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    As in title, I used to main poko, but haven't been in the game since they released lvl 60. I just hit the cap and then quit.

    Wondering about PvE builds for CC and gearing.


    Obviously attack speed gear is still of choice but what else?

    I need to know jewlery stats preferred and armor stats. thanks

    Hello as in the title, here is what Im looking for:

    CRAFTED ENE Gloves between in the lvl range 53-55

    At least 17% energy critical damage

    Preferably Rare but Excellent fine if you get the stat


    Paying 1.5 MIL for these minimum requirements. Im not looking to spend more than 2.5mil for higher stats. Leave your offers here pls

    No it's not, it's actually pretty simple to accomplish, it's just that Daneos said from the beginning that he'll not add new content, at least till he fix all kind of bugs ... So none suggestion will be viable, because he doesn't want to add nothing at all.

    What he probably meant is that he wont add entirely new features, but modifying already existing features like adding a sub-class changer (which has already been confirmed is being worked on) or adding dash to another race is more likely to occour. Nobody says that koreans were right all along by not adding dash to pure majins in the first place. It boils down to if majority wants it, if yes then I don't why NOT to add that.

    Yes I realize you get the faster fuel later but the point is to have it from the beginning since that’s the slowest progressing period due to walking and extremely demotivating.

    The fact that you’re not sure if the main quests areunderlined proves that even if they are - it’s done incorrectly since nobody knows.

    So I’ve been playing for two weeks now and I would like to present a few suggestions that You might want to consider.


    - give a faster fuel to the scooter in the first box. The beginning o leveling is a pain in the ass because of the movement speed. Just limit it to 1-2 days so players will have to buy one if they wish to use one later.

    - underline main quests. It would be handy to have the main story quest line in a special colour like idk. Purple so that players who only want to get necessities like dash and flight can get those quests and then focus on speed leveling on mobs.

    - revise experience in some quests. Seriously some quests have ridiculously low exp respective to their task. For example an escort quest during late lvl 40s which gives you 5-6k exp but takes 10 minutes. Any player will choose to instead kill mobs for 10 minutes which will yield a lot more exp. I know revisiting every quest is a slow process but at least have it on your to-do list. It’s a medium priority thing I guess, bugs being high priority. Remember though that if the quests don’t feel rewarding, it will discourage many many players to keep playing. If you want people o farm, the entire end-game is a farm fiesta.

    - increase the pool of acceptable quests.

    Cash Shop;

    - add name change item

    - add subclass change item

    - remove lvl 1-29 exp scroll - it’s a trap for newbies. You get these in the level boxes and you do get plenty of them.

    Auction House:

    - let us search by item effects - please god

    - let us place items in the AH for longer than 24 hours.

    - fix the sorting within the Sell tab

    u don't like the build from sexy10 :( (took me a long time to find that) it might not work in dbog since the skill lock is working on boss (not sure)
    i'd do genocide blast after lvl 55 cap since the CD goes 2sec on max lvl.

    just make a build for lvl 55 cap, then move on.

    But can someone please confirm, does skill lock work on Boss from CCBD or is it a bug? , if it does then that's retarded. No reason going plasma instead of karma for PVE.

    Hey pal, I do like some things but I dont use builds for copying, just relying on info and suturing it to myself :) Hope you get me ;*


    I recently started a Karma majin as my first char ( I know, not the best choice for a starter), and I'm having issues figuring out a build that would make my life easier in PvE until reaching lvl 55 (or soon to be 60 I hope).

    I will post a build of what I think is decent but I would like people who have knowledge on Karmas to provide feedback and tips on how to tweak the build to best suit a PvE playstyle for Karma Majin during the Leveling process and later "Speed Karming".

    Again, I want to underline that this is purely for PvE

    So here is what Im running ATM at level 47:…0010300242314001103122020

    - 6 points in double whammy + 2 points in mask light (for knockdown) for single target spam.

    - Genocide blast maxed for level being. gonna max it asap for pure majin farming.

    - Anger explosion ive been told is superior to the other options for aoe without pure majin

    - Ra Ra to complement Anger

    - mobility seal 1 point just for sticky situations

    - playful doll and hesitation for big packs and bosses

    I was looking at my stats as I upgraded my Mask with the temporary +12 ticket and I noticed that no stats are applied from the mask. Like Phys atk and Energy atk. Here is what I mean:






    I find it very confusing figuring out how and where to get good gear for current level, plus what stats should be looked out for?

    We have all these TMQs and UDs and other things like CC. If someone was able to construct a quick guide on which dungeon/instance should be farmed for best gear during leveling, plus obviously how and where to obtain end-game gear.

    Heyyy, I'm wondering if there are any chances to increase the general speed of scooters, especially the beginner one.

    I remember, it was a pain in the ass to get around in DBO back in the day, and considering this is a fan-hosted server, I was hoping we could this quality of life improvement here as well.