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    I don't need call you dumb for not think like me, but really you think that a clean can be a solution? is wrong dude, is only a precedent for futures wipes when all this will repeated.

    Not calling you dumb cuz of different opinion. Called you dumb for that crap you posted lmao. I understand ppl who do not want a wipe. Other ppl who want a wipe do too. But we still want it cuz it'll save the game itself. It's needed!

    Its that hard to deal with that for some days? Really? Daneos can just put instant respawn papaya monsters for some days until the thing calms down and some extra channels, it would be harder to do some farming, but in party you should be able to do quests.

    Actually it won't be for a few days. If they do what you suggested + lvl 70 cap release, it'll be a mess until lvl 70. Instant mob respawn won't help then. Try to imagine how it'll be. If i do,i see (for example) 10 channels. Meaning that the best spots exist 10x. Now add the players into this. Would be too many even if you have instant respawn. Sorry dude, but i see no way of what you want happening. It all goes down to one option: Wipe completely.

    Trust me a wipe + new client and its features (+future features)+better security+Staff being more aggressive/active = a good game

    (If you ignore the class balance mess xD)

    Try to understand why ppl want a wipe. Ofc it sucks if our time got wasted. I hate it too. But not wiping and going into lvl 70 with this mess is just dumb. New client is literally the chance for a new start. Game needs to be changed with the wipe.

    Example: Make it harder for everyone to obtain those damn brown boxes or better, remove them (won't happen). Make ppl farm for good stat weapons or EQ. You telling me that some players having 500-1000 boxes (or more) each is normal? Or that upgrading is so easy that the game is full of high upgraded stuff? Those things were unthinkable in old DBO. That's why i want a wipe + major changes when it comes to stuff like that^

    So this game require that all us lvl our pjs a lot of times? xd when other guys will use a bug or some third sofware, will be neccesary other and other wipe xd is logic

    Man stop acting like you are dumb. Or maybe you are not acting, i don't know. You telling me that wiping a gam,e that got raped by ppl who used bugs/exploits/hacks so hard that there is no way to fix it, is wrong? Are you mental or something?

    The damage done to DBOG right now is too big. Can't be fixed cuz it literally made the entire game bad. How do you wanna fix it? How will you find those ppl who did crap now? Months later...If the Staff would've been aggressively searching those ppl, watching the game properly and had banned those ppl, then we wouldn't have to talk about a wipe.

    Didn't happen tho. Now Wipe is needed. A new client and lvl 70 will not fix the game. The damage done is too big. So you wipe, go back to 0 and do things right this time.

    First : the votes (not wiping data and wiping just items) are more than the votes with the wipe

    Second : Dont be selfish here , if you are ready to start all over again , there is people that dont have time for that you know ? , i have a job , friends and plenty other things , i dont have time to start all over again , think about all hours spend on the game , LEARN TO VALUE YOUR TIME

    Thank you !

    The No voters did new accounts to vote for No more lmao. If the Staff does a poll, which will be watched by them, i'm sure the Yes ppl win.

    Also you keep saying that ppl who want a wipe are selfish. And after that you wrote down on why you wouldn't want a wipe. Cuz your Life atm doesn't allow you to play much. Now if that is not selfish, then i don't know. "Don't wipe cuz other ppl and i don't have much time to play"...your argument right there. It's selfish. Understandable, but selfish.

    Everything you listed is called Life.

    I also have a job and friends etc. but i happen to manage my time efficient enough to play. Same for others. Then there are ppl like you. Sucks for you ofc if Wipe happens. But the wipe will make sure the game gets better. If the Staff does their Job right, after Wipe we shouldn't have a f*cked up game like DBOG is now.

    The Game stands above your Equipment and whatever you have. All of that is useless if the Game sucks. As i wrote before, go thank the Staff for not doing their job right. They are not aggressive enough with ppl who bug/hack/exploit. Thanks to that, we all might have to start over. Hopefully tho cuz the Game has to survive...I myself and others who want wipe don't really wanna start over too. It's just that it is the only option. Has to be done.

    When i read those responses its clear that they didnt read my propose to deal with that problem.. God...

