new bosses or dungeons and fail, team up for lot of stuffs and had fun.

    Since we played before without any english patch, it was kinda like adventure to figure everything before your other friends or find better gear with stats that are higher than yours (Mostly CON cuz you would notice HP change) and when english patch come out, it become even better, you start to gear and have more and more fun.

    Mostly you would follow other people what are doing (mostly koreans, chinese and other really good geared people), you would try new skills, ahh, well it was everything better before because it was everything new for you.

    Now, people do not even try to explore the game, multi client, hax/dupe or buy zeni via other websites that use bots and korin plat and simply PVP, log in 1-2 times per week or monthly and it is sad that people refuse to change game for better and no wonder that new DBO Project emerged, since players are simply unhappy due various things here.