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    So I noticed that while the game has 1-2 hours cooldowns on certain skills it is already pretty annoying, but however that's the least of players problems. The bigger problem is the fact that cooldowns do NOT cool while you are offline like in every single mmo in history of mankind. That's my suggestion, make cooldowns cool even while you are offline this is a joke.

    Yea I think this is fair thing.

    This game is f2p to begin with.

    Even in retail it was f2p.

    Thing is, mostly all this f2p MMO's see cash shop as only source to make money.

    Now thing is, how to make people to even spend money in the game, if you didn't add stuffs for what they will pay for.

    Now since this is revival project, private project of old dead MMO, people want it to be more and more f2p and in form that you can get anything in it, simply by playing the game and contributing in a way that player base on server is huge.

    Still in order to even run this server you need to pay for a lot of stuffs:

    1. Server

    2. Developers (No one wants to work for free, it is the fact)

    3. Optional ( Modelers, animators, story makers/editors, translators and more)

    Soo as community, if we can fill last 2 parts for free and if we have people who want to spend their time and do it for free, then we are still left for server fee and no one in this community, want to spend money on game where you do not gain something.

    Sure some people will want, just out of love, to spend money to support project and pay for server fee, but then again, amount of them is small, unlike other people who want some "gains" in game, just soo they can speed up gearing process and be better than rest of people.

    Soo in short, even if it is server revival process of old MMO, this project still needs the money to run it, and will it cash shop become more or less p2w it only depends on community if it wants it, as long they are paying and expect "OP stuffs" in return,it will have p2w parts inside.

    Trenutno nema nijedan balkanski guild koliko znam ali mozda bude u buducnosti

    Pa trenutno i vec nekoliko godina, Pride Warriors je jedini multi guild sa dosta balkanaca ovdje.

    Sam balkanski guild nikad nece biti jak ali da se svi okupe unutar jednog guilda sa ostalim clanovima i da bude kao "balkanska grupa" to da.

    we will see how it will be, but I have a feeling that many classes will suffer and will be unplayable

    Indeed, but PVE system needs to be edited in general, same with party system too.

    This way, any race/class have its role and can find party and do any PVE content with no problems.

    I feel like these changes are meant to make Dungeons/PVE more 'skilled' and 'harder'.

    But with such changes, making a dungeon take longer isn't increasing it's difficulty. It just makes it more tedious.

    It will be skill based and harded since he wants to even remove auto attack.

    Now it would be cool that dungeons have its own "special speed up" systems.

    Like, find special trigger in dungeons, trap boss, activate some acid, anything inside of dungeon that would deal extra dmg to the boss or make him immobile for short duration to spice a bit dungeon, kinda like Pilaf Castle | UD4 dungeon where you need to prevent boss to get into circle or he will recover HP and such.

    Unfortunately, I do not play pvp only pve and I see that there will be problems, the new client has to bring that you can not turn on 2 games simultaneously, so some characters without attributes will have a hard time to get better eq, so I suppose that before someone gets the first aure, it will take a long time and such auras are less useful than the aura with the attribute

    You know that he is doing this to even fix broken party system where you will, guess what, NEED DAMN TANKER.

    With tanker there with super high HP, doing dungeons, CCBD will only need a bit longer and that will be all.

    in that case, the auras of cc will not matter, because that's the only way to go there

    15% anti critic plus LP increase will be useless?

    Move speed aura will be useless?

    Nah mate, he can edit everything and it can be balanced and edited for better, it is sad but props are broken.

    Props are reason why it was even hard to balance the damn game, full prop ultimate can't be killed by anything in PVP.

    Still, if you guys just love "DICE PVP" all time, then np.

    So what happens to earrings/rings?

    What would CC70 Con 13 and Funny 7% ring do regarding Funny?

    And what would a prop 11 or 13 earring do? Would it increase my Honest jacket for example to have 55 or 65 Block Crit Rate?

    He just said that he will remove regular props ( 11, 13 props) while global props % attribute , might be removed with something else, but I hope they will stay.

    Global props on rings should be reduced or removed.

    [PL]Daneos So what will glaring slash from sm rebuff do? Physical armor pen?

    Well it acted before as defense debuff kinda, it reduced the props.

    I think for SM it would be good to have any of this 2 options:

    1. Reduction of anti critic by 30% ( it wouldn't be dat good in PVE)

    2. Reduction of power and defense by 15 % , 30% would be kinda too OP ( it should be tested and it would be good in PVP and PVE)

    [PL]Daneos will you enable global props now and remove that "attack and defense props".

