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    First of all people who complain about too many +15 are people who don't even try to gear up and sit on plat all day.

    Secondly the only reason there are so many +15 atm is because of the quests giving stones and verdant making that event which granted some people over 30 stones and 150kk zenis.

    If you were to farm outside of UD3 atm, your progression will be slow as hell. But since the increased rate per mob rarity will be removed, it'll be the same thing for everyone now, BUT with a ~30% lower drop rate. Unless someone finds an exploit there won't be many +15 anytime soon unless you buy kits for $$.

    First I'd like to address the inconsistent amount of bonus mudosa points won when getting first place in solo and party budokai.

    For some reason party grants 50% more than solo despite having 5 players earning said points, while solo is just one person obviously. I believe that it makes no sense at all and if possible, rewards should be switched.

    Next is how long we have to wait in every single budokai after every single round, on top of how long the wait times are because 80% of the community is playing dice...

    I suggest that we cut each timers in half.

    For example; logo pops up--15 minutes later players can sign up and 15 minutes later the registrations ends. After every fight is finished in RO32, players have to wait 3 minutes instead of 5 currently.

    Lastly, mudosa shops. Note that every item should be tradeable. Because nobody plays kid budokai I will not suggest anything concerning kid coin, there is literally only one party playing kid budokai.

    For this one I'd like to point out that currently the winner coin is pretty much worthless while it should be of a good use.

    Some ideas (I'm not including dogi balls as they are being reworked from what I understood);

    - Brown Skill Reset Book for 10k mudosa/each

    - Highest current level cap upgrade kit for 500k mudosa

    - Pack of Consummables: x99 HL Life and Magic Pill Y-S, as well as x99 Delicious Foie Gras Stew and Cold Beautiful Fruit for 150k mudosa

    - Murasaki Outfit for 250k mudosa

    - Yamcha, Kami and Goku(buu exclusive) for 500k mudosa

    - F41 tickets for 50k mudosa/each

    And as for Adult Winner Coin shops;

    - General Blue Outfit for Adult Budokai Winner coin and 750k mudosa

    - Highest current level cap upgrade kit for 300k mudosa + 1 Winner coin

    - Pack of x10 Silver Boxes for 100k mudosa + 1 Winner coin

    - Pack of x5 28lv upgrade kit for 500k mudosa + 1 Winner coin

    - Pack of x100 15% Constitution, Soul, Focus, Strength, Movement speed and Energy potions as well as 20%LP/EP scrolls for 350k mudosa + 1 Winner coin (This may seem like a lot but it's only for PvE and plat/scramble as none of these works in instanced PvP, of CCBD)

    - Level 55 Scramble sub weapons (kid goku stick, etc) for 500k mudosa + 1 Winner coin (aesthetics only)

    Thank you for reading.

    Add it back to cash shop or mudosa or token whatever but it's very useful and helps a lot in many situations, I believe that it has been suggested couple times before and with 55 knocking at our door I wanna push it forward once more.


    The chests which are available on cash shop are pretty useful stuff and should be obtainable somehow as they are great QoL stuff. However with some adjustment as they drop stones and we don't want that. However, they give the cash shop potions and senzu beans which are all very important, on top of possible jewels (for the glorious ones, not sure about the name but it's the one which gives a Jewelry Chest.) therefore they should definitely be obtainable in some way, perhaps both in cash/wagu as well as token shop, or mudosa etc? I think that they definitely should be obtainable.

    As for cash shop itself... This outfit :saint: 2020-07-27-18-39-35_autoscaled.jpg

    Oh and other typical QoL stuff, such as brown reset books, exp scrolls, ccbd tickets, name changes guild name changes 20%LP scrolls etc etc... Perhaps even some weak tickets such as +6 since upgrading will be a real challenge early on (I predict that each cap will be great fun without anyone getting crazy gear, then eventually on the last cap people will stack up +15 as it's not about bullshit RNG anymore.)

    I think that dogi balls, as they are the last real RNG affecting gearing (since upgrade is adjusted as well as boxes), something should be done about them, as they are as frustrating as brown boxes.

    There are 3 unreleased titles that come to mind, which are pretty cool to have (they each have a rotating animation above the player's head, and give some good-ish stats.

    Obviously, they should be character bound, as the achievements in order to obtain them will be possible for any Solo Players.

    Have it either be PvP or PvE related, or maybe even both.

    PvP : Related to Ranked Battles (however the Staff will have to do something about the current mudosa farmers, i'm sure there is still random people nobody knows with 150+ win streaks).

    PvE : Related to global farming (which you can clear on your own), such as creating new special loots that are spread among certain mobs, thus creating a totally new farming purpose, as people will obviously try to sell/buy these loots in order to craft their own title.

    Achievements :

    My idea would be to add a recipe of these titles through a Mudosa Exchanger NPC (thus adding the PvP part), and then having to craft them with some mobs loot (which could be added by Daneos on some mobs), zenys, etc... (now the PvE part)

    That would be the "harder" idea.

    The "easier" idea would simply be to make it another CCBD Craft, or put them through the Event Boss NPC, but that would be too repetitive in my opinion.

    That may not sound like a straight up achievement but i'm trying to push something already existing which could be very good for the game, it could be called an achievement just by the fact that it won't be easy to obtain.

    Rewards (titles) :

    God of Gamblers ( 2con, 60 hit rate )

    Lady Luck ( 2eng, 50 dodge rate )

    Lottery God ( 2foc, 60 success rate)

    Stats should be changed obviously, especially for the dodge rate one which might be too strong.

    My idea would be :

    God of Gamblers : 5 CON, 30 Hit Rate

    Lady Luck : 3 DEX, 25 Dodge Rate

    Lottery God : 3 FOC, 25 Success Rate

    What do you think ?