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    Its like guys above said, we have 0 reasons to even hope for some changes. I can't blame Daneos because he made a great work with DBOG, but back then he couldn't foresee hackers and bots. And stability problem at top of that. The thing is, he should either fix this game with announced 2.0 or just apologise and admit he screwed things up to give us some basic info. Coz now it feel like scam like guy above said. I can confirm corruption was a thing, didn't know about zeni selling tho.

    About the game itself, idk much about programming but it seems like he just copied most of things from TW to KR, making it pain in the ass to work with leaving it for 1yr in result. Sometimes he just fix some typo, delete unnecesary option or changing shit with ingame chat while big issues like %LP stat still dont work at all after all this time! Can't really communicate with someone who can't communicate with his own staff, usually they dont even know what's going on! So ur right, lack of it is the biggest problem. Shame that threads like yours aren't on paper, he could wipe his ass with those at least

    Uh... There is no such thing like effective pve build. First thing, you should be warned about playing some classess like SM/Fighter. In dbo there is no such a thing like class flexibility, those classes are pure PvP and such they are useless in farm or DB Hunt. On other hand u can go some dungeons but you are not really that usefull. You should just choose something like turtle or ultima, turtle is superior in solo PVE and good in team pve. Overall you will be struggling with things you mentioned, seeing another sm/fighter next to your farming spot trying to kill those mobs is kinda sad but also too common because newbies just want be like goku/trunks xD

    Of course you can play this "pve" build, no one will force you if you like it and want to do it, just consider it a warning. Thats the first thing someone need to do- just warn you.

    If you consider it a good explanation but also you dont want to leave SM, just do it like its supposed to be: Make turtle, enjoy content, make this sweet zeni and gear your SM, get gud on arenas and go kick assess on pvp/budo

    Daneos made some GOOD changes, like ultima buff removal when entering dungeons. He made them PLAYABLE at least. About spins... Its nonsense. For PVP they are not impactful at all since in solo ultima depends just on survivability, in parties=buffs and some utility. It must be powerfull for PVE because its only relevant skill, and still with "waiting time" after every skill, turtles just outclass them. Thats just for spins because im still thinking that ultima overall is unbalanced, probably because of that old attributes...

    Attributes: Old system was okay for pve, shitty for pvp. Someone got huge boost because he had luck with choosing the right attribute, or just sniped and saw what his opponent is wearing, lmao. On the other hand, new system is not better... You need to change props, some class skills, balancing it would be impossible or fcking hard at least.

    CCBD: Hilarious statement. What? You can get better gear in the instance for the end-game? HoW stUPiD idEa, juST giVe mE eNDiNG crEdiTs oR SOMethING. Thats the sole purpose of this, its called MMO. You have also some fancy titles, guy just add boxes and its still not enough?

    Rates: Lower for sure. But... Thats great! Since on 70cap crafted gear is superior, you need to put some effort in this. Farm some zeni, materials and try try try. Whats the difference between this and looting from TMQ? Its still better, on tmq you have shitty rng and you need to do it with party so even more rng to get it. Its easier to just farm it, i got fine crafted gear for my dende on 2.0, farming as AOE dende, just 20kk and materials. It was easy as fck, friends got full sets too with similiar effort...

    Yes, he made some dumb mistakes but also good changes. Dont blame a guy for trying, the problem here he is just SLOW as hell. You need time to balance attributes for example, he should be able to do it but its a lot of thinking, trying and balancing so its not gonna happen at this rate when he's struggling with basic things like minor bugs and crashes.

    I will share my thoughts about this. As You see no one longer adds new testers (still free slots). This is probably because there is nothing to test right now so it will be pointless. Game suffers from random crashes and it is a major problem right now, you cant test dungeons or cc, you cant even gear yourself properly for this purposes. So, this must be fixed first to do any progress with testing. At this rate I will say we need an average of one year for 100% working server.

    Because we need much time for fixing major crashes->letting new people access->let them explore the game fully->fixing some minor bugs. Sadly im not happy with it but it is a reality and we will need to wait and cooperate with Daneos because its a titanic work, laying just on one-man shoulders.

    Yes indeed, there is teleport for that. I thought about it too, I mean about those two skills. I suggest to move them into passive section for those two classes, obtainable on certain lvl or when certain conditions met. Because now they are useless, You must waste precious skill points for just a utility mechanic. What do You guys think?

    Yes, we should already learn how to "stay out of deeper discussions" but we are here still arguing about the same matter again and again, well said :D

    Im waiting to see ya folks in dbo 2.0, we will see what happens then, greetings!

