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    I just think its dumb to complain about cash bringing an advantage, you see you work hard on the game to get your stuff. I work hard on real life to donate to the game that you play complaining about "casher's advantange". Seems like something pretty stupid to complain about, plus you're stating the obvious. Of course cashers get the advantage, it's the reward for donating and helping the game, so that you can still play. Btw, I said I wanted to get a new opportunity to cash on a complete game because I was trying to imply I didn't get what I deserved for donating "x" amount of money before, and I was hoping it would. How would you feel about your money if you cashed? we're no different man, I just pushed the donate button and helped people like you get to play one more day.

    Of course you want your cash back, this would give you advantage upon others, naive of me to think that the wipe was meant to bring a new and "fresh" start, never did tho 8o.

    Do you read what you write? Seems like not... What you are implying is that cashers are the people destroying the game. Just for your information my friend, cashers are the ones that brought the game back and maintained it running up until now. Next time you comment stuff like that, don't blind yourself, instead look for the bigger picture. How are cashers supposed to be the cancer ? that's some stupid thinking and a dumb move, imagine Daneos prohibiting the cashers to play the game, lol... look forward to reading those words.

    Who’s choice was it to cash in a .50 completed game in the first place? But dw, most Wipe supporters just want their cp back.

    Thing is, you don't realize its .50% completed until you play another game and you come back lol. Shit happens bro :P

    Im about to give my opinion >.>

    So, I see a lot of people just going nuts with the whole wipe thing "Daneos said no more wipes, Daneos this... that... "


    I just want my cash back and a new opportunity to actually manage myself to cash it the right way in a complete game, not a 0.50% completed game like it was when OB released.

    And I wouldn't mind starting over, the new client seems interesting and might be time to reconsider just going brand new. I love this game, never get tired of it. I sometimes quit but I eventually come back, leveling just makes my addiction grow haha

    SKs are easily countered if you slow them and keep distance.

    SKs in pve are as tank role only good on tanking.

    Turtle serve as DPS role which has 2 of the best AoE skills in the game and has a skill lock like karma.

    I'm not okay about that ofcourse.

    bro... easily? I mean, have you ever started making zeni calculation on how much would a turtle have to spend to actually participate on budokai? ...

    I don't understand why you guys come up with all this stuff just to stop the turtle buff. Feel like you guys just hate turtle xD

    But ok, anyways, if you don't want the turtle (that its sole purpose was to actually be the best at PvE like DreameR said) to be what it was meant to be. Deleting the whole purpose of taking turtle in a party or even creating one in DBO, good job guys. this feels balanced now :D.