    People read it, they just don't like it i guess lmao. Also i also said that it'll be too much of a mess. Having all lvl 60 ppl farm with trash gear at all farm spots in every channel will be madness. Even if they add 10 extra channels. Ain't worth it. A 100% wipe is way easier. Will that be messy at the start too? Yes, but ppl literally rush to 30 fast so others would be able to quest in peace. Can't do the same thing with lvl 60 ppl. You can't rush with crap equipment on papaya island lmao. Also some ppl are used to Multiclient so hard, they will literally cry in RL cuz they realize they can't play the game solo lmao.

    Hope you understand this too Mrgentleman47 . It just won't work that way.

    wiping all data its redicolus , a lot of players will be victims and they did nothing wrong , thats will cause drop and losing players in the game , and if you are ready for that that's means you are selfish you just think about yourself , this is a comunity we should hear everyone's opinion

    Thank you !

    You should've read the posts on the other pages...

    We know that we ppl, who do not use bugs or exploit to gain advantage, did nothing wrong. It's the players that did those things. And thx to the DBOG staff for not doing their job right at the start. I'm sure they got some ppl here and there but most of the ppl doing that crap got away with it. Results are seen now. And trust me, without a fresh restart, the 70 cap will be even worse.

    Accusing us of being selfish is pathetic. I want my stuff deleted together with everyones even tho it sucks, but as long as the game gets better it's alright. And you say this is selfish? xD

    Yes this is a Community. But trust me, 90% of them are toxic little motherf*cking crying babies that can't play a game that is Easy on a difficulty lvl. Also thanks to that said Community, the game is the way it is. DBO was an easy game already back then. DBOG is so easy, it's ridiculous. So many unnecessary changes have been done tothe game only cuz of said ommunity crying over having a hard time in an easy damn game. So i myself literally hate 90% of the Community. The rest 10% are some ppl who at least see the crap that DBOG is.

    I'd love to see DBOG reverted back to how original DBO was. And then do some changes from there. But none of that "this class should be able to do this and that" crap. I would make sure Fighters are set for PvP and not buff them/change them so they can farm in PvE like a Turtle or Plasma etc. And i would make support classes be support. Ultimate Majin being OP in PvP and PvE is wrong af. But "the community" wanted it that way... big mistake to listen to 90% of the Community. They only know one direction and that is: Make things easier pls.

    In conclusion:

    A wipe is needed. A complete 100% fresh new start with the release of the new client is the only right thing to do to make sure the game becomes good. Everyone trying to avoid that, sorry but you are being the selfish ones. You see the dmg of the game and still keep saying "but i/we put much time and i don't wanna do this and that..." etc. We understand that. But it's meaningless if the Game is bad. So don't bother coming up with that one. We already know and don't care.


    a wipe ONLY when Daneos can add some kind of game guard or whatever protection. And the Team has to actively watch over the game. If Daneos can't add some security crap, forget the wipe, forget the Game. Cuz then ppl will show up to keep bugging their way through the game, or use other exploits which will hit the game even harder than it already did. A game like that ain't worth it.

    I think it makes no sense at this point to keep talking about this Wipe thing. No one from the Staff cares for now. I know some of them who also want a wipe. Not sure about the others. I don't trust the Staff atm anyways. Not all of them tho, but some of them are hella fishy ppl. The staff has two options atm: Wipe or not Wipe. I feel like they might try not Wipe and do some sh*t option of their own that will just end up bad, as always lmao.

    I invite you to read the post i wrote in the other thread about suggestion for upgrade system ^^ . I will quote it , i think it s better then a random rng .

    Make it hard , like you want , but for everyone . No one should be able to rush +15 with 3/ stones ^^

    Well, that suggesiton is also thought out well. Got a few things tho..since i think i am what ppl call a pessimist. I'd say i'm just overthinking in general but with the results i often happened to be right...

    To 1:

    -Stones can be dropped easy atm. Sure for some it's not easy cuz of bad luck maybe, but overall, it is. I think i still have 100x U60 blue. Had the same amount of U60 red stones...

    -Making a NPC trade regular stones for purple/green stones would mean ppl get those easier thx to easy regular stone drop of red/blue stones.

    -Adding a new Dungeon/TMQ for one stone...and under those requirements of Teamplay...forget that one lol.

    -Adding a new NPC to trade medals or whatever to get purple/green stones from said NPC is too much with the first two points that i wrote down. Would make it even easier than it already is.

