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    My question:
    I'm new to this site...I didn't know about it, I got in here by an accident (I wanted to type DBOR and I typed DBOG...), god gave me the opportunity to play this game and I got to lvl 5 :D !
    If you randomly choose 500 accounts to play the next alpha, do I have the same chance of being chosed as the chance of an old member in DBOG?
    Because I'm really new.

    Having a diffrent language in every channel isn't good for two reasons.
    1. You only have 1 server with a few channels, so if you lag in channel 1 (a channel where people speak english) you'll have to move to channel 2 where people speak spanish? that way you won't be able to communicate with people.
    2. That way people from other countries won't play with each other because they have their own channel...and I think it's more fun to see people from other countries play too, like people from spain, russia, france and so on and so fourth, and just for the record, you can learn ALOT by playing a game with people who speak diffrent language, this is how I learned english.
    P.S. There are people from Israel like me too, don't forget us ;)
    Maybe we're less than people from spain and france but we're not one or two people.