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    Perhaps, but now that they have made a new client (different launcher, login and system) they can not copystrike it anymore.

    Dude you can't use anything that is related to Dragon Ball for make profit even the name if you do is illegal.

    The "new client" still basing on all dragon ball files made by NTL/Bandai.

    Everyone can buy google/fb/twitch ADS for dbog, so why don't you, maybe bandai will finally notice DBOG and support daneos.

    Oh oh hahahahaha you need help, and youre addicted but i know that every human have moments of weakness the problem is that your moment has been going on for several years already, but its ok and i forgive you i also want moderators to forgive you and not deleting your post maybe in futre you will check them and realize how stupid you was, amen.

    Wiping is just an excuse

    The purpose is to make another profit

    No one will do anything that doesn't make sense

    why you don't want to be clever and where are the clever asians? daneos will lose a lot after wipe because for unknown reason he returning all cashpoints so in next few months no one will cash do you understand? Also you are one of biggest morons on this forum you cry and complain about everything, insee you only complaining and crying but you still play and you know what? Doesnt matter what daneos will do you will still play.

    Got few ideas regarding budokai/pvp to make it more like old versions or better:

    • Team budokai preliminaries: Whole party spawn together, not scattered away from each other.

    The server won't handle it, here should be even delay between budokai teleport request, because game can't handle massive teleport in same time, thats why many players crashing.

    Speed in dbo is something that u wont find in any other game, why bother your self about using skills if u can do everything with one mouse click, and the best thing is that, that in balance team are members that want even boost the attack speed by making poko speed buffs longer and aoe

    and Staff already said there won't be any wipe


    Here is something that most of you don't understand, you guys don't decide if here will be wipe or not.

    I would like to inform you that the wipe will not happen even if we clearly see that the majority voted for it, if we ever come accross this possibility I will make a poll myself and it will be official & monitored by Moderators.

    They never said that here won't be wipe in future, because:

    1-they can't say that.

    2- here will be wipe.

    And even if someone said that here won't be wipe in future he said that because new client was not in plan yet, when the new client will be finished and playable u can be sure that here will be wipe because here will be too much changes, amen.

    For me these threads looks like you guys trying to buy more time and keep community alive im sure that daneos is late and this is just next thread about same thing without any real news give us rease date, 10 days left until your meme winter 2018 ends waiting until last day or more will be mistake.

    I would like to know one thing, I have a dw and a poko usually farmeo with the dw and send stones and good objects to my poko that is in another account. With this change could I keep exchanging things between them? because it's quite slow to farm with a poko

    Yeah you will be able to share items between your characters on the same account after the new client and updates, but no one is beliving that the client will be relased in the next 17 days, daneos is late even if he work on the client after 17 days only more ppl will be disappointed and only more players will give up with dbog in name of other projects that offer them regular updates and shlt

    Hello while we don't have any official info i search for some in game files.
    List of actual dogis in game (at first tests every class had 3 dogi and one of namekian dogi were bugged)


    Here will be also fishing and training system.



    Passport? i think they dissing daneos

    They also work on new maps/minimaps

    unknown.png?width=612&height=614 unknown.png

    Test equip from item files



    Here will be nice guild system with payouts + buffs



    TMQ/UD and Mentoring systems

    pet system


    op textures of skills that are not in game yet
    unknown.png?width=610&height=614 latest.png

    Here is a lot of test files and i also find blood effects.



    Why are the ones saying it's nothing special are both garbage Crane players that never won ?

    oh oh hahahahaha here we go

    I understand if u woul call me garbage after u would win vs me or at least having better equip but i had like 1 budokai try in dbog and my opponent was next to me before i used an skill, when i tried dbog on windows 7 i was feeling like im on speed hack is totaly different game, u can't win shLt when u respawn and youre already dead, or when freeze happen u dont even know who killed u so stfu because youre typical rat who hiding under different names because of own weakness

    If we ignore the fact that only Jorge A. Tellez is crying about crane and the next fact that u didn't had any karma/sword on your way then i don't see anything special, also using transformation for get free from skill is not bug even in fakin anime characters were using transformation for get free and it was like that since forever in this game also.