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    Yes, ok this is your opinion. Im lazy to pay your attention, you should use 'Naivety' without using 'Stupidity' as mention to provoke. You are lazy and answer my topic, genius.

    yes its my opinion.
    yes u did pay attention.
    Naive can be kid you did something stupid you cleary provoke this guy to scam u, even if ppl share acc they never holding big money and expensive items on shared account.

    im too lazy for read this bullshlt but if you get scam its only your faulth and you lost something because of your own stupidity you dont deserve any help if someone think that sharing login and password is good idea then here is your result, even the game warning you every 5 minutes for not sharing password and login.

    at staff place i would ban the acc that u shared.

    Ulrimate have bettr buffs, but for grind i would take chief belive me or not but every class can outgrind ultimate he base only on 2 spins andthats mean u need CD set while chief have 2 nice aoe skills and they can oneshot monsters.

    I like the idea of prelims to allow kds as a kill. This would allow classes like swordsmen, karma, crane, and heck maybe plasma who have a fair bit of kds to utilize them to score kills instead of having the same generic 3 classes going to the round of 32.

    classes like turtle,crane,sword are first targets in every prelims next is karma and plasma coz they are anyoing, last class that u attack is fighter, sk and dende coz fighter dodge, sk is tanky and dende is hard to kill so is waste of time to attack them. If in prelims we have 2 sk and 1 crane both of them will try just get most of kills by killing this crane and nothing will change it.
    Wing is karma and he get kd spam out of arena by two guys so how the fak it will help him if we count kd out as kill?
    please budokai like this was for years here are rules that just should be not changed.
    We can't change rules of something because someone is making fun of you, this is mmo some ppl play for fun just take it easy or u end like sendoku.

    Here are classes that have more troubles for pass prelims like crane and turtle who feel in prelims like fish in water but in 1 vs 1 turtle cant stand against crane.

    Where is sense if 70%of players cant pvp because of freezes, budokai and scramble is supposed to be rare and collect maximum amount of players because they are focused on it, is already twice per week and a lot of ppl lost interest in it, if you will make it every day random ppl will start winning it and the title will worth nothing after month no one will care about scramble or budokai, today u can see 2-3 players in prelims, budokai and scramble wont revive shit while here is lacks of players even dojo war is a joke because here is lacks of players and here is always 3 guild vs 3 guilds because here is no guild that can have active 30 players in same time.
    You guys must understand that only fixed game on windows 10 and real balance changes can revive this game not lvl cap or more budokais thats bullshlt

    how you guys can expect that someone will work 24/7 on the same shlt without break? Even if he work on the client 3-5h per day is enough (but he probably dont) but lets not expect from downeos that he will not doing anything else than working on dbog because its radicalous. We can troll him and call him downeos but expecting from him something that no one would do is just stupid and no i dont protect him im not his hater or fan, im always neutral.

    Maybe most of you should take daneos as example and download black desert online, amen.

    You are not different in every post you cry get a life.

    Ppl like you are anyoing because they dont want to be clever lvl cap in actual condition of game wont change shlt do you understand? Stop asking for lvl 70 Because game is broken 70% of players from europe cant play because of freezes and lvl cap is last thing that can save this game but selfish cchinese like u that have pc from 2010 year and win 7 dont care about it coz he want play lvl 70 and think that here will be million of players come on. Also who said that next cap will be 70 and not 65 or what if here will be 1 lvl cap every month... Fak im getting mad how chinese players think that this game belong to them and someone will dance to thier music.

    I dont like how daneos lead this project but members like u are even worse and you dont deserve anything better.

    xD you could multi client on original game client as well so the original was not truly an mmorpg?

    You had to use sandbox and it was annoying af. so real dbo didnt offer free/legit multi client, and in old times maybe 10% of playerbase used sandbox so what u comprare here. i'm getting mad.

    I can't belive that for some ppl is not enough to open 2-3 accounts in same time it just showing scale of autism in this community they react like someone want cut thier hands i hope that u will never get over +12 gear with your army of accounts amen, most of ppl didnt even read the thread and talk shlt...

    typical i would slap.

    Here should be limit of connections per IP like 2-3 if more ppl from your family play dbo but no more, chinese players build fake "player base" minimum 60% of online players = alts. they farm tokens always full buffed from every class and sit around arena like rats and using multi acc to hit u while thier main is stunned.

    this is super disgusting how chinese community abuse everthing they can. not all of course but like 80% of them.

    this shlt is easy to add i never saw online game that letting you open game milion times and getting benefit from it

    [PL]Daneos Start doing something with this fakin game because chinese alts wont feed uimage0.jpg?width=1092&height=615