    To 2:

    - As i've mentioned above, RNG makes sure ppl don't go to high upgrades too easy. It's a gamble. Some ppl have luck and get high upgrades and others get f*cked. By deleting it, you make Upgrading more rewaarding which is nice but i think for DBO it's death at some point. What's the point in rewarding if everyone has it after a certain while? What to do then?

    -If i combine those caps you gave as an example with your suggestion in the first part, it sounds too easy to achieve. Too many options to get stones...Ofc you could come up with a new cap setting but that would make it too hard for ppl. And we all know, ppl want it as easy as possible. They would just trash talk you if you try to make it harder. And tbh i feel like your suggestion is already too much for a majority of players hahahahaha. Sad but true.

    With your suggestion, you wrote that it's 379 stones to reach +15. With the first part, you make it easy to get those tho. With that NPC trade, special TMQ/UD,Medal trade... xD I mean it's still hard. I admit it. But for me it's nothing tbh. And some others think the same. The majority will hate this tho. So i don't see this happening. And to me it's also just a guaranteed +15 after a certain while, even if it's hard. RNG makes sure that even after a certain while, there are not too many high upgraded things (example: DBO official servers)

    That's how i see your suggestion.

    For now i'll stick with what i suggested tbh. It's bascially back to the roots. And i think it would be good for now, going back to original state. We know it would help to get rid off of too many high upgraded items. We saw it back then. Just have to make sure ppl can't duplicate stuff such as stones...and items in general....

    I'd say don't touch upgrade for now. Just bring back break option and make stones like white stone and purple/green stone drop harder. Also make blue/red stones drop just a little harder too. This was the reason why there were not so many +10 or more things in the official servers. It was hard to get the material. And even when you did get them, the fear of break was always there. Especially for f2p ppl. Cashers had the P2W thing by getting stones including white stones through Cash Shop. But that's no more on DBOG. White stone can be dropped. So by doing what i just said, it could get harder to gain +10 or more once again. Also it would benefit the ingame economy especially for ppl that start later. They could make zeni by selling stones...

    Is RNG fair? No cuz it's gamble. And trust me when i say i got f*cked hard sooo many times over the years while playing this game lol. You can put 5h of farming stones into a weapon and end up at +7. Someone else could get +8 or more by putting maybe 2h of farming. RNG makes sure that there are not too many high upgraded items. And until we get a suggestion that doesn't make sure we get high upgrades over time, i'd say don't touch it.

    Lostcoco you put some time and thought into what you suggested. And you suggested it a couple times xD And you know that i was always against it. hizeee wrote what i wrote back then too. It just means that over a certain amount of time, server will be full with +15, 100% guaranteed xD That's just a no go. Also what i read from you know with the prices is wrong. Can't make a suggestion using prices even for an example cuz prices can change. Also the wipe thing is not 100% through so in case of wipe your suggestion would be screwed,

    Also Lostcoco you are right on what hizeee suggested. It's the same thing as your suggestion. I don't see that work either.

    I was thinking about a weapon EXP thing but it resulted in me giving up on that, Would only work for lvl 70. People wouldn't be using their weapons long enough to upgrade them with weapon EXP system cuz DBO is an easy game when it comes to lvling up lol.

    So yea. That's my point for now about Upgrade i guess. Yes i know ppl are not a fan of RNG. Same here. But i'd rather have that + my suggestion to make sure upgrading is painful af than having a new system that makes it easier. Check out AH lmao. So many high upgraded crap. And don't forget that the players you see at Plat or whatever also have many high upgraded stuff. Upgrading in DBOG atm is easy af. AH is the proof.

    I know. Others know. Some ppl just refuse to understand. Not my problem. They see the state of the game.

    To 1: That's 100% needed. And that stuff is entirely up to Daneos himself. If he can't provide that, forget the wipe and forget DBOG.

    To 2: Also 100% true. I'd say the DBOG Staff do an open application where ppl can try to be in balance team. BUT those ppl will not be chosen by Staff alone, ppl will vote too. This way we can decide on who would be useful in the Balance Team. None of that secret Illuminati crap.

    To 3: Meh. Turning parts of open world into a dungeon can be hard to do..maybe. Not sure. But i got a better solution. Pretty sure i wrote it somewhere at the start of the Ideas for new client Thread.

