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    until balance is this way no point pvp,sk will always be king,they should remove all classes and keep only namekian,since this game is SKO not dbo(atleast if you want to pvp)

    only korean server was have good balance before they ruin it after level 55 2nd patch

    Yes indeed, tanker class gear lower in defense than DPS class.

    Why should tankers, tank? Pointless....

    No offense, no.

    then leave armour this way,but since YOU SAY sk is a tank should get his dps LOWER buy a lot

    human is dps,namekian is a tank so reduce theyr damage of 50% boost dw dmg of 30% and all will be fine ;)

    i understand that you want sk to be op since you main it,but isnt supposed to be like this,atm is a dps with high def

    pitifully this game is not based on having skills, it is based on having better armor, what happens if everyone has a +15 armor? It will be boring and everything will be based on luck at the time of PvP or always the best classes will win.

    Boaring? Will be better lol

    All have same chance of win and only who have more good strategy will be the best? Better than now that win who have the bigger wallet

    And another thing I want to say, the money is get by working, let's put this example, a person works 8h a day for €40. Another person does not work and this is 8h he spends his time farming. If that person wants to invest those €40 worked to the game is their decision. You with 8h farming I'm sure you can win many stones if in 5 minutes minimum you get 1, imagine 8h... So do not put excuses of "they want make more money"

    With 40 dollars you can buy a full game. We talk about money here just for be able to endgame dungeons.

    And tbh only who no life this game have good items.

    I will be ok if the item will not downgrade but as it is now make the game a never ending grind of you are unlucky.

    This game needs Lees luck and more skills for be alive

    And tbh you get stones U70 maybe 1 in 2 hours... Maybe...

    Is ok if will not change in better the game will die like happen on tw and kr lol

    No I will not stop, I can say what I think and I think this trash upgrade system make the game worst of original version.

    The game itself is good but upgrade system need be changed.

    With my system surely will be better, people will not lose what they archive, actually will have a reachable goal not a utopy like is now.

    Also I will make the stones binded so you will actually need farm them.

    Oh and also you don't see connections because you are a mod alt accounts aren't you? 7 posts all in this thread lmao

    This system need zeni.people cash get zenith and buy stones. Or buy already upgraded items for real money. All can find a seller I find like 5 in one day selling dupes lol.

    And another thing newgameway sell zeni for the game thanks to bot.

    If upgrade will be possible I bet people with not cheat.

    Now you want to write something sensated or just keep writing no is better this way because we need earn more money? I don't think daneos will not change it,once the server will become ghost town because it already happen in kr he will do all for keep a player Base. Yes or no this server got 300 people, Ffxiv got 2 millions players. Ask yourself why.

    who complain is the same people as always weeping for having a +15.

    People who don't comment know perfectly that the system is not going to change and from the outside they laugh at the things you and the others 4 cats say.

    If you don't like the system. there's the door, no one forces you to play ;)


    Still 0 sensated comments and the deal with it attitude. You know that this server will follow kr?

    A lot of people quit not only me

    And I invite you to read how much we are... Is not always the same 4 people.

    Oh and again of course mod like this system, server with this system earn more money lol. We already see that this project is heavy based on money rather than skills. Don't worry anyway we don't play here a lot until things doesn't change. My steam list got 200 game just waited to be played, I just want this game to be good and atm it isn't

    For say the truth (I'm a lawyer) this project can close in every moment.

    He take donations in cp, donations give nothing back here is like a shop.

    He is making money from dragon ball image, propriety of ban dai and toei. He should pay them for dragon ball franchise.

    Will be ok if he will remove all dragon ball items, but as it is now is opened only because ban dai doesn't care

    Sure then who don't want to risk will buy it? Clearly you don't understand nothing on how this game works.

    Risk? Risk will be OK if item will not downgrade. As it is now people don't risk people use real money for buy item. Atm dbo is like a game with DLC, very expansive dlc.

    And don't say lay, for full enjoy pve need atleast +12 and +10,very hard upgrade to get.

    Oh and tbh go read Korean forums gringo, you will notice how much Koreans complained and don't play this game because of this upgrade system. They play 1 year and after leave and the game become ghost town. They come for che update and end.

    And other thing old upgrade system was have core stones. Core stones (ex white stones) wasn't make your item go more down of +6.Normal endgame gear was +9 or +10 and was accessible to all.

    They change it to this for make more money compriendes?

    Now if you need to write something like jajajaja you can not reply otherwise if you got some good point I will listen and tell you more why this system is a fail

    To mods: of what I see if we don't count the mods who ofc say is that this system is OK, seems a lot of people doesn't like it. Is not only us 3 like someone was saying

    Welcome to DBO!

    If you think you're going to get +15 good luck, only a few lucky people will be able to arrive having a lot of luck and taking a risk.

    You think you're the only one who's affected by this? It affects us all lol.

    I'll say it again in case you're not clear: The armor from +10-+15 is for people who want to risk, if you're crying all the time so that why you want risk getting more?

    Even if you have 500 stones it doesn't guarantee you get a +15. +15 is a lottery! That many of you are not clear.

    And this is why the game fail so hard and will fail even here. Upgrade shouldn't be a lottery but should take effort and skills.

    A good amount of people will leave after notice how this bad system works,look what happened to original server.

    The worst part is that this system isn't maked for make the game harder or more challenging but just for make you cash and lose items. Guys who think is challenging go try Ffxiv. Until level 30 is free. There you will notice how a true mmorpg should be nowadays. Best items? In dungeons. Upgrade items? Do tasks and dungeons. Not all luck based like here. This system is designer for make you cash open your eyes

    Not being funny but you had +12 but got greedy lmao. I understand you're pissed at the fact you wasted so much but whos fault is it really, you could of stopped at a good upgrade point but you didnt...

    The point is this shouldn't happen. It should stay +12? Yes. It should get downgrade? No

    x50 :comcom3::comcom3:, What mmorpg do you come from? Hello kity online? wtf

    If that happens in another mmo is because it has another upgrade system, you can not compare a mmo with other mmo with different systems, it makes no sense LOL

    Ffxiv got better system

    Aion, Aura kingdom, blade e soul tera all got a better system without downgrade and they are still opened

    Ffxiv is the most played mmorpg and have easy upgrade that make you do dungeons for upgrade.

    Hardlock doesn't want to understand that a better system even if all will have +15 will be more balanced because all will have same items so will count only skills.

    And tbh i just want downgrade get removed not fail

    Drop rate low? I'd rather not comment...

    And yes, a pity to have that on the development server and not in the PoB.

    PS: I would like to see who sells +15 for dogi balls or brown boxes in the Open Beta jaja..

    For upgrade like it is now with the downgrade that make no sense at all in a new day mmorpg stones should drop like x50 of how it is now for be balanced lol. Or even better remove break card and leave the drop as it is now. This formula doesn't work only work for cashers and no lifers

    My stick went from +9 to +7 (U70 purple + white) to +10 (U70 purple).. it's about guessing & getting lucky. Personally, I'm okay with the upgrade system. So please stop complaining & posting forums about the same topic because the system is fine the way it is.

    For you is fine for us no, so we will not stop complaining and write why we don't like upgrade system. Something like this upgrade system ruin game play experience, make you waste time é money, isn't fair because is all luck, is maked for Asian f2p games and make dbo fail. Want you to fail? Good keep the game like this and I bet people will get bored very fast once they understand that or you no life it this game 24 7 or you use money or your gear will always be too low for do endgame things