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    There are 3 unreleased titles that come to mind, which are pretty cool to have (they each have a rotating animation above the player's head, and give some good-ish stats.

    Obviously, they should be character bound, as the achievements in order to obtain them will be possible for any Solo Players.

    Have it either be PvP or PvE related, or maybe even both.

    PvP : Related to Ranked Battles (however the Staff will have to do something about the current mudosa farmers, i'm sure there is still random people nobody knows with 150+ win streaks).

    PvE : Related to global farming (which you can clear on your own), such as creating new special loots that are spread among certain mobs, thus creating a totally new farming purpose, as people will obviously try to sell/buy these loots in order to craft their own title.

    Achievements :

    My idea would be to add a recipe of these titles through a Mudosa Exchanger NPC (thus adding the PvP part), and then having to craft them with some mobs loot (which could be added by Daneos on some mobs), zenys, etc... (now the PvE part)

    That would be the "harder" idea.

    The "easier" idea would simply be to make it another CCBD Craft, or put them through the Event Boss NPC, but that would be too repetitive in my opinion.

    That may not sound like a straight up achievement but i'm trying to push something already existing which could be very good for the game, it could be called an achievement just by the fact that it won't be easy to obtain.

    Rewards (titles) :

    God of Gamblers ( 2con, 60 hit rate )

    Lady Luck ( 2eng, 50 dodge rate )

    Lottery God ( 2foc, 60 success rate)

    Stats should be changed obviously, especially for the dodge rate one which might be too strong.

    My idea would be :

    God of Gamblers : 5 CON, 30 Hit Rate

    Lady Luck : 3 DEX, 25 Dodge Rate

    Lottery God : 3 FOC, 25 Success Rate

    What do you think ?

    Every budokai has atleast two SK in semi finals, last budokai had 4 SKs IIRC.

    Granted, it might be because the big cashers like mussolini are playing this class (since they know it's no skill but OP).

    This idea is easily seen as bad, from anyone with a little bit of knowledge.

    Doing such change, would grant Fighters and Swordsmen a bonus of atleast 70 crit rate (70 passive + 70+ base), thus, granting the crit rate cap (80) to both these classes, same for ultimate majins who have a 70str/sol passive, granting them cap crit of both physical and energy.

    And as for any Guard change... first of all you should know that Guard was hidden changed and gives a 25% chance to block anything thrown at you, if you were to spend just 2 SP into it... 2 SP and you will block 1/4 spells thrown at you.

    I'm cool so i'll educate you guys.

    This is a CCBD build, in CCBD you do not use dodonpa, why ?

    Because the only situation you would use it, is on a single target with high LP, so, a boss.

    But you do not use spells on a boss, and why ? because you will steal aggro in no time, and you are not the tank, so you do not want to do that.

    But why do i max the aoe bleeds then ?

    To clear. Crane have a very high DPS with - cd master fan out, i am talking from experience, because unlike most people i actually know this class and i've done countless pve runs with it.

    As for a boss fight, all you need to do is spam debuffs and auto attacks, and for floors, just spam typhoons & searing crane.

    In reality, a crane only needs about 50 SP for a complete pve build, the rest is only personnal favorites~

    Hi, i am remaking this thread because the old one was removed due to a forum rollback.


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