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    I do get that people here want to help to prevent any way of hacking and such.

    But I think that you people should be thankful that you can even play and test game in this early stage.

    Yes, devs sure have better stuffs to do, fix some broken quests, make quest inventory go away after finishing quest and more.

    Plus, in Open Beta when it comes, there will be some GUARD mode, as it was in old DBO, just improved I bet, soo chill.

    Well it should really just link all transformations on same CD.

    Let SSJ, Pure Majin and GN be with 30-40 min CD, and everything should be fine.

    I mean, SSJ only for a bit buff everything while Kaioken buff better, GN - just to tank bosses that are a bit too high to take on normal form and pure majin to blast around everything...

    GN should stay at 10 min, no need for anymore if CD is reduced to 30-40 min.

    8K dodge maybe with fighter pots...

    I remember in DBO, core fighter dodge was around 1700, more or less, without pots...

    aikarsa , even tho you have I guess 1000+ hit rate and he have 700 dodge, that still doesn't mean that he can't dodge...

    It is just that you have better chance of hitting him but still success rate skills bypass his dodge such as stuns and debuffs.

    I removed all gear from my fighter, only left stick lvl 65 +0 with 20% attack speed and lvl 65 gloves +0 20% attack speed on. Was dueling my sis DW. She have 6k defences and 30k lp. I rekted her. Like this can't be right and to all saying that damage is fine it aint fine lol. With attack speed set up doing 10-15k crits, and if I use full speed (thunder combo) her lp goes down in like a 10 seconds. It just can't be right. Thats it.

    Well critics are high for those weapons, and with that high def, you shouldn't be able to critic more than 4 - 5k max.

    I do not know what critic formula is there but maybe the best formula would be something like this.

    Example: DW defence of 6000 and base fighter dmg on needless is 4000.

    (Total defense + props) - (base weapon dmg + base wep dmg x 100% base critic dmg + base wep dmg x critic dmg on weapons, backpack or hat).

    6000 - (4000 x 100% x 60%) = 6000 - (4000 + 4000 + 2400) = 6000 - 10400 = - 4400

    This would mean, that DW would lose 4400 HP.

    Now, thing is, I think that base wep dmg x 100% base critic dmg (yes it is 100% since without %critic dmg wep, your critic is x2),

    is buffed a lot, for let say 200% or 300% or defence don't play any role here...

    Yes, that's what I'm doing, 40% more crit and a physical crit rate of 71

    Now every attack gives 3-6k, before the update it was giving 6-12k, literally the double

    I could use STR and stopping use CON, but I'm going to lose a lot more because of the update

    Well, as human offense class, if you use right PVP build with spirited roar max, roar max and glaring slash (reduce props) you should deal high dmg and you need to use STR.

    I saw that STR now gives what DEX use to give before. Try using props earrings with str gear and critic dmg weapons.

    This should give you more base dmg, more def and try to have weapons at least +8 upgraded, anything less gives crap dmg and as I see you ain't lvl 70, since at lvl 70 you can have 60% critic dmg weapons (30% gloves and sword, if something isn't changed).

    Why do physical damage is so low now? My energy attack is stronger even though I have no energy itens.

    (I'm swordsman and fighter)

    Now every dmg is low, did you try using full STR gear with % critic dmg weapons, it should help you deal high critics with high base dmg. I saw on servers people use only full CON gear and complain about dmg.

    Yoo everyone.

    Well, you all said it, dmg is just too big, it even bypass defense you have and even if def is in formula, I kinda don't see it.

    Mostly what should be removed is N attribute on weapons or fixed, yea that prop bug (if isn't already)

    Next, lower the weapon upgrade of attacker and higher armor upgrade of attacked guy, should be considered.

    I know that before if you had +8 weapon and you attack someone who had armor +6 and +10 or +12, you could see dmg dif.

    PS: End game shouldn't be about one shot.

    Super, nije lose raja. Drago mi je da je Balkan guild prisutan.

    Ako ikad budete trebali pomoc oko bilo cega, ja sa svojim guildom cu vam pomoci, naravno kad bude open beta xD.



    About us

    We are an active, old guild and we are friendly and willing to help ours members.

    As the name implies, we are pride warriors, inspired by saiyans, sounds funny uh?

    We fight with pride, we resist with stubbornness, we act with respect,

    and we eliminate our enemies with power!

    We want our members to be active in-game and to be the best they can be in PVE/PVP.

    We are willing to help every member with quests, UD/TMQ/Budokai/Dojo Wars and

    every other DBOG contains, of course to enrich the experience of our warriors in the game and improve us as a guild.

    "We will help you gear up, use right build and help you when needed but we won't play the game for you!"



    What to expect when you join Pride Warriors?

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png English speaking members

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Friendly, helpful members

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Relaxed, comfortable environment

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Organised guild and guild discord

    What we expect from you?

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Play for fun

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Be loyal to guild and join guild discord to gain access to guild bank and rank up system

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Be active in-game, in our discord and if you can on DBOG forum

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Follow guild rules, read them on our guild discord and follow them

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Help your guild mates and guild how much you can

    Red-Arrow-right-1-Copy.png Do not beg, no one like beggars



    We welcome any player who is willing to respect, follow guild rules, is active and at least lvl 30 in-game for main guild.

    There will be kid budokai guild for kid budokai characters with name of Pride Warriors JR.

    Soon it be made again, there will be announcement in this thread.

    You will need to contact us in-game, join our guild discord server and give us DBOG forum account name,

    so we know with who we are dealing with.


    Guild Gallery


    [Notice]: "To join our discord server, join us in-game and there is link in guild notice or just pm me or any PW member!"

    Hello everyone, I am back here.

    I finaly got some time and I try this DBOG and I really like it.

    Sure there are some things to be fixed, but I am sure it will be done soon, soo far, it is good.

    Anyway, if there is any old Pride Warriors members (yes PW is still alive), just contact me in-game or here.

    If you guys see me in-game, drop hi to me.

    Cheers everyone.

    PS: Yes I don't use Shanks avatar, well it is good to change a bit.