    But here again: Take that "secret UD" in Red Map and remove the Mobs. Replace them with Papaya Island Mobs (the ones ppl farm at lvl 70). Problem solved. That Dungeon is useless anyways. Not many ppl use it, maybe no one. Just swap the mobs and done. The Dungeon is already there and swapping mobs is easier than turning open world locations into a Dungeon. In addition: You could make those mobs slightly harder to kill and just slightly increase drop rate inside that Dungeon. But not too much!!!

    Example with no relation to reality: Outside at Papaya Island you have 5% chance to drop a stone, inside Dungeon could be 8%...

    Stop of say shit man, much players won't it and a bunch will leave, only because of people o want a wipe, i was playing too and now i don't anymore because of wipe, i have college, i played to see all erased if u like erase your acc go ahead delete your own char but not mine, for me and others like it is a absurd and will be the end, my friends are erasing the game from theirs PCs only because of i said about the possibility of a wipe, my clan is only me now, that wipe is the end only, but for you all who love end the game and the fun of the others only because can't get the lv and the money for gear and more, shut up and play, play for not need a wipe because the others are best or more stronger than u, because u is the Pathetic one.

    Give your friends my Goodbye. If your friends quit then so be it lmao. You guys are not the only ones who put a lot of time into their characters. Not my fault if they cry about a wipe on the easiest game ever. Pretty sure they cry harder on other games too.

    Also you shut up. Your statement that only weak ppl want wipe or they want a wipe cuz they are weak is pathetic. The most pathetic reasoning on why not to wipe so far. Congratz on that btw.


    This is the current situation, some people just won’t listen. Let them leave or stay for something better to come.

    I know. That dude just pissed me off with that pathetic crap he posted lmao.

    If the Team makes an official poll about wipe or not wiping and monitor that poll, wipe will win. Then those against wipe can create as many fake accounts as they want to vote for No. Will be useless cuz the staff will watch that poll. And if wipe happens, hopefully some of those ppl who maybe are as pathetic as Cernunnos will leave the game.

    People like that who only think with selfish thoughts, be it about class balance or a wipe, can go and never come back. No game needs toxic ppl like that. We literally say the game sucks hard, they see that it sucks hard, it can't be fixed with new client or lvl 70 alone and they still got the nerve to come and say "but my stuff.." Damn son!

    About that wipe conversation. These wipe subjection is coming only from those who are weak players and want a chance to be an overpowered player if a wipe occurs, because they want play from the beggning of server, it is a noob talk.

    One word: Pathetic.

    Also with your other post you just said why you don't want a wipe. If the game sucks in general, your equipment and whatever you have ingame has absolutely no worth. And boi, this game sucks hard lol. You and many others who don't want a wipe only think about that thing.."my stuff". Guess what, what you did, we who want a wipe, did too. And sometimes even more extreme than you. I don't even know how much i farmed in DBOG so far lol. It's just too damn much for sure.

    I understand why you don't want a wipe tho. Others who want a wipe understand too. But it means nothing having all that stuff if the game simply sucks. New client won't solve that problem. and lvl 70 also won't solve that problem. A 100% wipe is the only way. You can't fix this game with updates alone. The dmg done is just too big.

    To me you seem like someone who finally managed to do well and now doesn't wanna lose it lol. I can understand how you feel tho.

    The lvl 29 cap was a fail and since 45 cap it was clear that game would need another wipe. At 55 it got worse and at 60, well, you see the results...

    And pretty sure the two unnecessarily rude responses you got already showed what a lot of people think about it, so better leave it for another game, since including such concept to the game would just make people more mad, cause arguments and other possible negativity.

    My meme was not meant to be rude. That's my humor hahahahahaha. I love posting memes to ridiculous suggestions. And tbh i did laugh at myself a little for posting that meme. Was funny to me xD

    No diss to Rean tho but marriage and DBO does not fit. I know other games have a couple system or something like that where you gain couple exp by playing at the same time to get a special buff or whatever BUT that stuff does not work for DBOG. The game itself is easy enough so i really don't know what benefit you could get lol.

    Other suggestions were kinda ok i think.

    Fishing: i could see it for crafting something. But then again...what exactly? Food? There are many options for that already + pots...

    Dance: meh. It's like those action emoticons (laugh etc.) Not really needed. Also i'd say not easy to add.

    Races: Should've called it Minigames. That's actually nice. There could be many things to do.

    Group Vehicles: Meh. We can fly as long as we want unless we use dash flight. Vehicles make sense for below lvl 30.

