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    to be honest i can't understand why a naruto / dragon ball 3D open world mmorpg doesn't exsist yet i mean , even if the mmorpg era is dead but this two licence's are like a beasts you can easly done a great game ,

    by the way if it's not a open world game then it will gonna be big garbage

    mee as a karma in POB i used to have crafted +15 golves 27% crit damage + 11 prop + 9 prop +13 prop ( earing + ring ) i used to farm wiith crafted +5 21 and 20 % lp recover and without a buffer it was way to long / almost iimpossible to farm papaya sharks , that have 9k lp each so if you wanna stop multi client how the fighter / sword will gonna farm ? how mee as karma mee i will gonna farm mobs , how the hell +15 crafted golves does a great damage and it was really hard to get .. so can't imagine with regular +10-+11 golves how i'am supposed to farm and play as a 100 % f2p player how am i supposed to get zenie expect purple and green stones you won't have any monney i used to bee in top 20 at least of the farmers servers , biids in general are usless , cuz you can't sell anything and to find a max stat drop is 95% impossible ( over 200 kraken run for 1 10 prop earing ) and it was a team mate who got the dice not even mee same for cellx and bacterian , so before plan some serious changes pleas ask players of the server , and stop acting / planing new things and ask gm's cuz to bee honnest and no offence they don't know how the hell this game is supposed to play obviously

    some stats need rework for example soul and strenght who use soul and strenght waepon and sub waepon and i wonder why we don't have strenght / soul sub waepon instead of e.attack and p.attack ? in addtion to a complete rework of the RNG in this game

    with this sytem we won't see random peopole at the plat

    honestly i am sure there wont be any new content in the game and as IronSamman98 said this game is 100% have to farm over 10 hours in order t get some stones and maybe you get something good with these upgrades and use all these upgraded gear you've made with so many hours to pvp which is really bad atm..i mean the pvp is bad

    yeah exactly for lvl 70 peopole there is no need to farm instance's , even the CCBD the only thing that is great and worth to get in the cc is that rare dogi ball so , farming at papaya island is x10 more benefic than anything else , UD5 / UD6 are usless ud's expect exp there is nothing special you can get there .. pve need a look on this game

    Where you get all this knowledge? Give me your incredible source please i beg

    why we need a new client ? why ? we will gonna have something new , a DBOG exclusive update ? new cap? , new instance ? new graphic engine ? this client is great enough to realse what leftt , 70 quests , and ccbd