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    Press J and look into those quest item slots. Maybe your slots are full. Once had to kill a super mob but quest didn't finish so i killed it multiple times before realizing that those quest item slots were full. Remove some of them and try again. Might work.

    There is still enough work to do before even really thinking about open beta anyways.

    But 55 cap doesn't sound bad. I'd rather have them bring the content step by step along with balancing it instead of just throwing out 70 cap with bugs etc.

    Could've been some sort of an advanced mastery for your MC, no need to have three classes. Good concept anyways.

    that's what i meant. Just couldn't bring it into words.

    About that lvl 80 thing and new skills etc.

    I thought about this for a little while and had the idea that maybe there would've been another masterclass for the actual masterclasses. And that new masterclass would be like an upgrade with like three new attacking skills and two or three buffs.


    Human Martial artist gets to choose between Swordsman and Fighter. Then at 70+ (dunno what lvl exactly) there could be an opportunity where Swordsman and Fighter get to be a new masterclass with different names where they get new skills (as i mentioned above)

    That's what i imagine right now. Could be wrong tho.

    You know this is what happen right now that people don't buy gear or buy already upgraded?and no my friend,a casher will always be more op of a f2p player...all people who was very good was or cash or play 8 hours per day and archive what casheres archive in less of 2 hour of you are wrong.

    And why do you think ppl won't buy gear or will just buy upgraded ones? Cuz they won't break. People just upgrade them high enough and sell them. Ofc others will buy the upgraded stuff cuz they won't have to deal with upgrading. If i can get to +10 stuff without hard work why would i even buy any gear? I could craft my stuff by myself and not spend any zenni to buy anything. Since you wanna make stone drop easier i can drop them easy and with no break option i will easily get high upgrades. By doing so the ingame economy will die. Pretty much no one will buy anything except for high upgraded stuff. And this will make DBO boring af! Pretty much everyone will run with +8/+9/+10 or higher stuff, And this is not how DBO was meant to be.

    About casher always being more op than f2p...well ofc they will be strong at the start and for some time after the start. But f2p players will catch up. Also what you said makes no sense to me. You wrote that only f2p player who play about 8h per day can achieve what cashers can do in 2h. This just shows me that you don't wanna put time and work into your char playing as a f2p player. You wanna have f2p ppl achieve what cashers do easy. Then why would anyone cash if you can reach the same power being f2p? Cashers would legit only cash for cosmetics such as dogis, mounts etc.

    You just said that f2p ppl can achieve what cashers can by investing some time and work on their char. And this is what i'm saying all this time. Thus i am not wrong. Wasn't wrong to begin with cuz obviously over the years in DBO i saw f2p ppl fighting against cashers and giving them a hard time. And many of those ppl are here on DBOG right now.

    I meant the things with not being able to sell once his suggestion actually happens. Test right now is already a lost case xD

    And about brown boxes...i wouldn't mind if they get removed xD

    It's just ppl will cry and create a big scene.

    Yea they might buy and test but after some time even that will stop. They will just ask here on forums or ingame on what effect to set on and done. Others made the experience and they just need to get the right things once. Even if they get many sets of gear the result will be the same. Let's say one dude gets 4 different jackets/pants/boots etc. even that will end one day. You can't expect that to go on forever. After some time ppl will have everything and they won't need anything else. And with no break option server will still be flooded. Time is the main factor in this one. It's like 1+1=2. No Break option+ Players crafting/dropping= server with too much sh*t. Too much sh*t and not enough ppl who need them = price drop, which ends in getting hard to make money.

    And don't worry about me lol. I can make money. I have enough experience with DBO and on how to make money^^

    The changes you want will flood the server with EQ parts that no one will buy which will lead into no one being able to make money with that stuff. You fail to see this fact. Don't know why tho since it's 100% sure to happen. To put it simple:

    No break ---> People drop/craft EQ ---> they get their EQ ---> Upgraded ---> Not buying any EQ cuz they already have it ---> People still crafting/dropping EQ ---> No one really buying it cuz they have their stuff ---> People still keep crafting/dropping ---> Server is full with EQ cuz it can't break and no one is buying anything.

    And as i said before, back in DBO there were ppl who never cashed and still managed to keep up with cashers. You can still buy the good stuff that cashers use by putting time into your char. That's what i did back in DBO just like many others and it works. Many ppl who never cashed made much money with drops and bought everything with zenni. Even cash shop items. All you need is time and the will to work for it. It's a game. You have to put time and work into it to get something good at the end. Cashing is just a shortcut for ppl who wanna take the easy way. But that doesn't mean you can't get the same things they have.

    Who is going to buy my drops or crafted parts if most of the ppl already have their stuff? I don't wanna wait for new players to have a chance to make money lol. They will be broke so how will i make money?

    Or do you wanna throw that part of the game out?

    Break is needed. Right now you can see ingame. Most 70 ppl have their stuff and got their upgrades etc. Only new players are buying eq parts. And since upgrading is kinda expensive at 70 (stone prices) ppl go straight on trying to buy high upgraded stuff.

    And this clearly sucks. We gonna have noobs with high upgraded sh*t walking around lol. Please don't come up with "so what" or "does it even matter" cuz that's just a dumb answer. DBO has pretty much no challenges left. It will become even more boring than it was back then and than it is right now!

    Tbh i kinda agree with lp_fan_1

    and since this is a test phase and we'll get wiped anyways, i think it's not bad to give lower lvl ppl a little amount. Just like he said...even 1kk would be nice. They can use that money to craft and with luck earn more money with that. If i see someone in need for zenny i also give out some. Once i gave like 10kk to a lvl 34 dude.