    Ingame Bets for Budo: Meh. Depending on how much you can bet etc . i could see a possible abuse to make zeni (bribing ppl etc.)

    More Hairstyles: Meh. Personally i don't care but Ok. People just want Goku/Vegeta/gogeta/vegetto etc. hair anyways lol

    Air attacks: Forget that one. Would take too much time do that.

    More wishes: Sure. Would be nice. Unless ppl want too much...

    More skills: Forget that one too. If there are no skills in the client for content after 70 it'll be waaay to hard to come up with new ones and do animation/effects and sh*t.


    Just my personal opinion. Can be ignored....

    Hes actually saying that:

    - Even with the possibility of new security, the cashers, no lives, and the “good” will have godly gear again and the ones you consider bad players will stay bad. So basically whatever Daneos does, it will happen again and that everytime it does happen, you (wipe supporters i presume he’s talking about) will ask for Wipe until it goes your way. A wipe just slows them down (according to him).

    Ok I've come to the conclusion that you have your head out of your ass and any further comments from you should be ignored.

    i agree with Takaroku . You are just against a wipe. No matter what we say, you will twist something or come up with something to say: no wipe.

    Makes no sense trying to explain to you. You see the state of the game. If you truly believe that new client itself or combined with lvl 70 release will save the

    guys let's be real here, ok you want a wipe and then what? everyone gonna be +0 for a while but after few weeks the good and the cashers will be +10 and eventually +13 and +15 again, and the others will still remain trash like you consider them at the moment. Fair game? u mean those who have no life and those who do, and those who played the game for ages and those who didn't, what would a wipe change? yea there may have been duplication and cheats and hacks and bugs or whatever you want, but no matter what daneos does or can do, it will come back eventually, and so u'll ask for wipe again and again and again until things go you guys' way? thats just too naïve to believe a wipe would fix everything or most part of it, since those who cheated or bugged once can easily do it again, and those who cashed for +15 will have cash back anyways, so whats the point? slow it down even more?
    if even in TW and KR people were able to find cheats to it, what makes you thing that dbog will fix all those probabilities?

    We want a wipe when Daneos can put on real security for the game...A wipe with no security for the game makes no sense anyways lmao. It's been said that Daneos has better control of the game with the new client. So it should be possible to put up some kind of security to make sure duplicating etc. won't happen. Makes no sense to wipe just to have the same crap again.

    Also, by "updating" (changing some stuff) it can be made sure that upgrading is not easy anymore.

    Examples: Make white stone drop harder, make purple/green stones harder, add old break option back, no stones in cash shop.

    By doing that stones will be worth something. And it'll be more annoying to go +10 or more... But ofc no one would want that lmao. And to make it even harder, remove boxes? Want good stat stuff? Actively farm..or if you are a casher, get rich and buy from a farmer...

    Game sucks. It needs a wipe. But only when Daneos can put up some gameguard or whatever. If not, wipe is not needed cuz the game will die 100% after a certain amount of time. No need to add new features/content if the game sucks lol. That would be a total waste of time.

    Attack speed became a thing cuz of lvl 70 content. The game worked perfectly fine without it before. I hate that it turned out that way back in old DBO. That was the only reason i created a Poko back then and on DBOG...

    My solution:

    Give attack speed a cap that is low to the point it's not OP anymore. Like you can still go atk speed but it's not as effective as using class skills. Then turn the attack speed buff of Poko and Karma into self buff so together with Fighters those 3 classes are the only ones to gain more speed. But ofc thx to a low cap they won't be OP anymore.

    Then rework Dungeon/TMQ/UD/CC etc. mobs so ppl can take them down with class skills (button smash spam xD) Then some good class balance. Et Voila! Every class can go into dungeons cuz atk speed is not really needed anymore.

    Get rid off this atk speed train. The game worked without it before and it was a thousand times better....

    TEAMPLAY ppl, not brain dead one click to auto attack...

    The one that is being selfish here is you. Think as a normal player for one second. Would you come back after 5+ wipes?

    Personally, i dont want a wipe, but i feel that coming for some reason, a lot of people in the community is talking about it, so i made an idea to do it in a better way.

    Talking about the gear, atleast there has to be a wipe for the lv 60+ items, because they are not supposed to be in the game atm. And the current one is going to be outdated in the coming lv 70 meta.

