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    I wanna know what it the current upgrade rate for armors and weapons.
    I've read the post of Daneos where he asks for our opinion about the upgrade system but i dont know if thats is the current upgrade rate.

    I have wasted like 2kkk in Stones and White stones and cant even upgrade a simple items more than +8.

    Thanks for your attention.

    not a bug. All skills that have secondary effects (such as fan outs or hellzone grenade or stun skills) work this way.

    Youd realise this because if you hit a skill that only does damage ... It will state "Miss" sometimes.

    Rather than these skills missing though.... Their damage is denied and turns to 0 and their effect is denied with that purple-ish circle (resisted)

    ty so much


    Does anyone know why does the "Master Fan Out" and the "Ultimate Fan Out" sometimes does 0 damage to the MOBs or Players?

    Well, im a crane hermit and I tested those skills, fisrt i have used a gloves whit 27% phy crit and those skills sometimes did 0 damage and i thought that it was because i have no enough FOCUS, and then I test with a gloves with 28 FOCUS and got better, that reduced the miss or the problem that sometimes those skills do 0 damage, but the problem still happens.

    So I wanna know if thats a bug or what?

    I've never miss a skills against a MOB even if i dont use the 28 FOCUS gloves, only those skills.

    Thanks for your attention, sry for my english. :P

    Has passed a week since i created this post and i been farming 24/7 and still can get a simple green or purple stone.
    Nice drop rate dude.
    Im so sad, 2 weeks ago i could get one green or purple stone per day but now anything.
    I know the Daneos' purpose is to make the game more interesting and difficult to make the people dont leave the game but this is so frustrating.
    sry for my english

    There is no set % rate that has been given out for user information. It's guessed that it's lower than 5% as the chance of a mystery item (the ones displayed as a "?" ) is 10%

    Make sure you pick up all mystery items though. more often than not i've appraised them at the merchant and some have been U 70 stones.

    thanks for the info good sir.