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    2 important reasons for me is 1st of all the FREEZES.. these ANNOYING FREEZES..almost the 50%(maybe more) of the people had this problem..People who used to play this game with not all these freezes every fking 5 sec cant really understand what stuff we lost..for example we couldnt be competitve at pvp rank even if we had a very decent character for it..ccbd dungeons..we even used to die sometimes because of these freezes for no fking reason..not because we were bad but because we JUST COULDNT PLAY!

    and 2nd reason is the bots who conquer this game+the economy..i heard daneos with this new client he is going to make a new anticheat system as well..i know of course there will still people who will use cheats and bots..but at i hope there will be a smaller amount..

    Most of the people in this forum used to complain about stuff they lost or how bad was this wipe and they really dont have any fking argument for this..the only argument they say is OMG...I LOST ALL MY STUFF THIS WIPE IS SO BAD I HATE YOU DANEOS..because they cant see the other side(people) of this game who really couldnt enjoy this game and had really problems by playing the game..

    Tony Haze personally i dont care..and everyone shouldnt..i enjoyed a lot this game and i dont give a shit if lost all my stuff because i am playing this game just to have fun..and i will play it again..i dont play this game for a lifetime..what happened it just happened..people should enjoy and have fun more than trying to be the god of the game and keep their items and stuff for ever until this game dies completely..I mean what it has happened it was for good..not because daneos want to punish us for something..

    Dont get me wrong but dogis are items like any other item.. I mean you maybe have spent a lot time to buy some dogis.. But some other People like me have spent even more time and money to buy Brown boxes and dogi Balls.. So i want them all Back because i spent a lot time.. Do you get what i mean? Its the same thing about dogis dogi Balls Brown boxes even Stones UD..time has passed, decision has been made.. And talking about this right now, its Just make no sense.

    I am down with that right now.. Change any decision about the wipe Will be unfair for all the People at the moment..the decision has been done.. A lot People including me have sold rare stuff or they even give away precious items like i did.. I gave many dogis even dogi Ball and Brown boxes to People Who are low level..

    People must understand this project wouldnt exist if daneos didnt start it.. Be gratefull more cry less..He even made everything free in the game unlike taiwan version which it was way more pay to win than dbog.. This community Will only be happy if daneos give them full gear +15..

    I agree 100% of what you said.. Sadly in this community the 70% or maybe more are People 15 years old and lower... Crying and complaining for everything and flaming daneos.. They cant be gratefull we still can be able to play this game.. Well daneos one of his first priorities should be the SECURITY SYSTEM..a single wipe doesnt fix anything.. If he didnt fix the SECURITY system then wipe is completely useless.. Same shit is gonna happen again and again..

    well my point of view is this game is completely f2p..cashers only benefit from z32 and doggi balls maybe i am missing something else..but i am not sure..i think players can now take for free brown boxes and whitestones(in taiwan you couldnt get these only by cashing) theory cashers only have advantage in time..they can make faster progress of their character because they can buy and sell cash shop items..but time for me isnt a free player i managed to make a very good gear without cashing anything..and now there are kids who cry for everything and flaming daneos for everything he is doing..this is lame..a lot players are ungrateful about this project and this is lame..

    absolutely agree..but there are kids who think this game is 100% p2w..and crying for everything when they had never played tw's version back than..

    Hello i had a conversation with a friend at discord about how much p2w is the game or how much f2p is.What do you think..please vote wisely and think before answer!(Tw-dbog)

    after at least 2-3 months+ as people said we would have the new client(if we are lucky)...after this long time even the remaining people i believe they will leave..its too long to wait..a lot people have lost their motivation of playing this game because it was never a stable one..we had too many wipes many resets..right now only hardcore dragonball fans are staying in the game..i hope people will return back as you did..but i am afraid it wont happen this time..And to help you..yes its worthing right now to play at the old client..just to get some characters at lvl 30+ because after the wipe all players who had characters lvl 30+ they will receive an item which you can use it at the new client and gets you instant lvl after lvl 31 whatever you do its useless

    P.S(Oh and i forget to say you get this item for each character you have lvl if you have 3 characters lvl 31 you will receive 3 items)