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    Idky either of you are talking about the original cash shop. The original cash shop didn't have dogis in it...

    If we're going to keep dogi's in the cash shop, which for the record I am completely against because I preferred the original DBO's inclusion of dogis in its' economy, please move them to the fourth option "Avatar". Also, I dislike not being able to shift+left mouse to preview the items. To be honest, there are many games, namely Nexon games, where you can buy any cosmetic item in the cash shop. So if daneos does decide to keep them in the cash shop, its his decision. All prices in the cash shop should be revisited aswell. It's 300 for a guild/player name change, that is a very high price actually. $5 for any dogi, but $30 to change you name? Anyway, good luck with making instances work!

    @Gazanation6 because daneos said so lol
    @Topic The pre-open beta looks like its going to take a while. There are still many bugs on top of him fixing instances (master/tlq) and adding shop. When he does fix instances, it would be nice to get the skill reset, as anyone who gets past 30 and spends their points wouldn't be able to test the master class at all.

    Who knows if he's even still reading this thread zzz, but I might aswell post one more time. The cash shop isn't just for the players to get cool stuff, its to generate money that keeps the server up and daneos motivated. I agree nothing should be "pay to win", but level 33 stones aren't pay to win. Dogis shouldn't be in the cash shop, plain and simple. The cons of dogis' inclusion outweigh the pros. Pros: Buy any dogi you want, immediate cash flow. Cons: No economy for Dogi's as there is no rarity, cash flow will fall off as people get the dogi(s) they want. Wagu Wagu machine allows for constant cash flow, along with setting the rarity of dogis, creating a healthy economy in the game. As for brown boxes, they should not be in the cash shop at all. Brown boxs' inclusion would create a pay-to-win environment as you don't have to do anything but cash to get the stats you need. An idea for brown boxes would be to add them to medusa/cc-dungeon shop. Medusa shop fell off very hard level 70 patch, it could definitely use some love. But please, people who haven't played dbo, don't come in here giving opinions on something you know nothing about. Most of you obviously don't know what pay-to-win means in dbo, and most of you only want dogis or fake transformations to live out some fantasy, instead of playing the game for what it is. Please daneos, don't ruin the in-game economy looking for quick cash.

    Wagu wagu machines in my opinion were a cash grab from that company. I think putting dogis and cosmetics in the cash shop is better, it lets players look different from other players around the same level.

    it was a cash grab, but at the exact same time it kept all the dogis at a healthy number. The wagu machines were a cash grab that worked on many levels. I like them and, on topic, I believe the cash shop should stay 99% the same. In my opinion on brown boxes, they could be added to cc shop, you have to farm cc coins eventually anyway.

    there should be 0 dogis/cosmetics in the cash shop, that's stupid and ruins the economy. Simply have the wagu wagu machine and purchase wagu coins with cash. ezpz. Lets you limit how many dogis are in the wild, makes people cash more for more wagu coins, and allows to keep the rarity of dogis as you see fit.

    Had a question, for devs and anyone who played DBO before, is it a bug that Dodon Barrage can be used after sleep but doesn't wake them? I didn't think it was a bug, but my friend does. Thoughts? Anyone that doesn't know, after Cranes' put their target to sleep, they could cast Dodon Barrage to apply bleed DoT without actually awakening long as you quickly stopped yourself from autoing that is.

    As I said above, you should read the story of Dragon Ball Online. To well understand why the game is so and the reason why the races there.

    Yes, in the story, humans are saiyans. Its really that simple. Goku (1) -> Gohan (1/2) -> Pan (1/4) ->->->->->DBO. The saiyan blood is so small in our characters that it takes shenron to allow for the super saiyan transformation.

    I played DBO starting with the TW beta, but that was a long time ago now lol. Can anyone help me with this, what exactly is different. Reading it, I know it's different, just can't put my finger on every detail. I don't quite remember Kaioken having a "max stage" for one. I don't exactly know what "No default LP/EP regen while being transformed" means, is there no regen at all, or is there no gain in regeneration speeds? Any information is appreciated :) Even if you think something is obvious, it may not be obvious to me. Thanks in advance :D

    You know what, I honestly missed out on the whole attack speed meta lmao. I remade and only got to 50 before dbo closed because of lack of motivation. You're completely right, in order to implement anything like what I suggested, the game's mechanics would have to be changed on a global scale. So on second thought, lets have the game release and think about changing the game's mechanics after everything is sorted lol

    Yeah, lets all be full dex, and increse dodge status to max, increase "dash" sp, then use ep autopot + ep pots and spam it, we are invencible :D

    Pots have 0cd now? To be honest, I believe DEX should be reworked entirely. The randomness of it is completely unbalanced, and I think DEX should only be applied during either all skills, specific skills, or even dash only.

    Same equipment, class, and build? It would boil down to if the "noob" knows the "combo" of what numbers to press in what order. If you could actually block and manually dodge (to a point) in PvP, I just personally believe PvP would be more fun/interesting.

    I liked his suggestions and i think that would make the game more dynamic

    I like that word, dynamic. :)

    That's true, but imagine both of those with having to mix in dashing, blocking, actually using guard break, etc. There would be a lot more involved, a lot of "clutch" plays, more mind games, etc. I also think guard's levels should be changed. It should have a default CD, but each level increases how long you can have it on. Level 1 it only lasts .5 seconds, level 2 1 second, and level 3 2 seconds. That way you can't just hold it forever, you have to actually try and time the block. With ~10 second CD, I think it would be pretty balanced. You could use guard break and lose the damage if they don't block, but put them to sleep for ~3seconds if they do, or increase cast-time and hope they mistime their block, etc. In 5v5 I think these 2 skills would be very good and make fights last even longer, in 1v1's I think these 2 skills are essential to balancing all classes in terms of utility. You can dash to gain *x* dex that can be crucial to dodging the one hit that can change a fight, and all classes have it so you could dodge their signature skill but they could also dodge yours.

    First Third post :)

    Long intro:

    Short intro: I have suggestions for both the dashing and blocking skills.



    Just my thoughts, please post your ideas, *constructively* criticize, comment, etc.

    Alliance? Why not just join the same guild... I played dbo since closed beta Taiwan, and an alliance system would dumb imo. If you want an alliance system and alliance chat...join the same guild. Just my opinion, and that of others I played dbo with for years.