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    and you can add the no broken and failed in the upgrade machine for everyone can achieve +15 and make the game more funny after all is gonna be a reset so is doesnt matter ;v

    You clearly don't understand it, no one cares about fun here, it's about finding bugs so the client can be finished asap. There are lots of lvl70s already but they should make everyone level 70 so every player has a chance to find bugs in dungeons where you need higher level or something similar. All quest bugs etc are already fixed/report because like I said there are already lots of lvl70s that did all those quests. It won't be reset btw we'll lose access to it since it's dev server and we have the access so we can test and find bugs so it's pointless making us level still smh

    Stop whining, bugs are getting fixed on new client slowly but they are getting fixed, better wait for a good finished client, they rushed Open Beta and see what do we have now lmao

    You know really what time i played? you really know what ammount of characters i leveled up before first reset? i love when people speak without any info. You know how much people i meet with 60 lvl characters? So easy try to say things you dont know. You know about programming? game developing? C languaje?

    What does programming and game developing have to do with your bullshit and desperate cry because you don't wanna lose your lvl52 character?

    You really dont understanded what i say, or just read what is for your interesting, i didnt say i didnt sleep for lvl 52 for more things, but get this discuss is useless, think what you like, the important here is the time i wasted playing, dont care in what. 4 years before we continue with this... we get full game when young boys become old mans? I dont know if there are bugs or exploits to +15 but u can get legit too.. is just get lucky with stones game. And what makes you thing this dont gonna happen again and again? i think better is get your + 15 and dont be jelousy from other players. For that he read all and answer all because you miss important things. Your reason resume is, because others want wipe, i dont have any rights to explain my opinion. The next who says that things like dont readed all, i wont answer i wont lose more time answering things you can read.

    You have no rights to speak about +15 things etc. when you are lvl52. That's my perception of both PVE/PVP, and I don't talk bs and fake news, I know what I'm talking about, so stop crying already, wipe will happen, it's your decision whether you want to quit or not.

    He answer me because got education.

    You say you didn't sleep to reach lvl52? And? In Open Beta, I have like 2k hours of playtime, 4 characters lvl60 and 3/4 lvl45+, I spent a lot of time gearing too. So you're not the only one who spent time to do something in the game. People who voted for wipe also did spend time to achieve something, to level, to gear, etc, btw, game is going to be wiped because everything that happened in Pre-Open Beta happened in Open Beta again, people have +15 gears because of bugs/exploits, so the best solution is wipe, but after all the bugs are fixed (at least most of them), and when the client is finished and playable

    Why y'all even reply to him? He doesn't want to lose his lvl52 and just let him be, poll was there and wipe clearly won. Lmaooooo "didn't sleep"

    P.S. he could just check forums or ask someone and see that wipe is going to happen

    If that is the case, then I am for wipe. But honestly, fix the win 10 lag freeze.

    I think the people who charged back should or shouldn't come back depending on how severe the chargeback was. I think those who charged back when daneos changed the stones in your bags was unfair. I could see why people would have in that case but not any others that I am aware of. If its a known troll, don't forgive. We already have enough of those as it is.

    It's already fixed on new client

    Yeah exactly, I won't name no one but fr there are people that got banned on other accounts, then clearly evaded a ban, some people got like banned on 3-4 accounts because of the same reason and they still playing the game, when someone who charged back like 20$ because he was bored of the game when there were no news of wipe, new client etc and he is banned permanently

    Provide a video to support your cause.

    -Beka, DBO G Team

    I tried to record, but when I record my screen how can you know if I pressed B (btw I think it's not just pressing B, I think it's when you try opening the Ranking Leadorboard)

    Oh yeah, I remember something, since I deleted a character I started crashing after login, my IGN is Zamasu (I removed characters Thane and Soul)