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    Aries aren't u the lil dude ah the healer from undisputed? U left back in the early 55 cap the game still hold impressive number of players the fact is that ppl leave faster then ppl join.. lol I kinda like to blame cash back but ik for a fact it's the developer fault..

    Just point one mistake denoes is not the creator.. lol he didn't invent anything new it's all already existed in the original dbo

    actually there are already lvl 80 items ing but who knows when it comes..

    Do you realize that LP% recover is being ignored if you do more damage on SK than his current LP? For example if you gonna have 10k remaining LP and let's say a swordsman gonna dealt about 11k damage on you from behind, basically after that your LP% recover + autopot will be ignored and you will just die. You should really stop whining for F.. sake, this class was literally nerfed twice and you want to kill it even more. You should better ask Sendoku how he used to beat +15 SK's with his swordsman in POB backthen when SK was way more OP and Swordies were much weaker. Even though I don't like the guy but he never begged for SK nerfs like an cracker, he could compete and fight them well without a doubt. Let me also remind you that Swordsman has a great energy attack arsenal. What about you try combine them with Physical attacks? There's still plenty of ways which you haven't tried and you're begging for the shortcut. In other words you just suck.

    bruh stacking props having +13 armors none dps class will dish out 10k dmg+ none. Swordsman and fighter got nerfed crit dmg both dealing same crit dmg. +15 fighter xiaokong 11k crit vs 4.5k p def amazing. And im not whining about swordsman even tho its even worse than a POB swordsman! mixing energy attacks into physical great idea vs crafted armor players very good. And yes i do whine about sk i had +14 armors and if i failed with my combo im dead even vs sk who has fvcking +9 axe. When i abuse stun bug or something "oh its gae man wtf trash" but sk itself is a bug class with dps dmg, ulti same dealing dps classes dmg ofc im gonna whine about it who wouldnt when only 3 classes dominating now? check some other classes instead of whining about ur sk even tho u trash +15 humans with +11 gears. u playing one class and saying all other classes are good is retarded asf.

    Again, you think beating +14 swordsman with +10 gears and trash accessories is not broken?

    SK is one of the strongest class for pvp but its not broken at all, at least not in this cap.

    Zephyrot, if you are fighter and you cant win against any SK, well, you are just a mediocre fighter.

    Not broken at all? Beating +14 swordsman with +10 gears not broken at all. All fighters are same theres no mediocre or something. Lp % debuff and switching between props and dex all same except their gear which doesnt even help anyway

    So far I fought that guy - he never used senzu nor lp autopot in rank. So this is nothing new why he's dying from the life drain and p.ref. Tell him to use autopot and senzu beans. He'll probably cut you in half with his sword lol.

    yea sure later ill use senzu and rip him again. forgot to mention that i didnt even used props now have 2x 10props got only today. his combo ends after 2 stuns.

    ok ppl saying sk isnt broken... i dont wana insult kinswkk but hes best example. he has one of the best sm gears, anti sk(fear para bleed) switching to cd accessories and all i had to do was to use life steal and put on reflect accessories and he killed himself so saying sk isnt broken is autistic.

    Edit: i have +10 mudosa gear jacket is +12.....

    imagining myself with at least +13 gears sm and fighter stands no chance. swordsman and fighter dishing out same dmg how? crit dmg*

    ofc fighter needs some kind of buff. i have sk with +10 gear mudosa lvl 60 and i rape +15 fighters its not fair lmao same with swordsman both crit dmg sux and fighter and swordsman both classes needs buff

    How much each box?

    ya sk bold makes them dps class, tanky. i fight sk with +9 axes and if they make successful combo they can take out +13 humans with no difficulties. lets mention reflect

    . fighters can kill themselves from reflect. basic dex fighter has 8k lp +. lets say he doesnt die from reflect, but what if sk managed to use life steal?

    this foc% debuff is just retarded and overpowered which was meant only for fighters. Focus classes including sm becomes rlly trash vs fighters. Fighter vs fighter focus% debuff are not even useful since both are not foc. so not effect. Bring back hit rate % so foc classes could land stuns