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    I’m not sure at all, but I will tell how I think it works


    - I think this is your chance to get stats against u fail, like stuns, fear, paralyse, petrify and etc

    (When someone use this skills on you and u recive “0” written in purple, do you know?)


    - I’m not sure about that, but I think this one, as higher this is more is your chance to block an attack, it’s means, when a mob hit you, u can get damage, miss or block...

    So if you have a high def rate you block more times, like when you have a high dodge rate more miss attacks in you.


    I’m selling this gem, accepting offers or trade in items...

    Items I need:

    - 20% LP Absorption chest and pants lvl 70 +12(majin)

    - 26 Con boots +12 (majin)

    - 20% LP Absorption pants lvl 70 +12 (Human)

    - 28 Con boots +12 (Human)

    - Property Earings 10+

    everything is negotiable.

    *GEM is in Kokkara shop ch3 if u wanna buy it.

    GUILD: FluffyBears. CA6CC8A7-F000-44B8-947E-992CEEDE6B8C.jpeg

    Recrutamos: lvl55+
    Objetivo: FULL PVE CONTENT, PVP (inclui budokai, dojo wars e treinos na Arena)

    CONTATO: GuildMaster: Slayte / Sub(Jr.): Skaphin/Snaider

    Tamanho: Atualmente 29/50 (02/03/20)
    Discord: Divulgado para membros na descrição da Guild

    História: Iniciamos com o Dbo desde o lançamento do DboTW, alguns de nós, jogam desde o DboKR, temos cerca de 10 anos de experiência com DBO.

    Dos fundadores da guild (que já teve dois outros nomes FairyTairu e DragonGods) somos em 6, dos demais são amigos que fizemos ao longo do tempo e estão conosco desde então.

    No decorrer deste tempo todo jogamos com diversas classes e podemos ajudar com informações no jogo e builds. Inclusive no nosso discord temos sessões com essas informações para que todos possam usufruir.

    Tempo de vida:

    Depois do último reset que teve no DBOG, voltamos só depois da notícia de liberação do level 70, cerca de 1 mês...

    Minha idéia de guild no atual momento do servidor é criar grupos de party fixas internas da guild que consigam ser independentes pra fazer qualquer conteúdo do jogo e que cada membro tenha duas classes para que uma possa preencher um vazio de algum player que venha faltar.

    REFUTÁVEL PELA GUILD: Desrespeito com outros membros da guild, ks em players de qualquer outra guild sem motivo, roubo e enganar.

    Motivos de declaração de guerra contra outra guild:
    Desrespeito, tentativa de enganar para se beneficiar, ks, richas na arena...

    Deixo claro que prezamos sempre primeiro pelo up e drop de itens, para que justifique seu tempo “parado” na arena

    De resto PAZ!

    I wanna see what Daneos gonna do to replace the prop debuff from sword...

    He gonna make a 30% less of each defense in this debuff? Maybe this option is going a little bit powerful

    take off prop from server is a critical thing to do

    Everything works around prop, players, mobs, bosses


    I would like to suggest something for the new client, isn’t a priority at all...

    - 1st Suggestion: How about to make flight lvl 2?

    I mean, doing some quest or buying it from cash shop/other players, you be able to flight more faster with Flight lvl 2

    It’s mean take the Flight lvl1 skill and increase 30% of flight move speed, changing the colors and etc...

    (Maybe a flight lvl 3, etc)

    - 2nd Suggestion: thinking in DragonBall Super, when Goku become a ssjblue + kaioken...

    Thinking about a hard quest, for exemple do 100x cc100F+ to make each player able to use your kaioken + class transformation

    In other words


    Kidbuu +kaioken


    and to balance it you can put a duration of this “transformation” with high cooldown

    To players do not use it just to farm on spots, but use it to help killing bosses faster and etc

    Or limit this use just into BID and CCDG...

    I don’t know, just some ideas for futures updates

    Hi guys!

    How are you?

    I came back to DBOG, after lvl 70 announcement, I don’t know if the staff change something in UPGRADE SYSTEM...

    But here we go, with my experience after 1 and half week playing after this updates

    Many times trying get something good after +10 with upgrade, some notes, or bad luck

    always when a tried put withe Stone + purple stone a got broken after + 9, so after spent too many stones I got a idea to try up some itens with only red stones

    yesterday I bought 55 lvl65 red stones and spam than in upgrade and used +30 selfdrop

    Result after spent all stones I got +6 lvl 65 sword, always when I tried put withe stones together the result was fail or broken

    The max I got before brokens is +10 on sub weapon

    This is just a bad luck?

    Sorry about something in my English

    Will be nice increased the final EXP reward of each TMQ and put some chests to choose after complete the TMQ, like before in DBOKR, when it come of the first time...

    Was hard get lvl up (isn’t the ideia), the base exp of each level was much bigger than now, but you could chose up by quests or up by TMQ spam with decent exp

    Why if we dont use attribute in our equipaments properties dont give more boost damage?

    I mean for exemple:

    If i have 20 property items and some attribute in my weapon ( 10 in each earing ) and my enemy dont have any attribute (NONE)

    - NONE attribute is -5% damage passively

    why we arent get boost by the property against NONE chest, in this case the boost should give 25% damage in total...
    If its only cuz BID bosses, take off the bonus from PVE, its simple, or this bonus from bosses who dont have any attribute.

    I was looking for some thread saying something about that and i didnt found it

    Properties should undoubtedly return to 1:1. Why you ask? Well first of all, that is the way they were intended to work in TW and without that ratio PVE is way harder than it should be. Remember that in Open Beta there will no longer be full +15 parties like there are now, nor will we see bugged +15s everywhere. Another reason why they should return to their original ratio is because right now they are not very useful like they should be and this can clearly be seen in-game. For example, most fighters were using full prop before and now they are stuck with using dex since props are a joke now. Make properties GREAT AGAIN! Please.

    I agree with you, i was thinking this days in game why this happened and i was looking for some threads saying something about properties nerfed...
    I agree to make it better again.
    If you use only None in Armour u have more chance to get less damage than with some atribute, wait for staff feedback about this.