    I think that accessory like this would be good and ofc it need to be capped too.

    That means that max attribute buff would be 8 aka Strange 5% LP x 8 strange attribute buff = 40% LP.

    This could be better, it would mean that humans could use this on armor and wild on weapons getting 40% LP and 40 armor penetration, that would make them good to endure beating and if deal good dmg.

    Still, I like the change, just I hope that even if you do not let at least global props in play, that there should be added something to replace properties just soo we can have variety of options.

    About attack speed, remove attack speed from gears and increase self buffs of speed classes soo they can reach 100% for short time without need to use speed weapons.

    if this will be a new server why not cancel this compensation and extend the time of the lvl 70 reward by two months. many players that played for many years complain that its too easy and many players that complain about it being too hard will learn something new about them.This is something that will put both parties at an equal playing field. New and old players.

    Well I would be thanful for golden inventory than lvl 30, since you need to make MONEYYY but hey that is me.

    If game will be better, anything they want to give for free to make up for mistakes in the past, I am fine with it.

    Human lv70 have something like 12k~ hp / 12k+40% = 16.800

    Nameks lv70 have something like 25k~ hp / 25k+40% = 35.000

    You forget that humans can match namek LP.

    In POB most of fighters used 20 con/50 resistance x2 rings and full con armor and props earrings and CON Dogi, matching base SK HP, since SK use %LP,%lp,con armors and mostly everything else props.

    Like I said, it not only it would help chef, it would help its party and I am sad to see that you are still stuck in "Korin Platform" set of mind, where people do not even give af about it. It is there to have fun when you are bored, nothing more.

    Not if the class itself is changed and edited.

    Chef is the type of buffer that is made to endure the beating and hard critics.

    What Chef needs to be effective in groups pvp and pve is that ultimate resistance passive is send to chef, since chef can not eat debuffs and it needs to increase its buff Fountain of Smell from 23% CON to 40% Con.

    This way Chef would thx to dex gear + prop, and increase of Con and resistance, would be on ground with Ultimate.

    Since %LP or %Con, would be kinda equal in support, just weaker defense party would use chef more than ultimate.

    One more, all taunts should be removed from both of buffers, they are support and should stay as support.

    It took me sometime but I finally found video I was looking for that proves what Iceman wrote

    Ma boi Spat.

    Yea, Speed Meta does not need humans or namek tankers, namek healer and poko is all they need from namek kind and rest majins.

    Now take in consideration that all the new people who want to play the game, will mostly play as Piccolo (SK, DW) or Goku/Vegeta(Fighter) or Trunks(SM).

    With this current state of the game, they simply see that there is no way for them to compete with speed metas and mostly because of "YOU HAVE TO PAY BRUH, WE CARRY YOU!" things, and people who even say this, they say to newbies too and then the same people complain here why the game is dead, since unless the game is changed, forget that you will ever get newbies to play and like the game, unless they are Spanish People, no offense to anyone but they are happy when they can turn into SSJ.. :D

    Soo thankful people, you just must love them as I love spanish latino girls :love:.

    Welcome Shade.

    I checked your youtube videos and there are funny ones.

    I hope that you and your buddy will make funny ones in the DBOG, gameplay videos that is, trust me LVL 1 RAT's are OP!

    Well since before I was owner of server (SAMP), it is kinda normal that you have DEV server and Public one.

    On Dev one you work on new stuffs as Daneos is already doing here in DBOG.

    Soo what we did and what might Daneos will do, is to grant access to everyone who wants to test DEV Server ( Do not expect to be stabile one) with new client ofc to look for bugs and test it out while keeping old client and public server online and not changed.

    This would result in few things:

    1. People who are playing in the public server can enjoy and have fun until new client is 100% fixed and ready to be implemented

    2. Community can test new client and help with bugs

    3. When you crash or server crash or you find something "crazy" in DEV server, you won't be shocked and rage on forum

    isn't karma a better option for speed? i haven't played karma but from what i've seen karma can ace in speed and pvp.

    don't know about farming.

    Karma can farm just as good as Plasma.

    Only thing that I like as Plasma or Karma is that they have damn "Play Dead", soo if you are sure that you will die, PLAY DEAD! GOOD DOG!

    1. Will they be in the new client?

    If you are asking, will we play in the new client, then answer is yes.

    After the wipe and if Daneos really takes it seriously and start to accept and adapt and change the game as it should be, then we will play for sure, heck even most of us will cash soo that server last even longer.

    Shortly, we will look for new client, test it ( help with bugs) , and start to enjoy and play.