    How selfish of me to want a good game ;( Sorry,

    The other ppl after your post basically wrote what i wanna write. So that's your answer for your post. In addition: Hell yea i would play this game even after 20 wipes. As long as it's good i will play this damn game. Everything i say is from a normal player. Cuz i am a normal player. Not sure what you understand as "normal plyer" tho lol. I want this game to be good. If a wipe helps, wipe this bad boi. I don't wanna see a wipe too. Just like others who want a wipe. It's just the game sucks so hard to us that it's just needed...

    What you suggested was suggested once beofre. I wrote exactly what Revenge wrote above to that suggestion. It won't work by just deleting items etc. and leave characters. Would be too much of a mess even if they add 5+ extra channels...

    If ppl wanna keep their names (dumb reason tbh) then i guess a wipe where characters get set back to lvl 1 is acceptable. To please those SSJGokuGod/GokuBlue ppl... xD

    Either that or 100% wipe. What i suggested now seems annoying tho. Dunno if it would be extra work or not to do it like that. If it is extra work, f*ck it and go 100% wipe. Also just beccause some ppl want a wipe it doesn't mean theer will be a wipe. Pretty sure the STaff is not sure about it. Some of them would want a wipe and some won't. If they make an official vote, it could be even. Except for the No voters who would create fake accounts to vote for No lmao. But then again, can a poll be taken seriously with a community like this? I mean ppl always vote for what's easy and convenient for them. No one wants a challenge. They want everything as easy as possible although DBO was always an easy game...X/

    Boiii, if you do a wipe, you do it the right way. And the right way is 100% wipe. Back to 0. People against wipe are just selfish. To those guys: F*ck your equipment lmao. And f*ck your SSJGokuGod or whatever cringe name you got too. Those things are not important when the game sucks hard.

    We need a regular wipe. Means Everything gets deleted. Leveling a Character is the easiest thing to do in DBO. 1-46 is hella fast and easy. 46-55 is the only trouble. And 55+ is literally EXP festival lmao. Using the excuse "lvling takes time" is a joke at this point.

    Yes, some ppl don't have much time to play BUT that's how life is. If you have a job or go to school/college (whatever) and don't have much time to play a game, that's how it is. Those things are more important than playing a game. So don't come up with that "excuse" to justify on why not to wipe a f*cked up game. It's just selfish. The game has issues that can't be fixed with new client alone , updates or lvl 70 lmao.

    Ofc a wipe makes sense only if Daneos can put up protection for the game. If not, talking about a wipe makes no sense. It would make more sense to stop playing a game that we know won't really get better and sucks. Now that would be a waste of time...

    I've been doing that since January :^, could see this coming from a mile away.

    Amateur...been doing that since November...

    Literally logged in 2 days ago the first time since November hahahahahaha. Daaamn this game is so f*cked up. AH has so many high upgraded crap. And the prices are ridiculous. Economy is pretty much dead to me. No one from my Friendslist is playing which is sad af...

    The reason why i started DBO is cuz it was my dream game. I always wanted a MMORPG based on Dragonball. Then when i saw it i couldn't believe it lmao. MMORPG based on an Anime like Dragonball is the damn dream lmao. Pretty sure other Anime MMORPG would be even Naruto or One Piece. Well, One Piece would be way too complicated but still.

    Told you the reason on why i started DBO. Now what was fun...well, it was the first MMORPG i really liked.

    Met a lot of ppl, back then it was all about Teamplay. And it was easy af to find Parties to do TMQ,UD and all the other things that you need a party for. Damn, it was kinda annoying to me back then too hahahaha, Had times where i wanted to play alone for a little while but i kept getting invited into parties for everything. That's the major reason why i loved DBO. It really felt like everyone was playing the DBO Story, teaming up etc. to conquer this game. Even tho it was P2W, F2P ppl could still keep up with cashers. Only in upgrading cashers had an advantage cuz of white stones. BUT since ppl could drop very good things like max. stat weapons, F2P were able to make money and buy white stones from cashers to keep up with them. Back then when game was all about grind and not damn boxes...

    I will never forget DBO. DBOG is kinda disappointing atm so meh... xD

    Hope it gets better so i can have the old DBO feeling. Well, it won't be the same feeling since i want the old DBO, like having break option, no boxes, MORE TEAMPLAY, remove atk speed so all classes can go into dungeon (button smashing xD) etc. Won't happen tho...;(