    Like why would i hoard 1kkk+ if i already have eq + dogis. What are you gonna do with that money knowing damn well it'll be wiped anyways. Just go around and give ppl like 1-5kk. You can make that money easy anyways lol.

    Now i also have to admit that it's really not too hard to make money at the beginning. Especially when you get to do UD1. Many ppl ignore the accessory they drop. Pick them up, check AH and try to sell it. I remember when i was poor at around 30, i did UD1 dropped some necklace which happened to be worth 600k. A good start in my opinion :D

    Ofc you can't expect this kind of help once the game is officially out. But even then, if i have enough money i will still go around and give some zenni to ppl. DId that in old DBO too.

    And i say again the same things,who cares if all got +15.even now nobody sell gear but just stone or really high upgraded gear.also keep in mind is a private server.what is the difference of keep it how is now and make ppl cash for get gear,because face the truth I never see a f2p player with a really good gear,or make a upgrade that make you work hard and earn upgrade?

    WOW. You are clearly aiming for a sh*tty fun pvp server lol. I thought this private server is meant to bring back old DBO with better class balances. But you have another concept of the game in your head. Based on this i'm sure you never played old DBO. There were plenty of ppl who never cashed and still managed to get good gear. And i'm also 100% sure that ppl who played the real DBO back then will agree with me that what you wrote is pretty much the purest form of a bullsh*t idea for DBO.

    And with ppl who played real DBO i don't only mean ppl who played DBO for like 2 years and still don't have too much knowledge about the game. I'm talking about the ppl who were on DBO since open beta and old KR times with lvl cap 55.

    Those times were the best ever. And since you all missed that part, you come up with sh*t like "who cares if everyone has +15" ...

    Dude...this is meant to be the old DBO with better balances and some fixes etc. And in old DBO there were not too many ppl with +15 weaps or EQ. And that was actually nice. But i don't have to worry since what you want will never happen on here. Maybe if Daneos decides to open a second server for pure PVP stuff where you can get +15 easy. Would be no problem. But the things you want for the real server is just dumb man.

    Some ppl here fail to see the ingame economic part with all this "make upgrade easier" or "easier stone drops pls" bullsh*t.

    You see, with no break option, over time the server will be full with EQ stuff. Most people will have their stuff together and won't need to buy any EQ anymore. And with no break option they will just need a good amount of stones, which they will get easy with your suggestion to make stone drop easier. break option means only thing to be "afraid" of is downgrade which is no real struggle since you will have stones to spam upgrade. You will get +15 waaaayyy to easy.

    Now, most ppl have their stuff with pretty good upgrades ...+10 or more. This will be a problem for people who wanna make money. They can't really sell EQ cuz most of the ppl already have their sh*t. Only players who are new on the server will need EQ. But they won't really be able to make money to buy things. So EQ prices will eventually drop (like KR version at the end of DBO). And since everyone will want to upgrade their stuff as soon as possible, stone prices will reach to a high price at the beginning. After ppl having their things done, it may drop really low. At the very end it we will reach a point where EQ and stone prices will be low af and have ppl running around with +15. New players will face mostly ppl with +15 stuff.

    Don't know about you guys but this looks like the server will be a fun server where ppl get easy +15 sh*t. And this means the game will suck and pretty much will be dead.

    My opinion:

    - keep the break option. Sucks to lose your item you've put money and time into but it's needed for the economy. Try white stone

    - increase the stone drops outside of UDs slightly! Not too much cuz it will suck.

    Now i know that there are ppl who will pretty much hate the things i wrote here or just don't wanna accept it. Well. I see your point and i get it. But you all want it easier cuz you are LAZY af! And mad that you can't get sh*t done in an easy game like DBO. You might've lost your stuff a couple times but it's still no reason to make the game easier than it already is. <X

    DBO is and was always an easy game. Don't understand why ppl wanna make it even easier.

    Also this is just my opinion and how i see things. You can ignore it if you want to...:saint:

    reather than that i will prefer a system that require more stones but assure you upgrade,who cares if soon or leate all get +15 better for pvp if all got same gear will count just skills You crazy or something? This will increase price for stones to a ridiculous price since everyone is going to want/need a huge amount of them. And since this is not bad enough, over time everyone is gonna have +15 sh*t which will end in no one buying any gear stuff except for new players. And this means you are pretty much killing the ingame Economy. How will ppl make money? Selling stones? How will ppl make money to buy your stones so you can make money?

    Just pray to RNGesus for stone drop. Dropped in 1 day 2x u70 red and 1x u70 green. And i had days where not even a downgrade stone dropped. You just have to put some time into farming. Many ppl here are just lazy man....

    No to buffs and yes to dash.

    Kid Buu with no buffs can still rock all mobs with Genocide Blast. But i agree on the dash part. Wanted that back in DBO too.

    Also i think GN should get something. Like maybe a little more movement speed.

    channel collapse can be caused by many things unfortunately.

    All you can do is wait for dbog team to find the problem and fix it.

    Please be patient and remember this is a test sever. channel crashes will occur during test phase

    well we all know that. But i have to admit that it sucks when it happens on the day when we can hunt for dbs. Didn't something like this happen last saturday too? I remember not being able to login for the second db hunt time xD

    And this is also the reason why people get mad :D

    Hackers have nothing to do with this xD

    Maybe it's just a technical problem....that happens on the day of db hunt cuz so many ppl are there who wanna get dbs. During the hunt one channel was off. Then a second one went off right before db hunt ended i guess. And now this xD

    I have no knowledge on server things but maybe server is kinda stressed and that's why channels collapse?