    Took the words right out of my mouth, except in reality, it's on the contrary. Before you make any foolish statements, make sure you're properly acknowledged of such terms.

    If you actually look into this abbreviation, it's simply free to play. Look up the internet, it's one of the most basic terms concerning games. There's no fee required to fully play this game. It's not pay to play nor buy to play, it's free. P2w term can apply to any of these game models. It's usually f2p model that suffers from it for obvious reasons.

    My suggestion would be to do some research before so inadequately calling everyone else blind or dumb for your own lack of knowledge and perhaps you'll figure out why this game has p2w elements to begin with.

    Yes, You are right its both f2p and p2w, my bad in choosing the wrong words, but I explained it later so i ment something else. I should say... f2w? Then poll question was wrong in the first place, but we can understand what he meant, yes? So in truth u just wanted to point out my poor word choice, knowing what im talking about. Just about that little "elements". Now im going to hear from You that this server keep going because of cashers blah blah blah...

    I know certain casher that probably covered the server cost alone. And there is many of them, working for administration vacations probably. Im not saying He shouldn't earn for his huge work, just implying that exclusive cosmetics like dogi/vehicles etc should be sufficient. And sorry for my english guys :)

    Someone who says it was f2p is blind or maybe just dumb. Of course u could achieve everything by playing playing and playing. It doesnt mean its f2p because of that... You can sell clocks, all kind of dogis when they were worth something, a lot of u70 stones before, many expensive brown boxes and You need them badly to progress in endgame. Or u can just sell ur boxed equipment via ah. Thats why wipe and new client will shine! With binded gear and fixed early problems like that stones, p2w will be limited. Probably not in 100% but i see a bright future.

    It's the other way around. Most newbies voted no. I played from the start, multiple chars on max lvl, many upgraded items, grinding stones, spent more time at farming than u could imagine and im still for YES. Why is that? Because i saw every mistake thus far, 70lvl gears at first cap, broken honey event, u70 stones from cashshops, upgrading items under ah, many hacks and dramas. I watched my friends when they left this game one by one because of the results of this, endgame is just unfair and frustrating. Wipe will SOLVE all of this but only when everything will be repaired for sure! It should happen but with solid preparation.

    And for guy who said he dont care about pvp and other players: What are u playing for? If u dont care about endgame stuff then its just leveling. Your game will end when u got max lvl... Its even better to start a fresh one :0


    You can get into there right now too. Just gotta know da wae. You can also go behind that wall close to CC teleport. The high school i mean xD

    As i wrote before, we have no business in West City besides questing up to 40 and doing CC. Flying there is not needed. Also West City is not a large Map. You can easily run/dash. Or if it's too hard for you, use the Bus system in there. Pretty sure you guys can all afford that easy af xD

    I know that u can, but da wae is not intended. Thats the limitation from the retail version so its very possible

    Funny that I never cashed not on tw not on dbog. But hey because I did what you dream of I'm a casher. It needs to stay a dream =P

    I know you won't believe me but idc everyone that knows me knows also that I never cashed.

    Sorry man, I intended to say it to the cashers. I dont mean specifically You (no offence). But if You said that You did it, I have question how? You just cant grind so much in that short period, craft is cheap now and with this tmq drop rates... Or it is another way, a secret maybe? :P

    I am glad that we finally agree on something :). Anyways why are these people arguing about an earring when this thread is about equipment boxes, SMH.

    Back on topic,

    I think my idea of making equipment boxes purchasable for 24hrs as an event once a month would be a good idea..

    Adding a 2nd wagu machine without dogis wouldn't be a bad idea I guess but rng on top of rng? RNG to get boxes and RNG to get good stat? If they made it it will probably be 99% chance to get potions and 1% for boxes lol. I'd rather have them implement what I stated before so you can buy them directly but only for 24hrs once a month.

    And yes, beautifull idea! You can buy the brown boxes then without any risk once a month! Perfect deal for 2rich4u

    Lol you are telling me you want to have best gear with just a few hours of farming? Sry but it's the best gear right now so it's normal that it's expensive. Normally you should farm weeks for it but nah right now you farm a few days and you have the zeni to buy it.

    But hey I know you farmed on retail already and don't want to do it again....

    Few hours? Dont be ridiculous, we are playing fcking everyday and cant get anything that easily, there is much more to buy than one earring. We can farm whole year and im okay with that if You will do the same! But no, better donate and box everything in few days and go brag about budokai wins, best guilds, etc.