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    Its has already been nerfed by the speeding being capped already. Speed just saves times, imagine doing ccbd 1-150 without speed. Your looking at 6-8 hours to complete it. With speed at best its ~3 hours. Speed is not an abuse its a mechanic to save time. Speed is a PVE base skill, if you don't like speed then stick to pvp and stuff.

    The reason Danoes has been lacking content is because he is doing his best making sure the modified client is working 100%. He is ONLY focusing ALL his attention towards getting the client out and ready then he will start adding new content. He already has many ideas involving the future of the game. As for new races: he can not add towards the engine of the game since he did not compile the game himself that was NTL so he does not the have programs for adding new classes, new models which involve buildings, weapons, gloves, and equipment. New skills he can not add but, he can modify current skills and give them their own stats and current animations. Once the new client is out and working properly, I am sure he will start adding content which the community wants. Just keep patient with him and the staff.

    New content that is possible :

    New bbcd floors, boss will have to be a current boss model with maybe new attack styles and skills. (new rewards)

    new recolor/redrawn dogi (no new remodel dogi, can't add new model to the game :p)

    Maybe new skills

    Lvl 80 cap, there is enough content in the source to introduce level 80 and maybe some new quest on unreleased area. (weapons and armor)

    maybe a new tmq with dif reward and mobs but it will be a copy of a current tmq just being modify.

    New BID dungeons.

    Could make a new event similar to scramble and dragon hunt but will require lots of time worked on and lots of debugging.

    New tourny modes maybe king of the ring.

    As a main Poko player here are my idea.

    Few skills for both familiar:

    Dragon God's Fury, this familiar is a tank support pet.

    BUFF -Dragons Escort : Increase physical and energy defense by 319.

    *Buff is cast by the user (Poko) to any member of the party.

    *Cooldown : 1 minute.

    *Duration : 30 seconds.

    SKILL -Dragons Roar: Physical damage decreased by 15%. All enemies within 10m on 32 target are knockdown.

    *Skill is cast by user (Poko.)

    *Cooldown : 2 minutes.

    *Physical damage decreased by 15% duration, 16 seconds. DOES NOT STACK WITH HYPER BOMB.

    Dragon God's Rage, this familiar is a speed support pet.

    BUFF: Dragons Blitz Overload : Increase attack speed by 2% and movement speed by 2% over the speed cap.

    *Buff is cast by the user (Poko) all allies within 8m on 8 targets.

    *Cooldown : 1 minute .

    *Duration : 25 seconds.

    *This Buff DOES stack with Kami's Blitz and GoGo Mask making new speed cap for Humans and Majin 95% with 1100 speed rate gloves and 96% with 1220 speed rate gloves. For Dragon Clan, 98% with 1440 speed rate staff.

    SKILL: Dragons Screech : Energy damage decreased by 15%. All enemies within 10m on 32 target are knockdown.

    *Skill is cast by user (Poko.)

    *Cooldown : 2 minutes

    *Energy damage decreased by 15% duration, 16 seconds.

    That would still be to easy. Also +12 should be something special I'm trying to make it so that +8 should be the good gear. Until +6 (7,8 if you are lucky) you can't get broken anyway. Upgrading should be really hard (rare stones, low successrste, broken card, rare whites) with this people will only start upgrading after +8 if they finish everything else and thanks to the hard upgrade system they will need alot of time until they get +12.

    Moreover I don't want bind (unbindable) items anymore.

    Guess your right. Also dice at budo seems dumb should be a win for the player with most damage points with each class dealing 1 damage gives them certain amount of points since a fighter will do more than a buffer for 1 damage from fighter would be like 1 point and majin 3 points this will make upgrading and skill come into play.

    The problem with removing rng from upgrade is that you will make sure people will get 100% +15. That's what I'm trying to avoid. Also rng puts more fun into the game. You never know if that one stone will bring you a much better gear or make it worse.

    I understand where you are coming from but sometime farming for so many hours only to waste it all and earn absolutely nothing from attempting to upgrade can be demotivating. Maybe make armor/weapoms from upgrading with x amount of stones be bind and keep a +12 cap on it and for +15 still use the current system and adjust it woth some of your suggestions.

    I still think upgrade should not be rng and instead x amount of stones for the next upgrade. The stones are character bind and can only be dropped from mobs (remove stones from token shop), being in a party, stones will not drop or picking up someone else stones will not work. The stones need to be earned by the player itself with no help. This will motivate players to keep playing and upgrading their gear, it is an overtime accomplishment from the many hours spend farming.